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    Lazy Miners Mod

    Mod Info!

    In 1.2 version you need iron pickaxe for mine all of ores from this mod!


    This mod is for the miners that are too lazy (or scared) to go to the surface and slay/farm. It adds 15 new ores that can be mined and smelted into food or loot. If possible, smelting the ore gives a cooked version of the food (otherwise it just gives you the food).

    Downloads (Requires MinecraftForge)

    1.7.10 v1.1 (Download) (Direct)

    1.7.2 v1.1 (Download) (Direct)

    1.7.10 v1.0 (Download) (Direct)

    1.12.2 v1.2 (Download) (Direct)


    • Install forge for correct version
    • Download lazyminers.jar
    • Put lazyminers.jar in .minecraft/mods

    General Info!

    Im not the owner of this mod... The general owner is Cryption! Im just updating this mod to 1.12.2 for people who wanna play on this mod in newest version of minecraft! If you guys wants i can try to update this to newest version of minecraft!

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