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    posted a message on Op Prison Server Looking For Staff Plugin Managers Builders Admins Helpers
    This is Me My Name is Ammar Tariq I love Making and Developing minecraft servers i am currently developing a prison server and i need helper including admins builders moderators and ofcourse advertisers if you want to apply for a staff member in this server please fill the application format below you will be informed in next 24 hour or sooner But i will try to response as soon as possible server ip will be sent you through a private msg so stay in touch Please apply as the format given below

    Application Format


    You Good Name:
    Your Ingame Name:
    Your Skype (Optional):
    Your Previous Server Experience:
    Your Bio:
    Your Good Sex:


    Your Good Name:
    Commands Experience:
    Skype (Optional):
    Moderation Experience:
    Previous Experiences:
    Your Good Bio:

    Your Good Name:
    Building Experience:
    Can i ask For Photos of your Builds With Proof:
    Your Good Bio:


    Your Good Name Sir!:
    Your AGE:
    Your Skype (Important):
    Your Good Bio:
    NOTE: An advertiser will get ingame highest rank for free

    This is the End Yeah Trust me <--------------
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    posted a message on Need Staff members | BUILDERS | HELPERS | ADMINS | Titaniumcore

    Titanium core is in need of staff member the first priority is that we are required builder since server is just started we are planned to make:
    - Skywars

    - Skyblock
    - Factions
    - Survival
    we are requiring professional staff members the thing is that if you want to be a staff member you should be mature enough to join staff team
    and make sure to give me Secret hidden code TITANIUM so that i can assure that you have read this full thread

    The application format we are required is as follows

    - Name
    - IGN
    - Age
    - What is your language
    - Where do You live
    - Do you have Skype and mic
    - What rank you want

    - Why you want that rank you mentioned
    - What are your skills

    - What is your experience

    - Have you ever get banned

    - Can you fetch players to our server

    - What can you do for our server

    I am the owner of this server and if you want to talk to me or want to add me on your Skype private MSG me with your Skype i will add you to my Skype And be friendly to me
    MY skype is
    - killer34100

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    posted a message on ======TitaniumCore is in need of Moderators [CLOSED]========
    Quote from brent312»

    Name: Dale

    In Game Name: brent312

    Age: 15

    Skype: xdale23

    TS: I dont have

    Maturity: I rank myself 8/10. I can sometimes be a happy guy who says weird things but when it comes to jobs, I'm serious. Weird things doesnt mean banning or kicking people.

    Skills: I used to be a Head Admin on a Creative Server before. I know how to use plugins and fix some bugs/ glitches but Im not applying for Head Admin on this server.

    Experience: As I said, I've been a head admin of a creative of a server before and now a staff on ElderGuard Prison.


    You will be informed in 24 hours

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    posted a message on ======TitaniumCore is in need of Moderators [CLOSED]========
    Quote from moxleyDA»

    Name: Moxley/Mox.
    In Game Name(Legit) Moxley
    Age: 13, but no, I'm not annoying and pretty mature.
    Skype: I'll PM you if I get accepted.
    TS3: I don't have one, but I can if you wan't me to.
    Maturity: As I stated, I am mature. I take serious things seriously. But that doesn;t mean that I can't joke, I can make jokes but sometimes it's either not funny, or I'm not saying out loud. I'm kind of socially akward so if we get in a skype call that I'll probably be quiet unless you ask me a question. And my grammar is improving from time to time, so I'm sorry if I get grammatical mistakes.
    Skills: I have my own faction test server(proof can be provided) that I use to make kits, make ranks and stuff like that and for the permissions in that server, I use PEX, so if your server uses PEX(PermissionsEx) I can certainly help. Also, I was a staff on this server called thearchon back when my minecraft username was zokJR(I changed my IGN.), back then the server was not to big, so I managed to get accepted. I became staff but got demoted when the admin told me that I wasn't on for 2 days, I facepalmed because I forgot to tell them that I went to an island where there is no internet. And I am pretty good at plugins, because as I said, I have my own factions bukkit test server so I test stuff there and install all sorts of plugin.
    Experience: Crap, I just realized that I put most of my experience on the skills part. By the way, if I get accepted, can you make me either Admin or Mod? And I will NOT abuse my powers to do anything I shouldn't do, I'm a good guy! Oh yea, I played factions for around 2 years, and minecraft for 3-4 years and I started on testing bukkit servers since 1 year ago when I became staff at TheArchon. I got inspired so I made a test server to make ranks and kits and stuff like that.

    Please consider my application :) If I get denied, I understand but please tell me why so I can improve :)

    Sincerely, Mox.

    I AM...

    TITANIUUUUM!!!! (btw I red the whole thread.)

    Sorry, I'm such an idiot.

    I have read your app you will be informed in 24 Hours

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    posted a message on ======TitaniumCore is in need of Moderators [CLOSED]========

    Application for Helper

    Name: Sud

    In game name: Majesticpuma_63

    age: 14

    Skype: Virushunter1

    TS3: No

    Maturity: I am very mature. I am a great person to be around and i love to joke around. I also try to be as nice to people as i possibly can. I dont swear at people nor make fun of them. I know what i am doing and i always take other peoples opinion and ideas into account

    Experiance: i am very experianced. I have owned my own server and on all of my friends server i am Admin. Infact one of my friends server is still up now and i am currently an admin. I am very intelligent in all the plugins and coding ect. For example on my friends server i install all the plugins and make all the ranks and stuff. If so i can do the same for you if you wish. I also was a moderator on a server called navalbattlezone. It had around 50 people a day but sadly the server went down one month ago permanently. For building i rate myself a 8/10 and for redstone i rate myself 10/10. For commands i am 9/10 and keeping the players happy a 8/10. Just today i figured out how to make a rising platform using my brain and redstone.

    So i hope you consider my application and thankyou for taking the time out to read this

    Denied please read the full forum thread

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    posted a message on Need Staff For a UHC | OP | MCMMO | FACTIONS Server
    Quote from icepop99»


    I have noticed the server is down?

    Working on the Configurations so we had to take it down but will be back up

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    posted a message on Need Staff For a UHC | OP | MCMMO | FACTIONS Server

    Hello! Without taking much time let me introduce this my upcoming server TitaniumCore. Titaniumcore isn't a regular server like everyother server. It is a special server. I will have friendly staff. It is going to be a factions server with alot of community and well balanced economy system. There will be good plugins and other maps and stuff. Many minecraft players love factions. There are also going to be alot of minigames. What we give to minecraft players:
    1. Never ending fun
    2. Friendly community
    3. Good factions
    4. Custom spawn
    5. Great Mob Arenas
    6. Cool donor stuff and ranks
    7. Cool Host

    Chat Mod:




    Age 17+ is a Must
    Must Have a Mic
    Must Have Skype
    Must Have Experience
    WHAT IS MultiCraft:
    WHAT Can You Provide?:

    Here Is a useful link

    Server IP


    Contact me:

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    posted a message on New Server Need Staff

    Name -
    IGN -
    SKYPE [mic] -
    AGE [14+] -
    Country -
    Why Would you want to be Staff -
    Language -

    Are you Trustworthy [Why] -
    Experience -
    Something About you - [This Will Decide whether you will be recruited or declined]

    I am Lonley and It is Not just a staff rank it is more of a Friend then to be a recruit

    Here is Some of my Basic information

    Name Ammar
    IGN sqamsqam
    Age 18
    Country Pakistan
    Language Urdu English
    Skype killer34100

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