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    Hello, I don't know if this is the right section but I'm going to ask here.

    I'm running a Minecraft Server on a second PC, where I can play with my Twitch followers. The server is running in offline mode, so as I understood it doesn't even check for the auth key of the player. This is because some of my followers don't have Minecraft premium. The problem is: I have been DDoSsed recently, so I bought a domain and used TCP Shield to protect myself from DDoS, but this doesn't protect me from someone using a cracked Minecraft launcher.

    Someone recently used my name to log in using a cracked Minecraft launcher and then he joined my server. I got obviously disconnected, and he managed to join successfully. I fortunately was able to turn off the server instantly.

    So... I know that putting the server in offline mode makes things worse, but... is there another way to authenticate players, besides putting online mode to true? Like a plugin or something to allow a connection from only one IP?

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    Hello, I'm running a Minecraft server on Lubuntu, and I want to improve security (like preventing DDoS attacks, connecting to the machine from external sources, etc).

    I thought of putting the server on a virtual machine, though it didn't work, because I didn't know the internal IP of the machine to port forward it. I bridged the connection in VirtualBox like some tutorials say, but it didn't work either (trying to connect to the server via the physical machine's internal IP worked). In short, I couldn't port forward the virtual machine's IP.

    Are there other ways to improve security (besides firewall)?

    P.S. Is using services like "remote.it" safe? I used it some time ago. Oh, and are there other services to hide the IP?

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    Hello, I'm hosting a Minecraft server on my PC (it's public) so me and my followers on Twitch can play. The only thing is that I don't want people to know my IP. Is there a way to hide it? I'm using remote.it to do this, but the IP changes for every connection and it's annoying. Is there another solution?

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