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    Announcement from Imperator Augustus,

    Due to real life circumstance which I can no longer ignore, namely that I do not have the time or energy to devote to running this clan like I used to anymore, I will be stepping down as Imperator. Running a clan like Ordo Imperator Novum is a HUGE time sink and personal investment, and although i wish I could still devote myself to leading raids and stockpiling supplies for hours just for that one big assault; I can't. As the advent of my supposed becoming a productive member of society (an event known by some as "A Highschool graduation"), I need to devote my attentions elsewhere so that I don't end up ­ing myself over in the long run. Before I was able to pull off running the clan because I had much fewer obligations. Now instead of having free time in the evenings and weekends to spend with you guys, I have social obligations, I'm a captain for two sports so have tons of ­ going on there, and for some reason my car continues to burn gasoline even though I've asked it nicely to stop a few times now.

    All that being said Centurion Weatherdog, also known as Cicero, has graciously volunteered to accept the burden of leading the clan. He will be the leader, second to no one including myself. Imperator Cicero will maintain his office for the foreseeable future. and is not to be considered a stand in for me. He is a leader in his own right, and it is high time that he be recognized as the best possible leader for the clan at this time.

    The condition of me abdicating my office is that should I be able to resume my activities as a productive member of the clan in the future, after a period of no less than six months, and should I prove to be an active and productive member of the clan for a continuous period of time no less than two months in length that I will again assume the office of Imperator and Cicero will retain his title, but not the full rank.

    Thank you clan mates, and thank you Cicero,

    Imperator Augustus
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    Viggih don't be such a loser.
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    [center]-Our soldiers may be deployed to many servers at any given time, IP addresses are given out as needed-[/center]

    [center]We have a home server for training and hanging out. The IP is private[/center]
    [center]And is given to members of the clan via PM.[/center]


    [center]Augustus - kevin4460 - Imperator[/center]


    Abstinus - Viggih
    Cicero - Weatherdog
    Casius - Zappa101[/center]
    [center]Brutus - Silent_Stealth - Centurion[/center]
    [center]Rufus - Zoto888 - Centurion[/center]


    ­­F. Maximus - Supo33
    Radius - RDNic72
    Confundus - Wombatman
    Orientalis - Emotionless_Bob
    Inginuitus - JDFriedrikson



    Each * is one section of recruit training completed, with 3 total sections needed to pass


    [center]Legacy Members:[/center]
    [center]-None. All legacy members have returned to active duty-

    Skins are organized by Division, and then by rank. You may customize the face and skin color of your characters. Do not deface the actual clothing itself. The skins for Umbrae are distributed by the Imperator when a new shade is inducted.

    Pueri: all pueri are issued a white robe and standard leather bracing equipment.[/center]
    [center]The Pueri uniform may also be used in snowy conditions.


    Silvae (Woodland):




    'Map' Signature

    Motto Signature White

    Motto Signature Flag



    [b]Minecraft.net username:[/b]
    [b]Do you have a Skype?:[/b]
    [b]If not are you willing to get one?:[/b]
    [b]Do you have a Mic:[/b]
    [b]If not are you willing to get one (Does not affect your application's acception/rejection)?:[/b]
    [b]Experience in SMP:[/b]
    [b]Other games you play:[/b]
    [b]Have you read the Code of Honor:[/b]
    [b]Are you in any other clans:[/b]
    [b]Why do you want to join OIN?:[/b]
    [b]Where did you hear about OIN?:[/b]
    [b]If a current member of the clan has referred you, please name them here:[/b]
    [b]Tell us about yourself: (2-3 Sentences)[/b]
    [b]Why should we accept you?: ("I'm really good with a bow" " I pwn the noobs" etc. are not acceptable, all our recruits are trained in combat.)[/b]
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    The Art of War

    Note: This thread is still under construction, but you may now post. I have permission to do this from the author of the original thread (Valerius) and I am in no way taking credit for his work. Thanks for reading!

    NB! This thread is still under construction, and some content (Work not written by Valerius, pictures etc.) will not be present immediately. I will spend the next few days completing this thread with the information present in the former.

    NB! The blood that keeps this thread alive is you! Please, do not hesitate to contribute to the discussion. It is preferred that you talk about the current topics (Below)

    Current Topics:

    Ideal PvP Servers

    Ideas on how to best organize production of potions

    Setting up bases in the nether

    Sun Tzu said:
    All warfare is based on deception.

    Warning! This thread is a work in progress. I wrote it all originally in less than a day... It may have, and probably does have, errors.
    Warning! This thread is completely tentative and is subject to change at any time based on updates or new ideas.
    Warning! If you make a suggestion, it might be shot down. Don't take it personally.
    Warning! This thread has A LOT of pictures towards the end.
    Warning! This thread is very long!
    Warning! This thread can not watch your children for you, and is not a life saving device.

    List of edits!:

    List of edits:
    11/11 - Written, revised, posted
    11/12 - Added Water Walling
    11/13 - Fixed Water walling, added Lava Walling, Fixed Optimal Castle Positioning, Added False Floors, Added "By Night" and "Prioritizing" sections to Section X, Added "Salvaging" section to Section III, Added Dungeons, Added/Fixed One Way Protected Doors or Psuedo Doors, Featured Aninimouse Cliff Trap, Added "Food" section to Section IV, Added Sand Walling, Added Chain TNT Directional Confusion Technique.
    11/14 - Added a "Defensive Buildings" section to "Recommended Defenses" in Section XIII, Added "Towers" to the Building section, Added a "TNT Tower" prototype, Updated Sand Walling with a more powerful technique, Featured Self-Repairing walls by ScottyDoesKnow and Straight firing TNT by Freak2121, Small edit to water walling, Added Minecart Track Sabotage by Kromeh, Added "Jobs and Ranking" section to Section X, Added Aninimouse Camo to Camo section, Added Kromeh's floating base idea to Recommended Defense section, Added Doctor G33k's Purge Hallway to Recommended Defenses.
    11/15 - Featured "Simplicity" and Tree Trap by Aninimouse
    11/16 - Actually read "The Art of War", some editing and addition to many sections.
    11/17 - Added "Battle Formation and Formatory Tactics" section to Section XII. Added "Mountain Pass Ambush" by 5n, Added Telegraphing to Recommended Defenses, Edited "Optimal Castle Positioning", Added Coding [smurf] and Dead Drop [Joe51498].
    11/23 - FINALLY! Added "Hidden Structures" to the Building section, Added "Self Destructing Castle" + Delay switch to "Proper Sabotage Technique".
    11/24 - Added Snow Camo example by Pestilence, Added Fake Tunnel by AyeGill, featured Boat Dispenser, by Etho.
    12/24 - Added Door Techniques by Sjaelen. Merry Christmas Everyone! :P
    1/1/11 - Added a new wall defense technique by Wazupmaster
    3/3/11 - Updated the Theoretical Warfare section with Grammar fixes, as well as new content. Nothing too drastic, but you might want to check it out. Updated the Practical Warfare section in terms of descriptions of each facet, also added a "Sentry Turret" video and description to the Long Range Weaponry section. Planning to add many videos and images from a lot of people soon. The thread is now 30 pages in a word document, size 10 font. 16,380 words. (Which broke the 100,000 character post limit, which is now 105,000).
    3/3/11 - Thread is Stickied :Iron:
    3/6/2011 - Added "The Cage" to Recommended Defenses under One Way Doors.
    3/20/2011 - Unstickied to make room for other stickys. No hard feelings though!
    4/13/2011 - Added two of Hans Lemurson's suggestions on bunker defense. Posted the video WiseGuy57 showed us about converting redstone to obsidian. Wrote up a little piece on "Beast Masters", nothing special... Wrote up a section on "Logistics" that will probably be augmented eventually... Begun writing a section on clan/army logistics from my own point of view. Posted a link to the Elites of Minecraft: The Miner thread. Total OP is now 33 pages single spaced size 10 Times New Roman font. 19091 Words.
    5/20/2011 - Made grammar changes, and additions to stuff already in the tactics and practical sections, but nothing too big worth re-reading. Also: Added a "Morale" section to [VI. Forces]. Added an "After" section to [II. Details, Assessment, and Planning]. Added a "Documentation and Mapping" section to [V. Disposition of the army]. Added two new formatory tactics to [XII. The Nine Battlegrounds]. Made some changes to section XIV. 21,769 words.
    5/31/2011 - 1500+ Replies, and 100,000+ Views!
    7/19/2011 - Thread enters a period of indefinite hiatus. Thank you all for your contributions, and support. You may continue to discuss to your hearts content, but I will no longer be updating the thread.
    8/22/2011 - Thread re-opened by kevin4460
    8/22/2011 - Added first two chapters of The Story of the Legion
    8/23/2011 - Added third chapter, Offence/Defence sections, Murder Bridges, hidden storage facilities, bunker building etc.

    Table of Contents
    (Separated by post, to allow growth)
    I. Introduction

    Theoretical Warfare

    II. Details Assessment and Planning
    a. Time
    b. Details
    c. Assessment
    d. Planning
    e. During
    f. Logistics
    g. After

    III. Waging War
    a. Costs
    b. How to win a war
    c. The Frantic State
    d. Salvaging
    e. Distance from Resources

    IV. Strategic Attack
    a. The Source of Power
    b. The Lower Sources
    c. Attack and Defense
    d. Alliance
    e. Army
    f. Land [Cities]
    g. Food
    h. Knowledge
    V. Disposition of the army
    a. Disposition
    b. Holding Ground
    c. Moving when Opportunity Arises
    d. Documentation and Mapping

    VI. Forces
    a. Momentum
    b. Timing
    c. Morale

    VII. Weaknesses and Strengths
    a. Openings
    b. Strength
    c. Reducing Weakness
    d. The Power of Secrecy

    VIII. Military Maneuvers
    a. Types of Conflict
    b. Direct Conflict
    c. Indirect Conflict
    d. Circumvented Conflict
    e. Unseen Conflict

    IX. Variations and Adaptability
    a. Deviation from the Plan
    b. Making the TRUE Winning Move
    c. Don't Fall into Emotional Traps

    Practical Warfare

    X. Movement and Development of Troops
    a. Types of Movement
    b. By Land
    c. By Sea
    d. By Night
    e. Prioritizing
    f. Jobs and Ranking
    g. Grounds to Seek, Grounds to Avoid

    XI. Terrain
    a. Types of Terrain
    b. Ice Desert, Tundra and Taiga
    c. Savanna, Shrubland, Swampland, and Plains
    d. Forest, Seasonal Forest, and Rainforest
    e. Desert

    XII. The Nine Battlegrounds
    a. What is a Battleground?
    b. Fighting from the Ground
    c. Fighting from the Water
    d. Fighting from the Air
    e. Battle Formations and Formatory Tactics

    XIII. Combat Engagment
    a. Types of Weaponry
    b. Close Range Weaponry
    c. Long Range Weaponry
    d. Explosive Weaponry
    e. Redstone Weaponry
    f. Terrain Traps
    g. Defence - How to out smart the opponent
    h. Offence - How to out smart the opponent

    XIV. Intelligence and Espionage
    a. The Purpose
    b. Camouflage
    c. Fake Spies
    d. Sabotage
    e. Proper Sabotage Technique
    f. Communication

    Valerius' Corner

    Running a Clan
    How to Beat Hackers
    How to Train your Army

    The Story of the Legion
    A Narrative story with educational benefits!
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    I. Introduction

    Hello, fellow Minecrafters, my name is Valerius Maximus. I pride myself as a Roman first, as a Thinker second, and lastly, as a fine Warrior. Combine these three deadly forces and you receive what I believe to be the recipe for success in any task. Roman pride, quick thinking and physical prowess can take you far through the fray.

    [Added 5/20/2011] - I've been the leader of the Minecraft PvP Clan, Orsa Novus Aevum, for exactly 6 months tomorrow. We've established quite the name for ourselves thus far, and have played together and formed a tightly knit community. We have played exensively on multiple war servers, including both the old and new Project: Art of War servers hosted by RagingMonocle and Fl1r. I believe that throug these endeavors we have all gained more knowledge on what it truly means to War in Minecraft.

    I’ve recently come to a realization. At the advent of all new civilization, war tends to break out. Warring factions will fight until one is able to gain power, and therefore impose their will upon the people. The same will no doubt occur in the Minecraft Universe, once the Multiplayer Game is completed and released. now that the Multiplayer Game has been released. Clans will war, both for sport, and revenge, to see who’s faction is indeed the most, overall, powerful.

    The game of war is the most taxing, both mentally and physically, one that any person or group of people can undertake. Lives, riches, lands, fame… all of these are at stake. It would benefit one greatly to become well versed in the Art of War, well before true war breaks out. One must be one step ahead of the game when it comes to tactics, strategy, and conventions of war. I have taken the initiative, based heavily on, and inspired by “The Art of War” written by Ancient Chinese General Sun Tzu, to chronicle what exactly the Art of War in Minecraft is.

    This post is entirely written by me, and can be contributed to by the faithful MinecraftForum users. I have not directly copied any text from “The Art of War”, similarities between the two [besides the headings of the primary sections, which was intentionally similar] are simply the result of common sense, or result from an agreement on viable tactic and strategy mirroring the true war of Sun Tzu and the war in Minecraft.

    I have taken the opportunity to break this work of literature up into two sections. The first section is what I am calling Theoretical Warfare, the second, Practical Warfare. The first section would be quite beneficial for someone like a tactician, commander, or general in an army to read. It details all of the most important mindsets and ideas on how to win a war, specially suited to Minecraft. The second section will be picture intensive and detail varied strategies to utilize when actually fighting a war in Minecraft. The latent section is beneficial for everyone to read, especially warriors. The recommended weapons and recommended defenses sections are up to suggestions based on responses in this thread. If I like a suggestion I will modify it if it needs modification and post it up. That said, it would be beneficial for you to think about, and then re-think about the viability all suggestions before posting them.

    Viability of a tactic is based on a goal, and currently, there are no SET goals in Minecraft. You may set the goal yourself of holding resources, or holding land, but until some definitive goal based playing modes are released, the mindset seems to be that holding the most resources successfully leads to being deemed the most powerful. Remember to refrain from absolutes. There is no such thing as an impenetrable fortress.

    Hello fellow Warriors, Generals, Kings, Emperors, Consuls, Senators, Presidents, and all others somewhat affiliated with warfare. This thread is a compendium of information that may just turn the tides of war in your favor. So pray to the Minecraftian Gods of war, and unsheathe thy blades. Tonight, we will spill the blood of our enemies.

    I should introduce myself, of course, I am kevin4460. I am also known as Augustus, Lord Dark Helmet, and that guy who really likes to plant spies and destroy clans from the inside out. Like Valerius, I pride myself on being a follower of Roman traditions.

    I was once the leader of a mighty army known as The Legion. We fought many battles with our mortal enemies, the Tamorans, and I have learned much about the ways of war. However, my specialty is deceit, strategy, and using those two tools winning against the odds. That is what I bring to you for my offering. The ability to use the shadows to hide your clan will prove to be of immense value to any leader.

    Currently I am the Imperator of Ordo Imperator Novum, if you want to send in an application please click my signature.

    I shed the blood of my enemies, and reward my friends well. Read the information presented here and you too can be a mighty general.
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    The official Anthem of Ordo Imperator Novum

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    Quote from DMPuffy

    so its like ONA the 2nd

    ­damn, This dude made a good call almost two years ago.
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    Here for your very own eyes folks, is an example of a ­ing terrible application.

    I greet you, Kevin of Massachusetts.
    I am <REDACTED>. I am an honourable and worthy warrior, looking to join a clan. I have enormous past experience in leading warriors into battle. My previous clan SigmaTech has been victorous in many battles across numerous servers.
    For the matter of honour, I will now list the most commendanble of these battles.

    -The glorious battle of Haven: After 3 hours of fending off the enemy from our outpost TNE1, to protect a nuclear reactor powering a transporter for evactuation of the base, we emerged victorious. A lot of good man fell in battle that day. After our victory we had to self-destruct our outpost to keep the transporter from our enemies.

    -The seige of Tuin: After weeks of thereath from our enemy, we decided to act. I took the strategic lead, and devised a tactic, with the assistance of my Co-Clanleader and 1st tactical officer. The respective platoon commanders then briefed their platoons. We closed in on the Tuin clan from 3 sides. They tried to escape through the 4th side, which we had in secrecy rigged with Nuclear Bombs. We managed to wipe out the entire opposing clain and raid theri base.
    We then supplied the remnants of their faction with humanitarian help. We filtered out the worthy warriors to join the Sigma Cluster. The rest we banished to a dark corner of the world, from which they attempted to launch a war against the Sigman empire, but failed miserably.

    If needed, I will list more of my previous tactical acomplishments.

    My technical acomplishments reach even further. I have managed to construct a modular railway network which is ready for Beta deployment on a server. This system is fully automatic. The crown piece of the network, the Grand Central Station, is an enormous building, containing over 20.000 pieces of rail and double that ammount of redstone.

    You must understand, I am not simply here to be "enlisted" or recruited. After proving my worthyness, I set the goal in every clan I join to improve tactical readiness and overall tactical skills. If the position I get put in, might I get enlisted, can not satisfy my need for improvement of your ranks, I will be soon to leave. I am not a follower, I am a leader. I might sound very egocentrical now, but it is the truth, and I do not like to hide the truth. You know my terms, you may take it or leave it.

    For reference I can put you into contact with <REDACTED>, the co-leader of SigmaTech, Sigma Industries, and Sigma Design devisions. He also plays an advisory role in LiveFree railway ltd. Apart from this it is possible for you to observe the Modular Station project, from a reference point of view, or just out of curiosity.

    Even though I think the "application forms" are irrelevant after applications like this, and my being opposed to the entire idea behind them, I will fill it out, might the need arise to review applications through this method.


    Minecraft.net username: <REDACTED>
    Age: 18
    Do you have a Skype?: Certainly, it has been one of the primary communication methods for SigmaTech leaders.

    Do you have a Mic: Yes. I have a high-quality mic which I used to use for streaming purposes. I have been involved in some pretty big Minecraft streams, I have plenty of streaming experience and my English skills are adequate. As you might have noticed.

    Experience in SMP: I've been playing since late Alpha.
    Other games you play: Too many to list here.
    Have you read the Code of Honor: Certainly
    Are you in any other clans: SigmaTech is doormant at this moment, one might consider me currently Clanless.
    Why do you want to join OIN?: I am looking for a clan. I have selected yours. Either take me or leave me.

    Why should we accept you?: My experience and expertise will form a valuabe addition to your collective.

    And my response to above application:

    Having poetic talent doth be easy to fake,
    when nine sentences no ­ing sense doth make.

    Seriously man, if you're trying to toot your own horn over there and brag about accomplishments that don't mean anything please at least try to sound like you know what you're talking about.

    To quote one of my generals, when reviewing your application


    [6:23:54 PM] Viktor Hrannar Sigurjónsson: for a guy that can't use the word egocentric right he sure is full of ­

    He's from ­­ing Iceland and speaks better English than you.

    Here's a list of reasons you are by far the worst applicant I have ever received.

    1) There's a simple application form, if we wanted your life story we would've asked for it.

    2) There's a simple application form, if we wanted your life story we would've asked for it.

    3) There's a simple application form, if we wanted your life story we would've asked for it.

    4) There's a simple application form, if we wanted your life story we would've asked for it.

    5) There's a simple application form, if we wanted your life story we would've asked for it.

    6) I could give two ­s about someone who refuses to be a follower until they earn their place as leader. You don't come up to one of the oldest surviving PvP clans in minecraft, one who's leader (Yeah, that's me by the way) co-wrote Valerius Maximus' Art of war and talk about how your goal is to help us improve strategy. We are the definition of strategy. We literally wrote the best piece of literature on minecraft warfare.

    I get the sense that you are talking out your ass and have no real desire to follow orders. I love leaders, I am a leader, my friends are leaders. My leaders are my friends.

    You are not a leader, you do not strike me as a leader. You strike me as the kind of person who has this grandiose idea of himself and is going to be horribly let down sometime in the future when that idea turns out to be a severe over estimation.

    Come back with a deflated ego and a desire and willingness to follow orders.

    7) There's a simple application form, if we wanted your life story we would've asked for it.

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    Message from Imperator Augustus to all members of Ordo Imperator Novum, past and present:

    I should've posted this almost a month ago but I got tied up in real life stuff that delayed this day for quite some time.

    Ordo Imperator Novum is back in business, and we've got quite a lot of work to do.
    Combat in minecraft has, and will continue, to change. We must adapt our strategies and training
    to reflect newer updates in order to restore us to our former place as the indispited most fearsome, efficient, and deadly clan.

    Brad and myself have already begun work on this, our training program is modeled after those used by real-life military forces. It will
    inspire discipline, teamwork, and pride in new recruits while simultaneously training them for any situation, forseen or otherwise, they may end up in during their time in the Ordo.

    I have considered the possiblility that we may need to rethink our rank structure until we regain our member base. We currently have a skeleton crew consisting of only the most loyal of members from before we officially became inactive. Hopefully we can drive recruitment and bring ourselves back up to full strength within a short time.

    I call on former members seeking a home, rejoin us. All are welcome, if you were expelled from the clan for any reason in the past you may re-apply and we will consider the circumstances of your dismissal and allow you to once again be counted among our ranks.

    If you held a rank in the clan prior to its dissolvement, it will be restored upon completion of Basic Recruit training, which all members of the clan must complete (Including those who are already on the member list).

    After we have a sizeable force built up again, we will set about finding ourselves some land to conquer. I know that part won't be a problem, after all, it never was in the past.

    Long live the Ordo, and long live all of you.

    -Imperator Augustus
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