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    Just a thread about which you prefer, Terraria or Minecraft, I personally like Terraria better because it feels a huge accomplishment every time you defeat a difficult boss, and there's lots of variety in relation to items and mining.

    P.S. for anyone who thinks that Terraria and Minecraft are completely different I disagree because they're both sandbox games where you can build with blocks and make things. no real objective unless you create one for yourself, and you can do anything you want.

    Even if you think they're completely different, say your preference anyway, I'm still aloud to ask which one you enjoy more, right?

    If you like you can simply count your favorite one as which one you have more hours on.

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    posted a message on Favorite Quotes?
    Quote from Pengu11»

    i got a new one:

    Stampy: It's A Fish Tank

    -Episode 4

    WARNING: All ep 5 quotes.

    I love Stampy :)

    Ivor: Yes, maybe we can do lunch together sometime, I'll bring the carrots!
    (To Jesse, Episode 5)

    Might not be exactly what he said, but close enough.


    Olivia: Why are you all working so hard? (Then kills tons of monsters with dispensers)

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    posted a message on (Episode 5) have you been nice or mean to Ivor?

    So, Ivor has been kind of a jerk in the past episodes, right? Well, after he was the only one who wanted to tell the truth, I'm starting to try to be nice to him, how many of you have been doing that? And what did you do about his new house.

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    So I've been thinking that it can be very difficult to make a randomizer, particularly when you have lots of command blocks. But what if you had it all in one command block? Presenting, the randomizer command block! How this would word would be there are infinite lines (or as many as your computer can take before crashing) in this command block, navigated by the up and down arrows. When you give it a pulse, it would choose a random command out of all of them. It would look red, with the arrow and pattern of the other command blocks. Please tell me if I left something out! And put it on reddit if you want, just put a link to here.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Story Mode is anticlimatic...

    well, it's point and click through the whole thing, but I think it gets pretty good when you start having half second spaces of time to click. It's more like an interactive movie then a game.

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    posted a message on Fleetatitantite
    Quote from Machinasa»

    Flee - tah - TIH - tahn - tite

    To everyone who is saying this is "overpowered." It's not. It's so rare that it's not. What if diamond was as common as coal? You'd be saying it's overpowered. Rarity justifies power.

    Not always. Say if there was a sword that could put you into basic creative mode without cheating, but it's five times as rare as diamonds? Is that overpowered? YES.
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    posted a message on /AI, Player Look-A-Likes at your Fingertips!!!
    This would be a simple command that summons a player look-a-like. you would do this by doing:
    The AI
    /AI Create <Skin> <Number> <X Y Z> which would summon a look-a-like of that player. you could then do /AI Move <Number> <X Y Z> which would have the AI move from there location to there, following the easiest path possible. it would be able to open doors if it's in it's path and if you do /AI TargetBlock <Number> <X Y Z> it would try and break a block without moving, if it couldn't then it would simply stay and do nothing.
    It would pick up any items it happens to be on, and attack with it's best weapon and do as much damage as a player would. It would have infinite inventory space, and you can have them throw out an item by doing /AI throw <number> <item ID>. You could do /AI wander <Number> <X Y Z> <X Y Z> which would make it wander within the region of those coordinates. with /AI attack <Number> <mob, mob, mob, etc.> you could make it attack those mobs, or if you choose a player then it would attack players. (just as confirmation) you could choose more then 3 mobs. mobs would react to it the same way they react to a player. It would have as much health as a player (20 health I think). /AI Follow <Username (optional)> would make it follow the specified user, or just the nearest user within ten blocks. /AI Place <number> <block id> <X Y Z> would lace the specified block in the spot you said if the AI is within 4 blocks of the spot.
    The number is there so you can have multiple versions of one Skin. Instead of changing things by skin, you could count by #.
    This could be used to make convincing humans on adventure maps, to demonstrate something or to give a quest This could be used on servers a a gimmick, with possible fake players to play PvP. This could be used for videos, in order to "Play Multiplayer" without really playing multiplayer.
    if you want to put any of my suggestions on reddit then please do, I don't have a reddit so I can't :( just send me a link and tell me your going to do it (I put this on all my suggestions now).
    Remember, if you like my suggestion, click that little green arrow in the corner :)
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    posted a message on Life as a Mob (Minecraft RP) [Always Accepting]
    Quote from Taigona»

    ((I drew Ayva.


    ((I like it))
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    posted a message on Hot and Cold (Does not Effect Player!!!)

    NOTE: This is not suggesting hypothermia or heatstroke, please read the thread before posting.


    So, this would be an addition that would give each block a heat level. This would effect the speed at which plants grow. Heat would be affected by torches, fire, lava, snow (layer), snow (block), weather, ice, water, and whether it's day or night. The heat level would be from 1-20. Anything higher then 20 and anything lower then 1 would effect nothing. Torches would raise the blocks around it's temp. by 1. Fire would raise the blocks around it's temp. by 2. Lava would raise the blocks around it by 2 and the blocks around those blocks by 1. A snow layer would lower the temp. around it by 1. A snow block and ice would raise the temp. around it by 2. If it's raining it would lower all the blocks temp. that the rain was touching by 1. If it's snowing it will lower all the blocks temp. that the snow is touching by 2. Water would lower the temp. around it by 1. at day the temp. will be raised by one, and at night it will be lowered by one. BIOMES: Basically, if you don't like the space having all those blocks, and are willing to have multiple farms, you can use biomes instead. Basically, plants that grow better in 15+ will grow better in "hot" biomes (i.e. desert) if they are cold biomes (i.e. Tundra) they will have to be 5- to get the growth bonus.


    Plants would gain a 30% growth rate increase when it is in optimal temp. Wheat: 12-16. Carrots: 10-20. Potatoes: 6-10. Melons: 15-20. Pumpkins: 9-18. Saplings would turn into dead bushes at 19-20. Sugar Cane: 17-20. Cocoa: 17-18. Netherwart: 20. chorus: 1. Oak trees: 9-14. Birch: 8-10. Jungle: 16-18. Dark oak: 8-11. Acacia: 11-14.

    I'm having trouble with the trees temp, if anyone has any suggestions for changes or a temp. for pine, please say so.

    Other Uses For Temp

    When water is in temp. 3 or lower, it freezes. When ice is in temp. 8 or higher, it melts.

    The temp. of the block your currently in would be shown in the debug menu, like the light level.

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    posted a message on My Little Survival Journal

    I've been seeing some survival journals and I decided to make one of my own. I will try to incorporate your suggestions to make my journal set apart from others. I will both post the updates and edit them into the thread with a date. This is more for me then you, as I just want something to encourage me to keep going on a survival world.

    I went and grabbed some wood, and make a wooden pickaxe. I found some iron and tried to break it, until I realized I didn't have a stone pickaxe.

    I looked at the sun to see how much time I had before night.


    I thought I would try and build a tree house, just for some variety, Until I saw this:


    I decided that that looked like the perfect place to build my house.

    I went and grabbed a tiny bit of clay on the way.


    Then I saw this:



    I decided that when I had redstone, I would make my hideout behind a lava waterfall.

    Then I saw a second one.


    I knew I had chosen an epic seed.

    I made a stone sword:


    And climbed to the top of the mountain to kill some sheep for a bed.


    I turned up the difficulty to easy.

    Once I got enough wool to make a bed, I immediately did.


    It was getting dark.


    So I made a half-done shack (and boarded up the door with dirt)


    And went to bed.


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