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    posted a message on I need some help with my server connection.
    Okay, so I started a hamachi server on my desktop, went thru many videos on how to do it, but finally got it up and running, for myself that is. I can connect to the server from my desktop with no problem, all the minecraft_server.jar commands work in the server.

    But my problem is, I can not connect to it from another PC, I tried with my laptop, I can connect to the hamachi server, but when I try to connect to the minecraft server in game it says.

    Failed to connect to the server
    Connection timed out: connect

    this also happens from my friends computer.

    Does anyone else have this problem ? Can someone help me fix it, I am not trying to make a server for a bunch of people, just me and 2 other friends.

    Thanks for your time!
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