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    Mod Information [1.11.2]
    Slimy Adventures is a mod i started on around 5 years ago and it was not updated from 1.7.2 utnill 1.10.2.
    Im now back developing thanks to @MCreator wich allows you to make mods easyer.
    What is MCreator? MCreator is a program that lets you select the base stuff you want to make and it helps you out with some of the simple coding.
    But dosent that mean that you dont do anything? No as i said it helps out with the simple coding (lets say the skeleton) and i have to edit that code to satisfy my needs. It works just like Eclipse!
    What can we expect to see from this mod in the furture? You can expect it to expand alot but keep in mind i will be exploring on enemy grounds! Some stuff might come to disapear the next update!

    Slimy Adventures adds 1 new biome with new Trees & its own annimals!
    Several new ores wich are completed with armor and tools. Those that are not completed with tools and armor is there for future updates as im exploring to make some machinery stuff!
    A quick roundup. The mod adds new biome, new mobs, new ores, new tools, new armor, new food, new flowers, new dimensions, new machinery & ofc new blocks!

    Development Status:
    Currently experimenting with new dimensions!
    Trying to add in more biomes!

    Planetminecraft:Slimy Adventures Reborn

    Please show your support by dropping a LIKE!

    Biomes (2)
    Ores (7)
    Mobs (3)
    Food (2)
    And alot more!!!

    Please leave a like :D

    First guy that makes a mod review will be featured here! Thanks! :)

    Download SlimyAdventures Reborn v1.2 below! (Minecraft 1.11.2)

    (dropbox) (Download)

    You also need Forge Mod Loader!



    Mod: http://adf.ly/1lXJbJ

    Forge: https://files.minecraftforge.net/

    Release 1.1 (1.10.2)

    Name Changes:
    * SlimyGem is now Hiddenite - All stuff related to SlimyGem is changed name!
    * RawSlimeShell (food) is now named Escargot wich is a french delicacy
    * Slime Infused Log is now Blue Wood Log

    New Ores:
    * Copper Ore
    * Platinum Ore
    * Tin Ore
    * Titanium Ore

    New Blocks:
    * Block of Copper
    * Block of Tin
    * Block of Platinum
    * Block of Titanium
    * Block of Steel
    * Block of Hiddenite
    * Block of Frosty Crystal
    * Ruby Furnace (Not yet in working condition)

    New Tools:

    * Slimeball Pickaxe
    * Slimeball Sword
    * Slimeball Axe
    * Slimeball Shovel
    * Slimeball Hoe

    New Mobs:
    Frosty Slime (Breedable but not tamable - Its a bug it should be the other way around!)

    New Ingots:
    * Copper Ingot
    * Tin Ingot
    * Steel Ingot
    * Titanium Ingot
    * Platinum Ingot

    New Flowers:
    * Frosty Rose

    New Machines:
    (None Yet!)

    Whats my plans with the new ores and ingots?

    My plan is to advance to some machinery stuff to make the daily life of a slimy adventurer easy'er :)

    Release V.1 (1.10.2)

    • Updated to forge - Be Gone ModLoader!!!
    • Added 2 set of Tools - Slimy & Ruby
    • Added 50+ Blocks - They are not all featured in this version
    • Added 2 set of Armor - Slimy & Ruby
    • Added 1 new Biome - Slimy Biome
    • Added 1 new Food - Slimy Shell

    News for Release v1:

    • Next update will give you ALOT of more new stuff!
    • I have plans of new mobs! Give me tips and it might be a thing!
    • New ore, block, items & armor (Hint of 1 new ore is in the screenshots ;) !)
    • I will try to make our current biome much more advance!)
    • The rest you'll have to download to know ;)

    Beta v5.9

    • Updated to forge 1.6.4
    • Added Tools
    • Added Blocks
    • Added Armor

    News for Release v6:

    • In v6 there will be many new things :)
    • New mobs (Old mobs + new) (SlimySnail will be back :P)
    • New ore, block, items & armor (Maby 2 sets)
    • New dimension with our own (Trees, mobs, ores & more(Surprise))
    • The rest you'll have to download to know ;)

    Known Bugs:

    • Armor + Tools have a strange name? (Looking for a fix)
    • None yet :) plz leave a commet if u find a bug :)

    Beta v4.5

    • Fixed SlimyStone to drop as SlimyCobble
    • Added SlimyCobble
    • Fixed minor bugs.
    • You can now find slimygrass in creative menu/ you can scrollclick the slimygrass to get slimygrass (the game wont crash anymore)
    • Added some more features that will be aviable at v5.0

    Beta v4.4

    • Fixed SlimyBiome (SlimyGrass and SlimyDirt)
    • Added SlimeBallTools (Tools that can be crafted with slimeball's (It's as good as iron)
    • Added a new mob (SlimyMan... He's just a big bug right now so i have to fix him but if you wonder there is a picture in the zip file)
    • SlimyStone and SlimyBlock added (Both made by MrBeneDevel, They both drop as SlimyBlock (Bug))
    • And some bug fixes :)

    Beta v3.1

    * Fixed SlimyNpc arm movements and some more.
    * Fixed so Slimy and HarndnedRuby ores drop like a ore!
    * Added a new biome. SlimyBiome (Under Construction)
    * Removed SlimyStone and added SlimyBlock
    * and alot more

    Beta V2.0

    * Added smelting to SlimyOre and HardnedRubyOre.
    * Made new sking for SlimySnail.
    * Deleted old fat SlimyNPC
    * Added new SlimyNPC (new awesome skin)

    Beta V1.1.1

    * Added a SlimyStone. (It's not generating in the world)
    * Added SlimyNPC(under construction)
    * Fixed HardnedRubyOre to generate in the world.
    * SlimySnail now drops 1-2 SlimyGems
    * SlimyNPC will drop 1-2 SlimyBeef
    * Made SlimyOre more rare, can be found under 16
    * HardnedRubyOre can be found under 60
    * You can craft a SlimyBeef with 3 gems on the top section of the crafting bench. (Bug)

    Beta V1.0

    * Added HardnedRuby Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Sword, Hoe & Gem
    * SlimySnail now take 2 harts of damage.
    * SlimySnail snails a bit faster than what it did.
    * Updated SlimySnail to drop SlimyOre.
    * Changed the texture of the SlimyBeef.

    • I have not found any bugs! Please report bugs to me in a message or leave a comment! :)

    Release V1.2
    * Objective is to add a better range of new ores!
    * Test out if i can add some sort of flying!
    * Fix a few textures and also rename some of the items!
    Release v1.1
    Working on adding a few new blocks and items to the mod!
    I Will be trying to add a few new mobs. I will not say more ;)

    I have not gotten any reviews and i would be very happy if anyone could make me a review! I have great plans for this mod and I am also willing to share some of the stuff to make your review more attractive! :D

    Slimy Biome
    Slimy Biome
    Tools - All tools in the mod (As of now)
    This is the tools in the mod
    Armor - All armor in the mod (As of now)
    This is all the armor in the mod
    MISC - Items & Blocks in general
    This is just MISC
    Slimy Snail (Mob)
    This is the Slimy Snail (Mob)
    Slimy Wanderer (Mob)
    This is the slimy wanderer! (mob)
    Sneak Peak 1 = 6 New Ores - Picture Comming
    Sneakpeak 2 = 3 new mobs! - Picture Comming

    Working on making recipes!

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    Hahaha. Yeah the smily bag is not released yet its a WIP. And also i textures are fixed in the upcomming release :P

    I have also fixed alot of bugs an removed stuff that makes no sense as of now. Thanks for the reply tho! :)

    Quote from therealstuewan»

    A new biome seems intresting, but the sky, grass and tree colours really clash with it. THe snail enemy also needs a lot more love in the texture department.

    Also that uneven slimy bag inentory makes me really uncomfortable.

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    This is the best texturepack you will find this hour xD
    This texture comes in 32x32 and 64x64
    You also need to download MCPatcher!
    MCPatcher (Download)
    HeavenCraft 32x32 (Download)
    HeavenCraft 64x64 (Download)
    HeavenCraft 64x64 beta (Download)

    Some of the stuff is freeware from other texturepacks!


    More pictures comming soon! :Notch:

    New Video.
    New Pictures
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