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    This is all absolute rubbish. I am a journalist and my husband is a lawyer, and we say NONSENSE.
    Mojang cannot dictate gameplay of their game to any players or servers! It is not their right, any more than it is the right of Hasbro Games to dictate how individuals or Monopoly Clubs play the game of Monopoly! How absurd this is! Yet is has all the young server owners out there fooled and worried.
    Mojang has sold a game to you. That is it. How you play that game is completely up to you! If you give perks to players that is YOUR CHOICE and Mojang has no rights over modifications NOT INVENTED BY THEMSELVES, or any other gameplay that is. It is a club that you have formed and your membership fee structure and how you allocate permissions to players is YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

    What I would suggest to all server owners out there, that the only thing Mojang might be able to restrict, or anyone legally could restrict, would be personal profit from their game. Therefore, I STRONGLY advise that all server owners set up separate bank accounts for the club they run, the server fees to go into that and remain there to cover server costs. You should not make personal withdrawals from that account and all payments should have a clear trace of transaction. All above board. We all know perfectly well (but Mojang appears to be blind to) the fact that it is rare for a Minecraft server to make a profit. Keep your member donations/fees in one server account and that is fine. You are then not personally profiting from their game, you are simply managing a club and charging fees for its costs, all quite legal and necessary for any servers to be online, besides little home-based ones.

    Mojang will, I predict, close up its open sourcing and try to charge for modpacks in future for its Realms. When they do, this will mark the death of Minecraft as the most popular game out there. And some bright young sparks will replace it with another open-source game for the clever young developers to create mods for. Foolish move, Mojang, if you do this.
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