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    Your First name-Hunter

    In Game Name-Keerplunk

    Age (please be at least 16)-17

    Favorite Building Block-I love all blocks the same, no discrimination

    Any prior history as an admin?- I've owned multiple servers.

    What kind of Minecrafter are you (farmer, builder, pvp)-Farmer

    What do you have to offer the server that the other guy doesn't (in other words why pick you)?- Well, pick me because I'm an interesting guy, and uh... I'm pretty board.

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    posted a message on !New RPG server (FREE ROAM, No rules besides.. try not do die?)


    Yes I have a mic
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    posted a message on !New RPG server (FREE ROAM, No rules besides.. try not do die?)
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: keerplunk

    Where did you hear about the server: The Minecraft Forums

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes I do.

    What's our policy on raging: That it is a challenging server so don't give up if you lose or are defeated.
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    posted a message on [Faction] [New] Saplings PVP ★Custom Map★ - ★PVP★ - ★Raiding★ - ★Youtube★ - ★Fan Server★
    All of you were added to the "Member" Class
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    posted a message on [Faction] [New] Saplings PVP ★Custom Map★ - ★PVP★ - ★Raiding★ - ★Youtube★ - ★Fan Server★
    [font='lucida sans unicode', 'lucida grande', sans-serif]The Great Sapling[/font]

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]PVP /Faction/Raiding[/font]

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Here are some goals of The Great Sapling PVP:[/font]
    • A complete faction, raiding, pvp experience
    • A thriving, friendly community (Mature, if you will)
    • Amazing and active factions
    • A good experience for everyone playing!
    List of Staff:
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Admins:[/font]
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]eamafa[/font]
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Dombrowski[/font]
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]pop2478[/font]
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]A short list, and there may be more, but don't ask for a staff position. My eyes are peeled, and I will approach you if I think you'd make a good moderator![/font]


    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]NO griefing is allowed at all.
    NO unfair mods, cheats, or hacks are allowed.
    NO being completely disrespectful to other players or staff.
    NO iron or gold farms, OR lagging out the server. Grinders are okay, crashing the server isn't.

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Custom Biomes:[/font]
    - Swamp lands!
    -The tundra mountains and forests!
    - The unearthed Nether biome!
    - And the simple plains biome, with a deep forest!

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Donation Classes:[/font]
    We have a variety of donation classes ranging from $5.00 - $50.00, so if you want to get an edge, theres a donation classes fitted perfectly for you!
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Donations will be used for two purposes. One, to pay for the monthly cost of the server, and two, upgrade the server if the server gets too popular and we need more RAM.[/font]

    World Border
    Colored Signs
    Expfly (For Donators - Fun plugin)
    Silk Spawners (For Donators)
    MyPet(For Donators)

    Post you username in the comments section to become a Member!

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]The IP for the server is:[/font]

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Thanks for stopping by The Great Sapling![/font]

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Here are some pics of our Custom Biomes![/font]

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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs!
    Minecraft Username: keerplunk
    Time in which you can dedicate being online:4 hours on weekdays, 6 hours on weekends
    Current Rank:Vagrant
    Any other equivalent positions you have been (Prison Guard or Police): No
    Why the NDPD should pick you: NDPD should pick me because I have experience as a police officer from the last server. I also feel I should be in the force because I am trust worthy, responsible, and a fairly decent role player.
    Will you obey the NDPD guidelines? (See the authoritative rank description for more info) I will obey the NDPD guildlines.
    Do you use any lag reduction mods such as opti-fine? No I do not.
    Do you have Skype? A mic? Yes I do. You already have my skype information
    Anything else we should know? I just hop I get picked, and thank you for reading my application.
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    posted a message on =~Iriliath~= | The most unique "ROLE PLAY" server out! | Tribal theme | Greylist | 100% Custom biomes | Events | Actual RP | Mag
    IGN: Keerplunk
    Age: 15
    Previous RP Experience: I have played on multiple Rp server's. I think the most reconizable would be the Kingdoms.
    Why do you wish to join?: I just love playing on RP servers. I love the experience and concept of Role Playing. I was also extremly impressed with your spawn and plugins you used.

    ICC- Tortes Watson
    Name: Tortes Watson
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is a strong tall man from his experience as a captain of his ship. His skin is also weary from all of the travelling he has done. Even though he is 35 he looks a bit older because of this. He wears his dark blue captain jacket and dark black pants. It was a typical uniform for a captain and explorer of his prestige. He has dark black hair that has started to turn gray in some spots, again, due to his long travels. He has a stern face at first, but at a second glance he looks friendly. He also has a small black beard that is well kept and not messy.
    Personality: From his extensive teaching as a child, he is very well spoken and smart. He is confident and knows what he is doing most of the time. He is very ambitious and he loves to question common belief and find answers. He doesn’t take someone’s word for it and would rather find out for himself. Although he has learned many skills as a child he lacks perspective because he never got to see what other children were like and only sees things he way. He often lacks understanding of other people. He seems to be perfect because of his intelligence but his crucial lack of perspective is harder to spot.
    Background Story: Tortes was born in a small town fishing town in the old world. He was born to the mayor of the town’s family. Being the son of the mayor much was expected of him. He needed to be skilled at fishing, swimming and sailing. Much of his childhood was spent learning the skills needed to master those skills due to his father’s high expectations of him. With all the work he did, he was never given the opportunity to have a real childhood. He couldn’t play games in the water with other children because he needed to be taught by the teachers his father had been hired. Nevertheless, this made him extremely skilled at swimming, fishing, and riding boats. When he grew to be 18, he left his village in pursuit of perfecting his skills. Throughout the following years of his life he was taught by many wise and great teachers. He was recognized among sailors and fishermen as a highly skilled individual but was not recognized outside of that field. He then started to use his knowledge of the seas to go on long expeditions. He vastly explored the old land. He survived many dangerous monsoons and hurricanes to get to exotic and ancient places. The knowledge he had discovered attracted the likes of scientists as well. In fact he was headed towards one of his science partners when the core ruptured. Since he was near portal he was one of the first to get through. In this new world, he was not scared. Actually he was excited to see what this world had to offer.
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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs!
    Minecraft Username:keerplunk
    Have you every Beta tested any other server?Yes, many acutually. Twice on other servers and multiple times on my own.
    Why you should be a Beta tester? I have know you since the old Urbancraft, and I've always loved this server. I know how this server works and I would love to help get the server up and running. I am also very good at uncovering potential glitch's that can give many players unfair advantages.
    About Yourself: I know a lot about plugins, and the overall game of minecraft. I am responsible and trustworthy and fun at times.
    Do you have Skype? Yea, but you already have me on skype :)
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