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    Better suggestion: basic hand-eye coordonation and a sword.
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    Quote from axeblade29

    Notch said that we have to.

    It must be wodnerful to not have functioning ears.
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    IT doesn't matter. Minecraft on XBox is a crime against nature.
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    Or you can be intelligent and use the wiki
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    Quote from paradoxKEVIN

    Actually they look easy to kill... just very very creepy... maybe the normal 3 hit kill... just a harder target

    Three hit kill? Do you still use iron?

    On topic: maybe some sort of teleportation dust?
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    posted a message on Stop Posting "No-More-Survival" Threads
    My friends,
    It has come to my attention that some people believe that in 1.8, Survival mode will be removed. For the last goddamn time, NO IT WILL NOT. If you actually read the interview with Jens, then you will know that it will simply be far different, with mroe rewards for exploration. So please, stop making endless amounts of threads about this topic, because those who are making them are causing more hysteric crazies to make more of those threads.

    Again, STOP.
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    Obviously the buckets also disappear, because everyone loves iron in their cake.
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    posted a message on 10 Things I hate about Minecraft in general
    Quote from Jacetms

    1. Dogs (ruined the game)
    2. Hamachi Servers
    3. Servers with so many plugins it ruins the whole experience
    4. Dirt houses (100% cobblestone houses)
    5. Floors with only 3 blocks high ceiling (you cant jump)
    6. Squids (they are useless and please dont give me that ink sac crap, everyone generates them anywas)
    7. Stairways without using "stair blocks or half blocks (you have to jump to climb it)
    8. Snow and ice (idk if people get the same problem, but ice spreads or something, and when Im playing on my server all the water eventually turns into ice or something)
    9. Griefers that make running my server such a pain and hassle (who doesnt like them anywas)
    10. Mojang (Takes too long for updaptes, dont give me the: they are a small team crap. they have enough money to hire more people)

    Post thoughts, things you hate/like, trolls and flames.
    (I also hope this is the right forum section)

    Honestly I dont care.

    11. YOu bitching about everything.
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    posted a message on no endermen /slendermen
    Quote from diamondz181

    In my opinion, i think Notch should NOT make Enderman. its like a cheat mob that isn't fair. post your idea if Notch should make them or not

    Get out of here you whiner, be a man and make your house out of something other than dirt and sand.
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