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    posted a message on What would cities look like in 2050?

    Between future pandemics, climate change, and rising income/wealth inequality, I presume many will be hanging on for dear life.

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    AnPrim are we?

    I disagree. We are capable of wonders beyond the imagination of the earliest humans.

    We as a species will never stop envisioning the prospects of a world better than ours. Sir Thomas More gave it a crack in 1516, as did Adam Smith in 1776 and Karl Marx in 1848. We inherit their legacies and we have never ceased to try to make these realities. Hell, most religious traditions of this world see a form of "Utopia" in an afterlife.

    Humanity knows no bound except for the "great filter" of the Kardashev scale. But we don't even know if that exists. As we enter the new frontiers of Martian colonization and transhumanism, don't be so pessimistic. We may still be under the thumb of capitalism, but we as a species have done plenty to rid ourselves of hereditary monarchies / nobilities and slavery.

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    posted a message on Does anyone have a good book to recommend?

    "A Song of Ice and Fire" Series by George R. R. Martin, the inspiration for Game of Thrones

    "The War on Normal People" by Andrew Yang

    "The Art of the Deal" by Donald Trump

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