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    posted a message on [1.7.4] Rainbow Xp Mod
    FINALLY, now xp doesn't seem so BORING.... and green....
    You should make the level text rainbow colored too ;u;
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    posted a message on [Surv] Posthistoric Survival 1_6
    I guess I'll try out the map. Looks interesting ^^
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    posted a message on (1.8.1) Old 1.7.3 Chests Mod!
    Quote from nkrisc

    If the opening animation of chests is a problem for you, you might consider not playing Minecraft on your toaster and on a real computer instead.

    My toaster has a dual core processor so it can toast like 3 pieces of bread at the same time without burning it.
    The toaster only has a 3 cell Li-ion battery so it can only stay powered for about 2 hrs without the charger.
    The GFX card is not the best though. Its got an Intel GMA 3150 graphics card and cant toast 128 X 128 bread.
    It burns on 64 X 64 sometimes soo yea.
    Also it doesn't have a CD drive, so it can read waffles.
    It has windows vista, which is pretty horrible so sometimes it burns the bread anyways.
    It will NOT play games like "Call of Bread: Modern Toaster" (The first Modern Toaster, not the 2nd) and won't play games like "Left 4 Burned" (again, the 1st one, not the 2nd one)
    It CAN handle game's like "Counter Toast 1.6" But those games are old.
    It can't play "Toastcraft" either so I see what you mean by we shouldn't play on our toasters.

    Oh well, at least my microwave oven can play those games.
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    posted a message on Server
    Quote from sythe511

    In my opinion, nobody under 15 years of age should not be playing Minecraft, or any other videogame that has an online community. The crazy punks join the forums, and post about how this and that of theirs is so amazing. It sickens me. :angry.gif:

    Will a Mod or Admin please remove this post? It is quite obvious that the original poster is an incompetent fool.

    Hey, im 13 and im not a idiot like this guy. :tongue.gif: I do hate people who DON'T know how to use the forums properly -.-
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    posted a message on WOAH WTF IS THAT!?!?!
    apperantly my friend said its a dead shrub.. i feel like a noob now...
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    posted a message on [Minecraft De-make PowerPoint Made] My N Craft (10,500+ DL's)
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