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    posted a message on garry did not make gmod
    Hah, thank god for youtube.

    Guys, this man's an obvious troll.
    I saw related vids with 'otis' as the main character in many gmod shenanigans.

    Now what I don't understand is why he thinks trollin' MC forums is a good idea.
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    posted a message on Shores of Hazeron [Multiplayer Spore!]
    I highly recommend playing SoH.

    Graphics are crappy, but what do you expect when it's trying to simulate a half scale galaxy?

    Also, just to note, It took 4 missions to space to successfully land on a moon for eludium for me.
    First attempt, Overthrottled past the planet's orbit by a mile,
    Second attempt, underthrottled and ran out of fuel,
    third attempt, burned up in another planet's atmosphere,
    4th attempt, slingshotted around another planet's orbit and slowly de-ccelerated in the direction of the moon.

    There were 5 other missions, which were to transport materials to the colony that I'd forgotten.
    Only two succeeded.

    Yet, now I've got sufficient eludium, so i'm stellar now.

    The empire is Khormani Solocracy in the Channelraven sector. Feel free to drop by!
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    posted a message on The ghost town effect.
    Oh god this reminds me of my third ever infworld.

    It was a terrifying experience, but only because of what happened.
    I honestly don't know what happened on that save, maybe a creeper got loose or one of my TNT mechanisms went awry...

    I had a nice town, walled up with stone, and was really, really quite comfortable to walk around in. Wheat growing, water flowing, pigs grunting, sheep jumping, and a Nether portal locked away behind a cobblestone vault, rigged with TNT. it was nice. Real nice. However there was one problem, I didn't know my way to it from the spawn. It was far away as well, so if I died, it was the end.

    So, I died, naturally, it just happened. I fell down a cave hole into a massive cavern, right next to a creeper.

    So I respawn, shrug and keep playing. I knew I lost that awesome house and village, but I would keep playing in the spirit of the game. Once again I rebuilt awesome houses, forts, towers, the works. I befriended the local wildlife to keep myself company while playing. It's sort of a defense mechanism.

    On one of my night-adventure endeavors I happened upon a cave, and was startled to find torches. It was my old cave mine. I was sure of it. Excited to see my town again and hook it up to my newer city, I rushed to the top of the mines only to find that there was lava pouring out of the entrance into the mines. I was put off by the entire thing and didn't return until much later, at day-time. I was shocked as I exited that mineshaft. My entire city was ablaze and in pieces. There were no creatures or monsters. I was alone. Completely. Only the sound of eternally burning wood. It was eerie. I suddenly wanted nothing to do with the place. I walled up the mineshaft, and put up signs saying [Village Name], We don't go there anymore.

    It was just so weird. It was so alien from the time I first saw it. Things were out of place in the strangest of ways and I was not okay with it.
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    posted a message on should dispensed arrows be collectible?
    Dispenser arrows:
    It's a tough one to decide, but No.
    Imagine if a person who had a bow came up to your fortress and you had dispenser-turrets lined up all along that wall. Pull a switch, and hellfire! Or... not? He dodges the arrows, then when you run out, he just picks them all up and takes out his bow. Oh ****. (!)

    Skeleton Arrows:
    Obvious No.
    You could trap a skeleton and stand right above him just out of arrow range, and have him fire tons of arrows. Then, kill him. Infinite Arrows is not a good game mechanic. I'd rather earn my precious projectiles.
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    posted a message on I just wanna know, plz don't be mean
    It measures lag. If it's obscuring the numbers, you need better computer.

    I can hook you up with this legit guy in Mexico...
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    posted a message on Lapis Lazuli:Secret power?
    This is a pretty secret idea, but It's more of a cool power.

    I think this would be best for the Ritual magic Notch's planning.
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    posted a message on The new update is boring
    >Boring Update

    Pff, yeah right.

    Squids->First underwater/marine element -> Ink Sacs -> Ink -> Writing -> Books -> Spellbooks -> Rituals ->Alchemy

    Dude, you have to think of the cascading effect. Not just the effects of the initial addition.

    Personally, I think writable books are on the way. It's much more plausible than rituals right now. :smile.gif:

    Also, the cosmetics add a lot to the customization aspect. Before, the only things that distinguished people's buildings were stone, cobblestone, wood, or wood/stone compound.
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    posted a message on 3D Minecraft
    People get headaches from 3D devices, so it's not for everyone.

    I personally think it's gimmicky gimmick gim that's going to die with the introduction of holographic interactive pocket TV.

    Ohhhhh yeeeeeeeeeee.
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    posted a message on Lanterns
    You whiny kids (and farnsworth) should be ashamed! Lanterns are the greatest thing of our generation! You're all a bunch of girly-boy pansies waiting to happen! Why in my day more manlier men would eat the pansies for MANGRIT.

    Buck up and chew a pile of nails! Also, Lanterns are on the way. He's just stopped talking about them so that people don't get uppity in the forums over them. I mean really, the existing torches will be turned into lanterns. Any torches after that will be limited.
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    posted a message on Nightly Builds
    Duuuuudes, He's talking about the Minecraft SVN. Look up SVN's and find MC's SVN.
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    posted a message on bird mining
    Oh god, when I opened this troll-thread, my computer literally lagged as the post spat out emoticons at me in a vomituitory style.

    If you'll excuse me I need to vacate my bowels.
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    posted a message on WHICH GAME WOULD MAKE A BETTER MOVIE?
    LBP franchise. For obvious creative possibility with that one.
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    posted a message on Reasons why WoW is addicting(wolrd of warcaft)
    They don't have a main storyline?


    You're an adventurer, fighting to avert crisis on several fronts of the world.

    The reason WoW is addicting is because other people play it. You befriend those people, then become intertwined in the network. Suddenly, you HAVE to play to keep in touch.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Trading Card Game?
    Build a building out of block type cards, set up monsters in the building, set up a party,

    Makeshift DnD : Minecraft Edition.
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    posted a message on Runescape
    Has anyone seen their new trailer? I'm kind of impressed that they could do that.
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