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    You are all idiots. If you want someone to try a server, you dont post it like this. You make it formal. Even if it is real, this isnt going to get anyone to join, because chances are your all a bunch of bots. Your all out of the water, so that means you've just made accounts. This is gonna make everyone believe your all just bots. Igort, delete this post. your bringing bad rep to a server. Just dont.
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    just some suggestions to make the mod better...

    1. have items such as wheat and other items like ores, that you must wait and search for, have a way to get them throughout wandering. many of the stuff in this mod need iron, which if you get enough for that for traps, youll have established a base and a mine, and youl have no need for any of this stuff.

    2. Something that keeps you from getting cozy. Something so that if you make a house, if you settle down, it gets you. Something to keep them from just finding a town and living there. Force them to keep moving. This will help enduce an enviroment of true survival. Add migration patterns for animals.

    3. make animals more vicious. give a counterpart to animals that are normaly peacfull. make Rams that attack if you get to close to rams or sheep. Add bulls to protect the female cows. Roosters would protect chickens. Boars for pigs. They would protect the female counterparts of them, and they could have babys with them as well. This would make it much harder to survive and to kill the harmless animals outright. youll acctually have a use for the traps because its safer than just punching them to death.

    thats all i got and i hope it helps
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    A-m-a-zing. There are still a few things i could recommend. with all the comments on the body of the Spider Queen, why not have it kinda like i am the creeper, where your skin covers the human part of the body, and the spider part stays the same.

    I would also like to suggest that there are humans, because there would be the fear of day, aka. All the monsters that everyone has said, including the humans, which would expand their territory during the day, and falls asleep at night. This could also make it so that at some point, you want to attack the city before the humans expand to far to the point where your cave is in their way. There would be diffrent people that lived in the citys, each having a diffrent chance of being cacconed. There would be a 75 % chance to catch the civilianz, 50% chance of getting workers, and 25 percent chance to get gaurds. 100% chance to get a human who you took by supprise. there would be a nursury that would have cribs that spawned people, and you could break the crib and get a baby. The baby would be movable and placable, for example, you place it on a peice of dirt, walk onto it, and you pick it up. You could then use this to lure humans to their death, and maybe train a baby after about 50 nights to become a soldier of some sort. This would be dangerous though, because stealing a baby sends gaurds out to search. The humans would also beable to tame wolfs, having them attack spiders. You could probably get this sort of stuff from the guy who made minecolony.

    Still, even without humans, this would be pretty cool.
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