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    Name: Anne Kikabea Casliva Sisa (Bea)

    Gender: Female

    Group: Cute (or Outcast)

    Age (15-18): 15

    Personality: Normally people think she is an angel. She's sweet, kind, doesn't like to hurt a fly, empathic but that is because even she knows if you get her angry, it might be the end. She wants to learn how to fight since she is curious and doesn't want anyone to think she is just a pretty doll. May sing either a lot or too much. She is very stubborn and determined so good luck on changing the idea that she thought about for weeks, only failure can do that. Has Asperger Symdrom, anxiety problems and hates being touched on her head sometimes. She can be very naive and forgetful most of the time.

    Girlfriend/Boyfriend:<Info not found> but this cat has sharp claws and she isn't afraid to use them if needed


    Additional features: None

    Bio: As an adventurer, she has the power to travel throughout the multiverses but doing so can change her powers from universe to universe, some places with no powers at all. One power that never fails is the power of creating a house, either big or small, inside any tree (look, she is an adventurer, she needs somewhere to stay). She wishes to become an actress or a psychiatrist.

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