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    COMPATIBLE WITH Minecraft v1.0.0

    Alright guys, time to get serious, Reloaded and ready to go.

    KenCraft II is an rpg texturepack full of flair and spice. It's 100% complete, i may make adjustments to it this isn't an attempt to get publicity just an easy way for people to access the constant changes of KenCraft.

    KenCraft II Supports Realm craft, a server that inspired me to make this texture pack.
    Did you know that this texture pack is the official texture pack for Realm craft and is working on support for Industrial Craft2?

    Warning: This texture pack is very bright, I enjoy light textures and try to stay away from darker colors, if you don't like it, too bad.

    Constructive criticism is appreciated and encouraged stay tuned for more screenshots and continued support

    This Texture pack contains SOME less than 5% of other texture packs.
    Xaiwaker II link
    Adventurer's Craftlink
    Joli Craftlink
    A texture pack made by another user on my server

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