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    Nova Aevum Umbra

    New Age of Shadow

    Disclaimer: Yes I know that the clan's name is not proper Latin. Yes this was done on purpose. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artistic_license
    Image of the Week: Discovering the lost Ruins of Necrum Sul on FrostMoon

    Table of Contents

    I. About us
    II. Ranks
    III. Member List
    IV. Joining

    I. About Us

    We are Nova Aevum Umbra, the new age of Shadow. We hide in the depths of darkness, waiting to strike out at our opponents at the right time. Nothing can stop our spread, because nothing can stop the night from coming. The moonlight will watch over us, and accelerate our spread. Darkness hides us, Shadows guide us.

    Server Information:

    FrostMoon RP/PvP - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/862146-frostmoon-a-world-forgotten-pvp-rp/
    HuckCraft PvP - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/595962-▓▒░-▬-huckcraft-247-100-▬-░▒▓-hardcore-pvp-◘-anarchy-◘-factions-◘-mcmmo-◘-no-whitelist-80-slots/

    **Note** HuckCraft is our backup server, and FrostMoon is the one we play on more.

    II. Ranks

    Everyone who is invited to join Nova Aevum Umbra's brotherhood will start out at the rank of Shade. Shades are the foot soldiers who bring nightmares to our enemies' doorstep. They infiltrate enemy clans and slowly rot their organizations away from the inside out. They also carry out missions for the clan, missions are detailed more on the private section of our website. Ghouls command missions, and have several Shades under their wing. Only highly trusted Shades may become Ghouls. The leaders of the clan are known as Demons. These souls have been so enveloped in darkness they inspire fear with their very presence. Chaos wallows in their footstep, and famine, plague, and death follow suit. These harbingers of darkness are to be treated with the utmost respect.

    The Shadow Lord, Umbrius Rex, is the supreme leader of the clan. If he is seen on a server, it is a sign that great events are about to unfold. He rarely steps out from the Shadows, and only does so when his presence is sure to inspire fear and panic among the enemy. The current Shadow lord is Kevin4460, aka Umbrius Rex.

    III. Member List:




    IV. Joining

    To join NAU you must do some simple things.

    1) Post here saying why you would like to join the clan
    2) Go play on FrostMoon; join the town BrightOasis
    3) Play there so we can get to know you
    4) You will be invited to the clan if we think you'll fit in.
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    Bonzo, that's a file. You can't image tag files on your computer.
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    You guys have been accepted, but not added yet. I've got some work to do, and I like to be on for someone's first time on the server.

    @Xero we won't install factions, because it ruins Vanilla PvP. There is a local chat, and you can always use skype to communicate(Which is the only part of Factions I'd use; the chat).
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    This should be interesting with the family dynamic. My only complaint is the 'Celtic' background. Celts never existed in this universe (Think Of the elder scrolls, I see it in one of your avatars. Did the Romans ever exist in Tamriel? No! Do they have an equivalent? Yes, Imperials!) Come up with a more descriptive/RP friendly ancestry/heritage and you guys are good to go!
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    Lore Update:

    Two brave adventurers explored the area surrounding the temple of Allia and came upon an abandoned Desert camp, along with the ruins of Necrum Sul.

    Necrum Sul: Part I

    The following account is taken from the histories unearthed in Necrum Sul's library. Any other information is from first hand experience.

    The city of Necrum Sul was once a bustling hub of activity. The Smith's fires never stopped burning, even into the darkest hours of night. It's marketplace was the location of much bustle and activity. Residential sections of the city were home to the finest citizens the land could offer. The Judicial district held the region's courthouses, wherein criminals would be charged for breaking laws that no longer hold any merit. It is said that the high king of Frostmoon would even spend his winters here, for the underground city was well heated by magma pools.

    The marketplace being the only portion of the city remaining, and barely, for that matter, we are unable to witness the sights of grandeur ourselves. It appears that the city was buried in some sort of explosion, and not a natural one. Portions of the library have been made off with, and I believe them to contain important information to the history of Frostmoon. Perhaps these works hide something that whoever took them would rather have kept secret?

    The mysteries of Necrum Sul still remain, but we are slowly uncovering more about the city.
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    Now, Weatherdog. Check the OP for our IP. See you guys soon!

    Note: Whitelists can be revoked.
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    A few minutes, let me set up the remaining Config and we'll be good to go!
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    The map is now almost done, only a few more ruins to build!

    There are some pretty interesting places to explore, some of them far away and some of them nearby. Everywhere you find a building that is important there is probably lore somewhere. Hint: look EVERYWHERE. Excavate caved in rooms in ruins, dive under the water in a fountain. ANYTHING can be done to find lore.
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    Great to see an old buddy from Cavera applying! Although you should note my new character has NOTHING to do with Derick Materi, I can't tell if you're implying Derick is still alive(He doesn't even exist, technically.).

    I suppose people from Cavera CAN transfer their characters as Milan+Weatherdog did. Come up with some sort of mystical universe transplanting reason.

    Accepted, Dog.

    PS: Does this mean members of PRO will be playing here?
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    @Bonzo, I like it but it seems a bit weak in terms of development. Perhaps explain why he chose to join the assassins, and come up with a reason he wants to rebuild his life instead of continuing on as an assassin.
    Also, just made a new Lore system and started building more things on the server.

    We'll be open tomorrow. The wait will be worth it, sorry!

    Check the OP in a bit for details on the new Lore System.
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    Looks good, except for the part where Cavera doesn't exist in this universe :tongue.gif:

    Fix that up, and we're good. I know I can count on you to fix it, so accepted.
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    Blade you were accepted, check back later tonight for the IP. I'm going to open 'er up once we get a few more people to apply. I've also got some homework to do prior to opening(We all know I won't do anything after :tongue.gif:).
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    An invitation:

    To the days of old, my friends. We shall journey back to our origin together. Will you join me in playing on a server much like Cavera? Follow the link in my signature if you're interested.
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    Minecraft.net Username:
    Date of Birth: 6/13/96
    Time Zone: EST

    Character Sheet

    Character Name:(Nothing generic. Must have a first and last name) Lucius Brutus
    Character Age:(Between 12-50 please) 24
    Character Personality: Hot headed, not very compassionate for other people.
    Character Biography: Lucius was born in a dark cave not far from the Temple of Allia. His mother died in child birth, and Lucius has never felt the warmth of a Mother's Love. This lack of a basic human need leaves him devoid of any caring for his fellow persons. His mother had carried a silver amulet with her all of her life. Throughout his childhood Lucius and his Father Justis, a frail old man, guarded this amulet with their life and took shelter far from civilization much preferring the shadows of a damp cave to the warm touch of sunlight.

    When Lucius was 20 Justis passed away peacefully during his sleep. Without any companions, Lucius drew even further from any semblance of society remaining in Frostmoon. Losing track of time, Lucius quickly found himself turning twenty-three. During the night of his birthday, a thief found Lucius sleeping in his cave. Stripping the man of anything useful or precious, the thief made off into the night.

    When Lucius awoke he discovered that he could no longer feel the cool touch of his Mother's precious amulet against his skin. Although Lucius rarely feels emotion, he discovered a powerful wrath hidden deep within his burning soul that morning. A red tint ran over his eyes, and as he stepped out into daylight the sun burned with the intensity of his hatred. Vowing to find the thief who stole his Mother's only possession, Lucius has been searching ever since.
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    Donate so we can keep running!

    A world forgotten

    The Temple of Allia, in it's current state.

    Post in our thread once daily with your in game name to receive 250 frosts(Money) in game


    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Letter from Elder Jonahenn to new Arrivals

    Welcome to Frostmoon, or at least what's left of it. The world has been ravaged by war, and time's cruel sands have only served to further wither away the settlements of our once glorious world during the Great Frost. Our only remaining structure is the Temple of Allia who's volumes of text are now lost to ages past, but even that is beginning to crumble.

    Wars rage around every corner, even the sacred ground of the Temple is now desecrated by bloodshed. No where in this demented realm is safe from the worn blade of a marauding bandit or the shimmering arrow of a trained assassin. There is no law, acts that would previously be considered crimes are now daily occurrence. Our ancestors once followed a code of honor to be held in high esteem during warfare, but that tradition has long been abandoned in favor of the dishonorable brawls we now tout as "battles".

    There is no empire, and no military to protect the few remaining people. They say that this land was once a bustling hub of activity, a center of commerce and culture. No longer, the old cities have since fallen to ruin and the ancient arteries of trade carry travelers no more.

    There is a prophecy however, it is the one remaining ray of hope for people like me. It speaks of a person who will come to reunite the world of Frostmoon under a single banner. I hope this prophecy is fulfilled soon, as I would like to see it come to fruition before my final day.

    Server Information

    Server I.P. Address:
    Server Owner: kevin4460




    iConomy - A general economy plugin for use in trade and commerce.

    The currency on this server is named "Frosts". You can earn Frosts in many ways, but the easiest is by killing mobs for a 'bounty' which will automatically be added to your bank account.

    to see your current balance type:

    To pay someone money type:
    /money pay <name> <amount>

    There are other commands which can be found here: http://ico.nexua.org/Main/Commands

    Towny - A plugin for the creation of towns and nations that allow you to form groups of players in game.

    Towny is a pretty deep and complicated plugin. It's complicated to explain and if you want to know how to use it I'd look here: http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/wiki/Main

    In this section I'll just explain how Towny works on this server.

    Anyone can form a town for 5000f. A group of towns can form a nation for 10000f. There is a daily tax of 10f for a town and 100f for a nation. Towns have to be at least 50 chunks from another town's home block.

    Here is a pretty good video on Towny, although a little outdated:

    Runecraft - A plugin that allows for magic without the use of commands, at the cost of building materials!

    Runecraft is almost as complicated as Towny, if not more.

    So here is the thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/26803-softwarepluginbukkit-runecraft-291-181/
    A wiki page: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Mods/Runecraft
    And a bunch of videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/ctritherunecrafter/


    This server is a Player versus Player server (PVP). If you are afraid of your items being stolen, houses being burned, and limbs being dismembered; this server is not for you.

    -Don't hack
    -Don't be an asshole to other players
    -Don't ask to be an Admin
    -Don't spawn kill. It's alright to kill someone in the spawn zone, but repeated killing is breaking this rule.


    "Frost Dome"

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