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    posted a message on Yeup Survival Realm Need Players

    I have a nice realm with noone to play with! please post below if you would like to play. Backups will be used in the event of griefers... Trusted members only.

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    posted a message on Retro Modding: Alpha 1.2.6 and Beta 1.7.3

    I would REALLY love to help you with this mod, I've been messing around with this idea also.

    Please shoot me a PM!

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    posted a message on Legit Hard Mode Survival Minecraft Realms Server 18+
    In Game Name: aaz

    Age: 16

    Minecraft Skills: since 2011 (4 years)

    How often do you play: After school everyday, just not on friday, saturday, or sunday (I work and have a girlfriend :P)
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    posted a message on I'm looking for a good minecraft realms server to start a series on.
    Can I join too?

    I need a realms server to record on.

    IGN: aaz
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    posted a message on New Survival Realm LF Active Players
    Would love to join, my ign is aaz!
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    posted a message on RealistiCraft Sponsor Request
    If you have everything setup already, and can prove you can provide a high quality server. PM me I can host a 3gb dedi from kansas free. We will need to negotiate a donation percentage which we can both agree on. I can also host your website free. PM me if your interested
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    posted a message on [1.7.3 BETA] RustyMC -- Old School Minecraft! [2014]
    IP: RustyMC.us

    Well, seeing the lack of 1.7.3 beta server I decided to take a shot at this, It's kinda buggy, and not the most efficient bukkit build i've ever used. I'm pretty proud of the server so far. We have factions as a grief prevention plugin, meaning just claim your land and noone can grief it. I don't agree with factions whole raid/grief thing so I aim to just keep it as a pvp aspect. You can still battle with your enemy just can't blow their base to bits. We have mcmmo of course, it adds some meaning to going and mining for hours! My server is not like the other beta 1.7.3 servers. Most of them are poorly designed, poorly put together, and close in a week. I plan on keeping a small community to keep the oldschool GOOD minecraft alive! Enough with me chatting your eye out. Come play already!

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    posted a message on RustyMC -- Survival Done Right! [pvp] [custom world]
    Quote from Kovu

    Quite like what you've done with the server!

    Thanks! Server is still open! feel free to join:

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    posted a message on RustyMC -- Survival Done Right! [pvp] [custom world]


    RustyMC is my attempt to bring a fun, unique server to the players. This is still normal vanilla minecraft, and the is on easy difficulty. But mob spawns are increased, no tree's are naturally spawned. To obtain tree's you need to buy saplings from spawn. You can start farms by going to the spawn shop and buying seeds, you can also buy seeds from other people's shops if you wish.

    Land Explaination

    Our world is unique, we use our own world generator to create a huge round map. it is limited because it is pre-generated. Caves are larger, ores have been slightly decreased.


    Farming has been changed on this server to. The crop growth time for every plant has been decreased by a little or a lot. All crops still grow in a reasonable time but now having a small wheat farm wont cut it.


    While setting this server up, I had the players in mind. I was trying to create the best economy setup I could. Players can sell basic farming items to the spawn shop. You can also create your own shop in the /warp playershops, message me somehow if you would like to rent a shop btw :P. You can also create your own store anywhere and buy a protection claim + warp for it.

    Voting Links:

    IP: RustyMC.US
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    posted a message on Simply Survival [read full thread]
    add me on psn - zingaro_23
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    posted a message on Simply Survival [read full thread]
    I'm just looking for a group of people to start playing minecraft with. I ask your age be atleast 16, although if your mature I have no reason to judge you because your younger than that age and you will still be accepted. Having skype is a plus, and having a mic is a must. Skype will be how we maintain conversation's and we may play PC together sometimes. I used to have a group of friends I played minecraft and skyped with but we all moved on so I need a new group to have good times. I don't have a big preference on sex or ethnicity, If your a girl or guy I could careless, and if your orange, purple, yellow, black, white, or green it doesn't matter, the only thing I really care about is your ability to have fun, I don't want a negative nancy ruining my fun. Please note, I'm very absurd, and like to have fun, so this is not a place for kids, you must be mature and old enough to hang out, I'm not trying to get any parent's panties in a bunch.
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    posted a message on Figured Out The Christmas Surprise In 1.4.6
    Accually the chests look like presents on the 24th, mine are presents and my date is 12/24/2012
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    posted a message on How Can I Hook EntityPlayerSP
    Im trying to hook EntityPlayerSP but not sure how any help would be amazing! thanks in advance!
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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    In-game Name:NEWHAX
    How old are you? 13
    What is your timezone(GMT)? est
    What time can you guard? (Ex: 1PM-4PM)? 4PM-9PM on week days (give or take an hour due to homework and work)
    How long have you played on Killion?:about a day and i love it :biggrin.gif:
    What is your current rank (Block)? c prisioner
    Do you have experience with prison servers?:yes i used to play on one and i was a admin but it got shut down due to low donations
    Do you have experience guarding?:yes
    Have you read ALL of the server rules, both guard and prisoner?:yes :biggrin.gif:
    What makes you the best guard applicant?: well i collect swords and conriband from other inmates and return them to guards mainly for the fact i like to folow the server rules even ask jacob_123 he is the guard i return to with all the swords or DEATHRIDER
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    posted a message on All dem Dimensions! Updated with another anouncement!
    maybe we can keep minecraft a sandbox game and NOT a rpg???? i think this is a dumb idea altho it would be AMAZING to have a game like this i just dont think minecraft can go that way... jeb said he will probably be adding more demensions or biomes but i dont think he will be adding 20 new ones just to beat a game (witch is pointless becuase all you get is 10minuite subtitles) so i disagree with this maybe you can learn java and make this a mod or make your own game but i highly doubt this will EVER be implemented
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