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    posted a message on 1.8 name changes can screw over server owners
    Quote from minecrafter147

    *But if you hack on a server you can chage your name.

    Implement a name history database that will show what they changed their names to.

    *But people will change their name every 5 minutes!

    Limited name changes.

    *But what if I make a mistake

    Erm, one name change every 48 hours.

    There is a plugin that can freeze players who have come back on with changed name on a server. You can then choose how to deal with it. Or it can ban them, depending on your configuration. I had it on, can't quite remember the name of it now, but look it up. There are things you can do if you want to prevent name changes.
    Quote from emokid1999

    oh, and the reason they invented creative mode in the first place, is because minecraft is a building game! no matter what mod or plugin you add, that's what minecraft will always be, a building game.

    Oh really emokid?? Is that so?? WOW! I really learned something today, HOW CAN I EVER THANK YOU??
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    posted a message on 1.8 name changes can screw over server owners
    Quote from emokid1999

    Minecraft was NEVER open source, the only reason there's mods for the game, is because of MCP, a tool that lets you view the class files and such that are inside the jar file.

    Well bravo you for that edit on a trivial point.
    The main point remains; that production of plugins and mods is being made increasingly frustrating for volunteer developers, and the likely intention is to put them off and produce in-house mods that Realms players can purchase... and I don't mean for in-game money! If this is the case, then Mojang will be doing EXACTLY what it's currently preaching against with the EULA push.
    I repeat, it's time for a new game.
    And If I'm not right about Mojang tightening up on production and use of mods outside its own company, and if they are not trying to kill off outside servers, then it's time for a Server Owner's Association; something with which we can lobby more effectively, and show our support for each other and our strength of influence over Minecraft customers to Mojang. We need some unity. A forum which only certified server owners can join to give each other assistance against hackers, advice on how to deal with updates; the sort of information that otherwise takes far too much sifting to find. Does anyone have a response to that, or a suggestion to get it off the ground if it is not already? And don't tell me about likelihood of servers pinching each other's ideas ra ra ra; that's just codswallop. There are plenty of players out there for us, but we really are, as server providers, up against a rough patch here. We need some unity to be more aware of our rights and of ways to make our lives easier. Every server owner out there knows how damn hard it is to do this. Competition is irrelevant.
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    posted a message on 1.8 name changes can screw over server owners
    I TOTALLY agree with this viewpoint and have tweeted Notch in anger over it in the past. It has always been the plan. It's already been clear from the way updates in mc have made it far easier for hackers to destroy servers. Even the very young can hack now, thanks to the ease with which mods can be installed. The updates coming so fast in recent times have made life hell for these voluntary developers, and many have dropped the ball with frustration. Mojang has always done the opposite of support plugin and mod developers, as though they were an enemy. Yet if the game were purely vanilla, despite update changes, none but 10-year-olds would stick with playing it for long.

    This is clearly an attempt to break server owners for good. The Eula 'agreement' is exactly that also. Mr Monopoly (as in Hasbro Games) does not have the right, for example, to come into your home and tell you that you are not allowed to let your 6-year-old put houses on unless he/she has all 3 colors of a set. What I'm saying is, having bought this game from Mojang, nobody is obliged to play it the way Mojang decrees; and they know that perfectly well! The 'excuse' for implementing this is a smokescreen; they don't give a darn what you grant your players or how people play the game. They only care that you are making money and keeping your servers alive. And THAT is what they DO NOT WANT; not with Realms here, and not doing so very well. But how nasty are they going to look if they admit to that? So we get the line of 'wanting us to play the game without cheats'... LOL then why invent creative mode, huh? It's all a nonsense.

    And I can tell you one thing for sure; legally Mojang has not the right to do anything more than prevent server owners from making a PERSONAL profit from their game. But clubs, associations, community groups playing a game of any kind are LEGALLY ALLOWED TO COLLECT FEES to keep the club's costs paid. To put your donations into a server fund is quite legitimate; to pocket it into your own personal account, is something Mojang could prevent. So all you have to do is set up a server-costs fund, set yourselves up as community groups/clubs etc, and have a bank account with that name. How you collect those fees, as in if you grant perks for donations, IS YOUR BUSINESS ALONE! Mojang has NOT LEGAL RIGHT TO DICATE OTHERWISE, and the 'agreement' is not worth the paper it's not written on. I'm tired of seeing young server owners bewildered by this, and worried. Don't listen to it!

    What I now predict, once this all becomes, AT LAST, clear to all of you out there, is that Mojang will tighten the screws until Minecraft is no longer open source and the whole shebang of plugins and mods ends as they want it to. So that, as with consoles, one must PAY to get mods, multiworlds etc. I suspect some at Mojang might have their retirement plans in view...

    But I also think, that from the fire a pheonix will rise, and you clever young mod developers out there should get together and put this in action now: Get your impressive brains together to make a new game; take up the banner and develop a game that allows for mods and plugin developers to make wonderful, just as you did with Minecraft. It's time for something new... come on, you can do it! Use your contacts, work together. Without plugins and mods, Minecraft would have had a fraction of the fans it has today, as they will learn to their regret. The democracy of Minecraft is ending, that is clear. Time for a new regime...
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    posted a message on Help installing BungeeSuiteChat? (Cross-Server chatting)
    I'm finding there is no configs folder for me either. I'm trying to get help with this. So long as you have put bungeesuite jar into the bungeecord plugins and bungeesuitechat jar into servers connected to that, it should work but it is not. I'm trying dev builds; i'm searching for whether or not essentials chat jar is impeding it; I'm not sure but I hope we solve it.
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    posted a message on How to fix corrupted chunks?
    I just found this thread when looking for help; i'm going to try it cos my backups are not old enough to bypass the corruptions either. Try this if you can, this was on Planetminecraft:

    So recently on my server (Creation Bay) we had an issue regarding what appeared to be a corrupted chunk, every 6-10 hours it would regenerate itself completely and as though this wasn't annoying enough it was right in the centre of quite a large build site.

    A few of my players banded together and spent some time working out how to go about fixing this issue permanently, and I am happy to say that through their efforts a solution was found! As it turns out fixing corrupted world chunks is quite easy, you just need the right tools to do it.

    In order to fix a corrupted chunk you need 2 things:

    1) MCEdit (A free world editor for Minecraft, just type it into your preferred search engine and you will find it no worries, there are also tonnes of tutorials and "how-to" videos as well should you need a hand working out how to use it.)

    2) The world file that contains the corrupted chunk.

    Once you have these 2 things the next part is a piece of cake, simply open the world file that has the chunk issue with MCEdit. Press these keys- "Ctrl+I" and then select the option of "region repair" (Or something along those lines, I cannot remember exactly what the option is called, but it is only 1 of 2 options that are available.) and then let it work its magic!

    Re upload the file to your server or open it in Single player (depending on how you play I suppose lol) and it should never bother you again. I have personally tried this method and it is safe to say it has been a success for me and my server!

    I have written this article as this issue caused me and a number of my fellow Creation Bay users quite a headache and stress, and I hope that if you are suffering this issue you stumble across this article and find it helpful :)

    Thanks everyone, take care and happy crafting! :D



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    Level 14
    Journeyman Engineer
    5 months ago

    The problem for me is that there are apparently over 200 chunks like this, and every time a player joins the server in one of those chunks the server just crashes. So I'm not sure where all these chunks are located.
    Is there a way to do a global chunk fix?

    Level 3
    Apprentice Engineer
    6 months ago

    Thanks for helping! I was able to save a world that was hard-worked on with this tutorial.

    Level 17
    Journeyman Narwhal
    6 months ago

    UPDATED 1.7.1!!! Go to: McEdit Tab --> World Info --> Repair Regions
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    posted a message on Curse has destroyed these forums
    Hi, I think I"m not at all alone in claiming this. Judging by the heaps of other requests for help I see from server owners who cannot verify their servers via Curse's pathetic incomplete system. Planetminecraft seems to have no trouble with it. But get this, after waiting AGES for a response on the issue from Curse, what am I told? Sorry it's a software issue and we have no solution, we'll let you know when we do....
    This for THREE SERVERS IN A ROW for me! Not one verifiable! I've sat their stupid code in my motd for ages, waiting for it to verify. This also with THREE DIFFERENT HOSTS! So they cannot blame THAT!
    So what happens? NOTHING! No response now; no help. And now my last server, The Magic Apple (ip themagicapple.us) has been STOLEN ON THESE FORUMS by some stupid Factionspvp thing because cleary THEY could verify it in their motd and I could not!! Telling them to take it down does nothing; resubmitting verification does nothing; yelling at Curse to take it down and to check with my host does nothing.
    This theft has been allowed to continue! To heck with curse! Curse them! How many, many times have I had to change my password even to get into the forums at all?
    It was a dark dark day when this Citricsquid person became the only one handling these important requests. They are IMPORTANT TO US! Clearly not to them.
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    posted a message on EULA Revisited: an Updated Q&A From Mojang
    This is all absolute rubbish. I am a journalist and my husband is a lawyer, and we say NONSENSE.
    Mojang cannot dictate gameplay of their game to any players or servers! It is not their right, any more than it is the right of Hasbro Games to dictate how individuals or Monopoly Clubs play the game of Monopoly! How absurd this is! Yet is has all the young server owners out there fooled and worried.
    Mojang has sold a game to you. That is it. How you play that game is completely up to you! If you give perks to players that is YOUR CHOICE and Mojang has no rights over modifications NOT INVENTED BY THEMSELVES, or any other gameplay that is. It is a club that you have formed and your membership fee structure and how you allocate permissions to players is YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

    What I would suggest to all server owners out there, that the only thing Mojang might be able to restrict, or anyone legally could restrict, would be personal profit from their game. Therefore, I STRONGLY advise that all server owners set up separate bank accounts for the club they run, the server fees to go into that and remain there to cover server costs. You should not make personal withdrawals from that account and all payments should have a clear trace of transaction. All above board. We all know perfectly well (but Mojang appears to be blind to) the fact that it is rare for a Minecraft server to make a profit. Keep your member donations/fees in one server account and that is fine. You are then not personally profiting from their game, you are simply managing a club and charging fees for its costs, all quite legal and necessary for any servers to be online, besides little home-based ones.

    Mojang will, I predict, close up its open sourcing and try to charge for modpacks in future for its Realms. When they do, this will mark the death of Minecraft as the most popular game out there. And some bright young sparks will replace it with another open-source game for the clever young developers to create mods for. Foolish move, Mojang, if you do this.
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    posted a message on Another Minecraft Dad looking for mature server
    HI Chris, I run a beautiful multi-world survival server, based in the US with great staff; a really wonderful group of people. I was googling other mature servers out there and saw your ad. Do come and visit; the ip is themagicapple.us
    We have strict rules about maturity and while not wanting to restrict age to adult-only, we seem to be heading that way. We don't tolerate our players being annoyed by anyone immature, and our limit for the PVE server is 15+. However, players are welcome to bring their children on if they want to.
    We have a few servers connected with bungeecord; our main one is Survival PVE with Towny, Skyblock and some other great plugins. Only one world is Towny, to give you the choice.
    Then there is the Factions server. Most young ones head there. The main PVE server is signup to build, and that puts the younger ones off, as they often cannot do it. We love our PVE, we've put lots of work into it, and we are very protective of it.
    It's an incredibly friendly server, so I think you'd like it very much. Our website is at www.themagicapple.enjin.com so have a look at that.
    I'm a Mum myself who was dragged into MC by my son and I'm now addicted to setting servers up! Incredible really. I'm darn good at it, though! Strange hobby.
    My username is actually Pippa; kezzawozza is my son. Look for us in there.
    Cheers Chris
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    posted a message on Gorgeous New Survival and Creative Server!
    You won't believe how lovely the worlds are on our fabulous new server!
    The Magic Apple IP: themagicapple.org

    Fresh open spaces, ready for the ambitious builder, with few build restrictions! Our worlds include:
    Ibsen: Survival Normal, Economy focus, make shops and sell your wares.
    Valhalla: Survival Normal, with naturally spawning Giants and Brilliant Mobarenas! Also with Towny! Mega landscapes!
    Olympus: Even more mega landscapes, our mixed gamemode world. You can choose to be in survival or creative. Build teams welcome!
    Aeringard: For the daring! Vanilla with no help from plugins, no shops. TNT enabled, PVP, Hard Mode, creeper damage enabled. A rough tough place for the brave! Oh, and Giants there too!
    The there's Skyblock, and our Applevoid world where we are making minigames for our Minigames server in planning
    Our staff are amazingly friendly and helpful, and currently building incredible creations. Come and join, and we will post your creations on PMC if you like, to show them off.
    Our website is http://bsbnetwork.com/mahome
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    posted a message on Someone Please Help Me! My Opening day is tomorrow! Help Me Fix This!
    I agree, your issue is your Bukkit version. The link the error mesage gives is version 3020; try installing that.
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    posted a message on Australian Miners
    Hiya Marcus, I've just set up a new dedicated server called Ibsen. I'm in Western Australia. I'm a minecraft Mum! Mad about setting up servers. It's US host but the signal is fine here. As it's new, you'll find not many people on yet but it's growing, and its focus is mature players. It's survival; it has TS3 and lots of plugins. One world is mixed mode for the very creative trusted builders. It's nice to invite Aussie players because the timeline can be a pain I know. Check out the website at ibsen.enjin.com and let me know if you'd like to apply. It's whitelist because I don't have enough staff yet to open it totally; I tried that and got flooded with kids. So I'm going slow till it is well staffed. Cheers, and btw my username is bugalugs50; my son's username is this one, kezzawozza.
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    posted a message on All adult server: Minecraft for adults 18+ only
    I'd love to join but I hope I'm not too old, lol! I'm 52 and a minecraft Mum; love playing with my son, but I'd love to find an adult server for mature conversation for a change. I found one a year ago, Woodenlegacy, but it has since become full of kids to get donations. It's now very different. I'm still staff on it, but it's just not the same for me to play on. Just wondering though, also if I'm to old, I'm not brilliant as a survivalist and not sure if I can manage hard mode very well, but I'll try. Any tips for me at startup to give me a fighting chance? Let me know if you think I can join. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Structure Schematic Problem [Un-solved]
    I've got the same problem. Since I updated my server to 1.5.2, no schematics have worked except for a couple, although I used to use them. I've read this issue from others, but as yet never seen an answer come from somebody who knows why. I'd really appreciate somebody giving us a clue???
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    posted a message on Is FragNET a good hosting company?
    Hi, I posted the above about Fragnet while struggling to get a response of any kind from the company. I managed to find the direct email address for the managing director, and I have been a pain in his neck for the past few days. But at last somebody was responding to my emails. It may well be an email issue, although no messages have gotten through to my spam or junk; nothing has come through at all, suggesting it's my ISP (or theirs, as my emails were arriving blank at their end). It was only via direct email with the director (and that not always successful, as some arrived blank) that I got my password reset and am back on my feet. I have doubled my RAM because I like Fragnet's server panel; it gives more autonomy than I've found with Multicraft, and I can switch my server to Tekkit or Voltz etc servers without having to upload the jar files myself, as well as providing ready-to-install main plugins I like. I don't have to request that the server host install anything for me, and I can update my server myself (with Multicraft it usually means raising a support ticket to have these large tasks done, and really, support tickets are a pain to wait for in most host companies.) This host hasn't been bad for lag for me and I'm all the way over in Australia! But we don't have a lot of players, just large creations, so I guess I'm not really driving it hard for cpu. My only crashes occur when I'm pasting something far too ambitious in world edit!
    But my advice to anyone looking for a server host is to test them for one month at most on a small-as-possible plan to check for lag but also, very importantly, for how long support tickets take to respond to. Forget live help; that's got to be too much of a burden for any host company, and if it is operating well, then you're probably paying more for your server to enable it. Also, google minecraft solutions as much as possible; most answers are out there in forums much faster to access than any ticket (and ticket replies probably won't provide nearly as much info as you need to resolve your issue).
    At least I can say now that Fragnet does exist as a proper hosting provider, not a scam, and has tried to help me with my password. Mine was a freak issue. I'll stay with them for now.
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    posted a message on Anyone use fragnet?

    BAH! I've had nothing but trouble with Fragnet's so-called support, which is supposed to be 24/7. They have never even acknowledged any of the tickets I've submitted; not even an email to say they have been created! Yet there they are. And my main issue is inability to access my account, for which my password no longer works, and for which I cannot seem to reset a new one. They say a validation email has been sent but it never ever is! And yes, I've checked spam etc; no dice. They do not respond to direct emails; they do not ever have live chat enabled; I cannot get these people to respond to anything at all, not since the initial email to acknowledge that they got my money. So yes, they can contact me when they want to! I don't need tech support ever; I'm fine with it all. But I desperately need to access my account! Lag was a problem and I wanted to upgrade; now I'll be left with the single option of stopping Paypal payments; it seems to be all I can do!
    Buyer beware!!
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