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    underlineI build stone buildings and link them with paths. Most of this is done in survival, with the help of a few cheats. I use a lot of visual mods, but try to retain the simplistic nature of the game. As the newer versions come out, I fall further and further behind in a sense, because the chunks that I have built in are from 1.11. This means a lot of the blocks that have been added to the game are either absent or scarce on my map.

    I use a connected textures mod to make the glass more transparent, and I highly recommend you do the same, as well as use whatever shader your system will allow. Chocapic13 is the best for integrated GPU's and BSL is my favorite. but they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. I've like the Complementary shader pack as well and take screenshots using any one of about 10.

    I most often use a customized version of the Paper-Cut Out Resource Pack. The Youtube link below will show you what the resource pack and shaders look like in combination, but I cannot publish the resource pack because it is not my work. I've simply smashed a few texture packs together, and I highly recommend doing the same as you find individual textures that fit your style.

    Third, I know the video production quality is lacking. I don't have many followers or subscribers and that doesn't particularly bother me. I like to have a record of how things looked just in case I want to put something back the way it was, or make a timelapse. As with many videogames, I find it much more enjoyable to play rather than to watch somebody else play, and I don't envy those who have large and impatient audiences. I'm still in the "if you build it" phase, and I am enjoying it enough not to worry about if or when "they will come".

    Of course, I appreciate any new attention/collaboration/feedback, but I will be unlikely to commit serious time to any new servers or projects as I have a large stack of buildings that have been yet to be built and lots of issues with what's already there. I know myself well enough to not make promises, particularly to strangers on the internet. I would be interested in touring your server, but I probably won't do much more than that. Also note that until recently, I was calling the map "Bawsnia". I've renamed it to avoid the "were you trying to spell "Bosnia" search diversion.

    Much of what I build is quickly rearranged or destroyed and I often will wander and get distracted. I find that servers are less flexible and people don't want to destroy each other's buildings, which leads to a lack of cohesion in the architecture. I very much enjoy being able toggle to Peaceful mode. There is no wrong way to play this game, and the rules I've made for myself are too many to list here, but I will eventually make a video explaining why I do certain things, and why I silently rage to myself when I see people doing other things.


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    So, this may already exist but I've had trouble finding it. I would like to find a way to slightly alter the way Optifine's zoom function works. Presently I have to hold a key down to stay zoomed, I'd very much appreciate a way to scroll-zoom further in and out, or toggle the function so I don't have to keep a key pressed. I've already tried to bind it to Caps Lock as another player suggested, but that key still needs to be held down to avoid the camera reverting to the standard FOV.

    I understand there are lots of mods that can do this already, but so far I haven't found any that can run at the same time as shaders. My PC is not top of the line, but I don't think my GPU is the issue. Are there any mods to Optifine, or is it basically a choice between shaders and enhanced zoom? Could those mods be made without stepping on Optifine's legal toes, or is it something that could only be addressed by the team that makes that mod? I'll see if I can't contact their support staff as well. I've briefly tried Iris and Sodium but encounter the same issues with further visual modifiers.

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