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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): khashai
    Where are you from?: Columbia, MO
    Your age? (if your under 13 do your parents agree to you playing here?): 30
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below?: Yes
    Did you vote for us? Not Yet
    Extra notes?: I just want to find a reliable server with a strong community, and minimal drama.
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?: Seen it around a few server lists.
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    posted a message on Lag by the wheat farm
    Quote from PikminWorld

    Adding on to what the other guy said, your computer might also be a factor in why it's lagging bad.

    I myself have a pretty hefty PC, and I have seen this effect (dropped down to 3-7FPS next to an automated farm, with over 1000 entities).

    I was able to clear that up by dividing up the farm into sections and running it on a timer. At certain intervals, only certain parts of the farm would automate. Basically one would run, then a few minutes later, the next part, and so on.
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    posted a message on User Not Premium
    Were you previously using a pirated copy of the game? If so, you will probably want to backup your single player saves (if you have any), then nuke the folder it was in and re-download from minecraft.net.

    Otherwise, I am not sure what might be causing it.
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    posted a message on multiplayer
    Well the only way to be sure is to contact the server admin and find out what version of the server software it is running.. since there is no other way to know for sure.

    If your server uses plugins, it is not (no way, no how) running 1.0.
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    posted a message on multiplayer
    Quote from mine_master_two

    I know, but the one I'm trying to log on to IS updated

    I can assure you that if it says 'server out of date' that it is not. Maybe it is running RC2 still, and you are on 1.0?

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    posted a message on Lag by the wheat farm
    It is most likely caused by massive amounts of entities being rendered at once. This is the same effect that causes your game to crash when you detonate hundreds of TNT at once. Basically, there are too many physics-enabled item drops (entities) in the area the game is calculating physics for, and it can't keep up. The best solution will probably be to shrink your automated farm, or set it up to where it staggers the automation in cycles.
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    posted a message on multiplayer
    Delete System32.

    But seriously, the reason you cannot connect to other servers is because those servers have not updated yet. Likely they are either running Bukkit (which has not updated yet), or they have not updated because they want to be certain there will not be any stability issues.
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    posted a message on Nether Portals in Multiplayer
    How are they not working exactly? Are they not functioning at all, or are they sending you to the wrong location in the Nether?
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    posted a message on Client side lag in a Hamachi server
    Quote from CPU9

    Well... ****, I guess. Anything I can do?

    This happens to me from time to time when I play older games using Hamachi. Really about the best you can do is to either try to force it to stop relaying (by disconnecting/reconnecting), or just wait it out.

    Sadly, it can be several hours before it changes back to a green connection.
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    posted a message on Easy way to get rid of ice?
    This used to work, but I usually avoid frozen areas and so I do not know if it still does, however: Have you tried enclosing your water channels?
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    posted a message on Client side lag in a Hamachi server
    Quote from CPU9

    The host is blue. Is that bad?

    That's the problem. I forget what that is called, but it basically means that the connection from that machine to you is being relayed. You can attempt to disconnect from the Hamachi network and then reconnect to see if it solves it, but usually it just takes time.

    Basically Hamachi does this to folks who are using it for free, so that they can keep their bandwidth from going insane... in layman's terms.

    Note that it does not relay it to everyone in the network, just to certain nodes on the network, in this case, from your friend to you.
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    posted a message on Client side lag in a Hamachi server
    As for speeds, what matters here is the upload speed of the computer that is acting as the server. If your friend has a very low upload speed, you will see lag, which will become progressively worse as more players join.
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    posted a message on Festivus [No Whitelist] [mcMMO] [Economy] [24/7] [Friendly Staff!]
    Quote from jonim123

    In-Game Name: Jonim123
    Age: 14
    Country: Norway
    Do You Agree To The Rules?: Yes

    Removed Whitelist. Was temporary due to a last-minute bug. You are good to go.
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    posted a message on Festivus [No Whitelist] [mcMMO] [Economy] [24/7] [Friendly Staff!]

    Welcome to Festivus!

    What Sets Us Apart?

    -Mature Administrators/Moderators!
    -A World For Non-PVP, and A Seperate World For PVP!
    -The Ability To Pickup And Re-Use Spawners!
    -Non-Breaking Diamond Tools!
    -Economy & Player-Made Shops!
    -Nether Portals That Minecarts Can Pass Through!

    Game Address: game.festivusmc.net
    Web Address: festivusmc.net


    1. Do not modify any existing structure.
    This means you agree to not modify anything that was built by another player. This includes structures
    that are not surrounded by a protected area, and structures that appear abandoned. We have a policy
    in-place for claiming existing structures, which is available on our rules section on our site.

    2. Do not steal from other players.
    This means you agree not to take from other players. This includes items dropped on death, and items
    from another player's chests or furnaces.

    3. Do not use client modifications to change the way your player moves.
    This means you agree not to use any mod that will cause your character to move differently than the way
    the game intended. This includes, but is not limited to parkour mods, speed hacks, fly mods, ladder mods,

    4. Do not use X-Ray Mods, or Wireframe Texture Packs.
    This means you agree not to use mods or texture packs which allow you to see through other items, or that only
    show certain items in the world. The use of these is also not allowed to find caves.

    5. Do not exploit bugs for personal gain.
    This means you agree not to utilize a bug either in the game itself, or one created by one of the server's plugins
    to your own personal advantage. If you find such a bug, we ask that you notify an Admin through a secure channel, such
    as sending a private message to one through our forum.

    6. Use Proper Chat Ettiquite.

    This means that you agree to not be a jerk in chat. No spamming, no excessive yelling. We do believe in free speech,
    and we allow cussing, but please do not talk like a sailor. Additionally, no racial/religious/geneder/sexuality-based slurs
    will ever be allowed.

    7. Respect the judgements of our Moderation Team.

    This means exactly what it says. If a Moderator tells you that you are stepping outside of your bounds, then
    respect what they say and don't throw a fit about it. Likewise, if an Admin asks you to move something,
    and gives you a good reason for it, we ask that you please do as they ask. If you ever feel that a Moderator or
    Admin has overstepped their bounds, we have a dispute forum setup where you can state your case, and the whole
    Moderation Team will consider your point of view.

    Notes on the 'Despair' World:
    Our PVP-Enabled World, 'Despair', is designed to be a much more difficult place to be. The rewards of this
    area are that resouce spawns contain hundreds of ores in a small area, and you can bring those ores back
    to the main world. However, with the exception of rules 3, 4, 6, and 7, you can pretty much do as you please in the Despair world.
    Yes, you can go to Despair and destroy someone else's building, kill their wolves, and steal their chests. However,
    you also are able to have this done to you in Despair. Be Warned! Despair is a difficult place to be!

    Future Additions:
    We are planning to add much more to the server in the near future. Event worlds, special donator-only areas,
    and additional plugins to add to the fun. We accept suggestions from our players, and will genuinely consider using
    each suggestion. Naturally, we can only support so much at ay one time, so only the absolute best suggestions will be
    actually used on the server.

    We hope you will join us on Festivus!
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    posted a message on FlafeeCraft!
    Gotsta download me some Flafeecraft!

    I'll let ya know what I think.
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