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    Quote from Tenkin

    This looks stunning o_O

    Gonna try it out.

    How much time are you spending on this ? Is it every day, or a couple of times in a week ?


    I tried it, and it's pretty nice. Something I don't understand though is why stone is used in caves and on the ground. Because the way you made them, it's kinda brick like -> human made. Cobble is still broken, and that's fine, it just suits the natural look more.

    The red bricks needs a look into it, because there's fire in the texture o_O

    When I set fire on a log, in my chimney, it turned purple. So the fire doesn't work here.

    This is my thoughts about it.

    The rest looks pretty darn good. And your icons are 1337.

    And I accidently threw away my compass, because there was a blank spot which I could hold, but there was nothing there o_O Later I realised it was my compass. So that needs a skin sometime.

    Doesnt it say PATCH YOUR GAME?
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