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    Hi guys! This is my first post to this forum. I'm not great with forums so please help if this is in the wrong place etc.

    I need some help though. I am working with command blocks to add a nausea affect to a smallish area. I have a mechanism set up to trigger it every 35ish seconds. However, I want to disclude 2 players from this effect. Here's what I have...

    /effect @a[name=!kevinmdalton93,x=708,y=71,z=612,r=45] minecraft:nausea 35 1 [hideParticles=true]

    This works. But if I try to add a second name, it will either fail, or give the effect to one or the other... Here's what I EXPECT SHOULD work, but does not...

    /effect @a[name=!kevinmdalton93,name=!cubbiebear28,x=708,y=71,z=612,r=45] minecraft:nausea 35 1 [hideParticles=true]

    With this one, nausea IS inflicted on kevinmdalton93 but NOT cubbiebear28

    CAN ANYONE HELP? If I get this stuff down, I can make my Realm a Ton more fun!
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