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    posted a message on Misfit Mountain (Small, close knit community, dedicated host)

    1. What is your IGN: kennysmith1234

    2. Why are you interested in joining this server?: Just looking for a comfy time with fun people. Building whatever seems pretty and fun.

    3. Why should we accept you into this server?: Because of my charm and dashing good looks. ;)

    No, in all seriousness the few qualities I can say are good about me is my eye for design and my willingness and desire to stay out of the way and just enjoy the experience.

    4. How long do you plan on being a part of this server?: However long you will have me for.

    5. How old are you?: 22.

    6. How long have you played Minecraft for?: Since I was 14, so 8 years I believe.

    7. What other games do you play?: Age of Empires 2: HD edition, Lords of the Fallen, Mount and Blade, Dungeon Siege (original).

    8. What is something about your personality that is NOT minecraft related?: Calm.

    9. What is your skype? (You can PM me this if you want): I do not have one at this moment, unless I can remember the facebook based ones' password.

    10. Any bans? If so, please explain: I do believe that there were two bans in all. One was for literally no reason, and the other because a one-time friend had a bit of a spasm because I would not buy his bike.

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    posted a message on BuildersUnite | 1.12.2 | Creative Freebuild | Survival | & More

    IGN: kennysmith1234

    Also, hello!

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    posted a message on Fallen Walaku Remake! SMP Vanilla Whitelist 1.8 Server!
    What is your in-game name? kennysmith1234

    How old are you? 21 years of age.

    Where are you from? The cold, chilly pacific northwest. I live in Washington.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? For about 7 years now.

    What are some things you have built in Minecraft? Oh good heavens, I have done an End overhaul, a Nether overhaul. I have tackled making cities and landscaping. I have done so much I have lost track honest to Notch.

    Where did you find the server? Forums.

    Have you ever been banned from another server on Minecraft? If yes, what was the reason? I was, and it was because the server owner knew me in real life, and banned me because I wasn't going to buy his bike (long story, PM or skype for details).

    Why should we accept you to our server? Eh, nothing compelling. I am an average 21 year old. I drink, I toke, I enjoy playing games and being silly. If it helps at all I have a horsehead mask, and I am not a griefer, since I will not touch somebody else's things without permission.

    Tell me a joke: Knock Knock 'who's there' The Doctor 'doctor who?' Just The Doctor, if you please.

    Skype Name: Dogsinaskirt. Kenny Smith from Washington is what should show up.
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    posted a message on ï☼ï Sojourn Needs Builders ï☼ï
    Two applicants. Awesome.

    Now for the obligatory spawn screenshot (yes, it is tiny, and that is all I have so far):

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    posted a message on ï☼ï Sojourn Needs Builders ï☼ï

    I am kennysmith1234, and I come before you all in search of Minecraft Builders with Talent and Vision.

    Pertinent Information Below! Read Carefully!

    Architectural Style Required: Ancient Oriental/Hindu, but can be meshed with Anglo-Saxon style, from appropriately antiquated times.

    Skill Level Required (scale of 1-10): 6 and upwards. Above average building skill and a good eye for architectural integrity (last one is optional, I just do not want random floating houses for no reason).

    Age Requirement: 20 or older. If your application displays clear thinking, excellent English/grammar skills, and an all around sense of maturity, this can be waived.

    Redstone Skill Required (scale of 1-10): 4 and upwards. Redstone is not a major need, but if you have the talent, I am okay with this.

    The server is being hosted in Seattle, Washington, USA, North America, Earth Milky Way. Aliens from outer space can totally apply.

    Now I leave this in non-bold writing for the sole purpose of bringing your attention here.

    This is going to be a loose fantasy-based role-playing server. Maybe not any magic (beyond commands, but I might get a magic plugin), but still fantasy, so some allowances can be had for small differences in architecture.

    The main spiel is this: Players are travelers from other realities, universes, dimensions...whatever you would prefer to call them. They came here to Sojourn because the God of this world, Ultima (Ul-tee-Mah), allows one wish of any being that can make it through his palace.

    That is no easy feat. In fact, most believe this to be a grand joke since it is nearly impossible to survive the Palace of the God Ultima. Others believe that they may be the first to have a wish granted.

    Now We will not be working on the Palace of the God Ultima yet, just the spawn/starting town and some ruins around the area for now.

    Remember that the server owner (hey, that might just be me!) has a sense of humor, and is something of a silly fellow at times. Humor is appreciated, and highly valued. Sarcasm is beatific.







    WHAT IS YOUR SKYPE NAME? (Feel free to PM me that one. Privacy is no joke):

    SCREENSHOTS (Required):


    You will either receive a message from me here on the forums, or I will contact you on skype (if we exchange contact information) to let you know if you are accepted.

    I will include the Server Address in the Message.
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    posted a message on ï☼ï The Dark Ages: Not for the Faint of Heart ï☼ï
    Updated OP with McMMO application part. Made booboo, been fixed.

    Basically only 1 gathering skill and 1 combat skill can be chosen, and I should have specified earlier.

    Anywho, Bump for justice, and hope the ones accepted enjoy the server!
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    posted a message on ï☼ï The Dark Ages: Not for the Faint of Heart ï☼ï
    Makes me happy to see these applications. Some gold here for digging.

    In the meantime, I will say that we shall look over what is here, and pop back in soon (hopefully during normal hours on the 28th) with answers.

    Thank you for your time!
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    posted a message on ï☼ï The Dark Ages: Not for the Faint of Heart ï☼ï
    The Darkness Beckons...
    Indeed, the darkest times of man have surely come.
    The end is nigh, but for those brave souls willing to raise a torch to the oppression.
    Join us on a quest to save the world from darkness and insanity.
    1: Thou shalt Respect thine fellow Roleplayers.
    2: Thou shalt not Godmod.
    3: Thou shalt not Hack, Mod, or otherwise abuse Glitches.
    4: Thou shalt not Pester the Staff for "sw33t l00t" or "give shibe fli plz admin or i wil haxx0r u."
    In the meantime, we get to the good stuff.
    Humans are a young race, younger even than the Immorti. The Humans held themselves by their word, pride, and honor, fighting fair and clever when faced with despicable odds. From their people came the Paladins, hands of justice and bearers of the light of hope. The Paladins made their home in Fort Silverpass, which stands in the Argentum mountains. Indeed for a time they did prosper. But now, they are all but forgotten in spite of the rediscovery of Fort Silverpass.
    The ancient race of magic and life, Elves are protectorates of the land, and the truly living. Where Humans are proud and overbearing, Elves are calm, graceful and wise from incredible longevity. They reside within Teraki, amongst the abundance of life of their jungles. They are enclosed from the world by powerful magicks and isolationism.
    The cursed, the undead. The Immorti are those followers blessed (and cursed) by the dark queen Lilith, who opened a portal to the infernal Letum. This portal transformed the area around it into a cursed place that was swiftly renamed to the Plains of Torment, which now houses the Fortress of Abbadon. They hunger for the living and desire nothing more than to dominate the world and tranform it into another Letum.
    Indeed there are other races, but they are so numerous that it would take a tome of thousands of pages to summarize. (Long story short, you can make your own as long as you contact one of the staff or the Owner, xdarexbearx.)
    Server Staff
    Owner/Brave Leader: xDarexBearx
    Moderators/Lowly Peons: Ally_Cat, Drakkoran, MadTucks, Skull175, kennysmith1234.
    Server Events:
    Letum Arena Capture the Flag.
    This event is hosted once a week in the Nether, where competitors from different towns can acquire gold, diamonds, and other such things.
    Temple of the Sun King of the Hill.
    Hosted every four days, the winner gains control of the day/night cycle for four days.
    Lord of the Mountain.
    Hosted somewhere unknown, Take the Prize from one of the 8 opponents for a true prize...
    Server Lore:
    The Multiverse is without beginning, and without end. The Deus have been around for a time so long that they are near incomprehension. They created a great many wonders, including a full world that lived and breathed on its own. But for some reason unknown to even the most learned of mortals, the Deus split against one another and fought for countless millenia. A notable Deus named Sunaria sacrificed her flesh and blood to trap the opposing Deus within a dark world of burning rock and bleeding stones. Many countless eons later the world created to be autonomous, known now as Metus, was host to a great many creatures, most notable the Humans and the Elves. The Deus saw this and were glad. There was a greater cause for joy when other races sprang up, and appeared from planes of existence most wonderful.
    But not all was destined to be well forever. in a kingdom along the steppes a wicked king named Giovanni strove to unlock Letum, and bring in the Dark Deus from their torment and give them freedom...in exchange for power, of course. Giovanni did not realize his plans, but lived long enough to bring a daughter into the world, the beauteous Lilith, who had the power, determination, and zeal to unlock the seals and Free Letum. The Deus that came through were twisted and foul from their long imprisonment, and renamed themselves as the Contradeus. For her acts, Lilith was given power and dominion over the creatures created by the Contradeus, and was transformed into something...more.
    And now the whole world is embroiled in a war that leaves nothing unscathed...
    Important Server Information:
    This is a mature server, meaning that you must be 16 and older to apply. Not meaning that you can sit there cursing and screaming about all of this swag you have in your diaper. It means that there will be mature content that is not merely sensual in nature, and that this server is not for the weak-willed.
    xdarexbearx loves house music. Take note boys, girls, catkin, and Rocket Scientists, because this is important.
    We also have a plugin in effect that limits farm produce in certain areas. Meaning that some things just won't grow in your mega-awesome treehouse of redstone doom-inator, not unless you make a multi-biome home.
    We use the Halcyon Days pack, obviously the newest version for Minecraft. Trust me, it makes WORLDS of difference.

    Minecraft Username-
    Real Age (You lie, you die peasant!)-
    Have you read the Tenants of Law and the Lore?-
    What is Dare's favorite Music?-
    Character Name-
    Character Race-
    Character Age-
    Backstory Summary (at least 1 paragraph with acceptable spelling and clear thinking displayed)-
    What McMMO skills (1 gathering, 1 combat limit) would you prefer?-
    Roleplay Example-
    You walk into the Wandering Lance Inn, hoping that there may be a room enough for another world weary traveller. As you enter the common room, you see that there are only 6 people including the inkeep behind a long table.
    4 people are sitting at a table and drinking merrily, while the 5th person is sitting at the bar, quietly conversing with the Inkeep.
    What do you do?
    XOXO, server staff.
    Reserved for Screenshots.
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    posted a message on (DM'dAdventures, Battlegrounds, MCMMO, RP, Whitelist) The Dark Ages - A roleplay experience unlike any other!
    Minecraft Username - kennysmith1234
    RL Age - 21
    Have you read the lore and the rules? - Yessiri
    What is the server owners favorite type of music? - Deliciousness
    Character Name - Malavere
    Character Age - Unknown
    Character Race - Human
    What MCMMO gathering skill do you want to start with? - Herbalism
    What MCMMO combat skill do you want to start with? - Axes
    Character Alignment (Good, Bad, Neutral) - Neutral
    Character Biography - A magus of incredible power from a time long gone (with magics unknown) who had the misfortune of being trapped within Astrica, where the Deus dwelt. He was pariah amongst the great and mighty, and so sought to even the odds a bit. He took on the ultimate Challenge, to survive the Maze, a mighty city dedicated to weeding out the weak amongst the Deus. Where the Gods hesitated, he leapt clearly. His every step was watched, and marveled at. When he reached the end, he had the approval and support of beings that considered most mortals to be dirt to tread upon. They declared him their defacto leader for his incredible mind. And in spite of the efforts and maneuverings of the Gods, Malavere has kept his status for some time. In fact, he created a Bastille as an added challenge of prestige for the mages who eventually made it to Astrica.
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: kennysmith1234

    Where did you hear about the server: Front of the Minecraft Forums.

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Indubitably.

    What's our policy on raging: Just no. Don't rage, and never give up, because rage quitting is like crack...whack!
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    posted a message on BUILDING FROM THE BOTTOM UP
    Age: 20
    IGN: kennysmith1234
    Strengths in building: Orderly buildings with aesthetic values that don't fit in too many categories.
    Experience: PM me. I have too much :P
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    posted a message on "Civilization Crafting" Server Concept Looking for Server Provider and Moderators some reason the forums tried to make this invisible :P
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    posted a message on "Civilization Crafting" Server Concept Looking for Server Provider and Moderators
    well, at the moment the only thing I have is a flat world and a really big semi-spherical hall, with multiple floors
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    posted a message on "Civilization Crafting" Server Concept Looking for Server Provider and Moderators
    I am in full support of this! I am running a server right now, but my aims are different. Or were different.
    It is only a small server for the time being. It is only an 18 person server, and I am starting on Real Life issues that require monetary investment. I can keep the server up and running, but don't expect me to be able to upgrade it myself for a time.
    I was attempting to build an Escape the Dungeon experience, but I suffer from no time, and little inspiration, so I would GLADLY give this over to something more productive.I hate to double post, but I would be willing to make a map for this as well. A firm grasp of geography, geology, biology, astrobiology, a rather excessive amount of ologies actually, has given me some insight as to what a world could potentially look like after a certain time.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Escape Server looking for Builders
    BUMP. And also, the first applicant lied about his age. BIG no-no.
    I had to restart the building, since it was uneven (yuch...), but what I have so far is actually more extensive and more complete then the screenshots.
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