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    posted a message on [16x] [1.4.x] Squareswept Minecraft Semi-1.4 Update! Request Textures!
    You should update this. o:

    Edit: Okay then. You could post the link here, you know... ._.
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    posted a message on Animals won't follow or breed?
    Yeah, I had the same issue. Now you have to breed pigs with carrots. -.-
    AFAIK all the other animals still use wheat. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] iMod v4-2
    So... Many... iFags...
    I'm sorry, but no. Just, no. Good job on the mod, but I honestly think you should have made something better. You're definitely capable.

    Also, Android is NOT the Windows of phones. There are actual Windows phones and Windows is the Windows of phone operating systems. Android is the Linux of phone operating systems. (Because it's actually Linux-based. Hurrdurr. :3)

    (If this post came off as rude, too bad. I love you anyway. <3)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Blender Rig - Steve With Full Facial Expressions
    Do you think you could add back and shoulder bones? The arms being disconnected from the body when you raise them up high enough is annoying, but other than that this is great!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5 - 1.3] Neighborhood Islands [Survival] version 1.0
    Paradoxical rule number four... Does not compute. *short circuits*

    Anyway, nice work! I like this map.
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    posted a message on Surface Diamond?!?!?!
    Quote from b2zeldafreak

    If it was a generation glitch that made 2 real diamond ores at the surface then it would show up for anyone else generating your seed in 1.2 (or whatever version it generated in).

    The nature of minecraft's seeds is procedural, meaning that anything that gets generated will happen the exact same way every time for that seed. Assuming that somehow the seeding algorithm could glitch to make a diamond ore at the surface (which is still highly unlikely due to the fact that it's an unrelated part of the code) then you would probably see diamond at the surface in multiple chunks, and/or in repeated generations of the world.

    Otherwise you modified the code in some way, or else used some other manual means to place it there.

    Or it could just be a glitch that happened just one time? Idk. I'm tired of fighting to get people to believe when they aren't going to...
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    Quote from deathjaws89

    oi dumb dumb! just cause you "claim" this is real doesnt mean that people who dont believe it are idiots!

    Also, no matter how much you say that its a generation bug, that ain't gonna change the fact that people post stuff like this all the time just to troll others. And when so many people start to do it, it makes it harder to believe stuff like this when it may be true!
    So basicly, we are not saying you are trolling. we are just finding it hard to believe whether or not that your just another troll.
    (If you didn't really understand that then just think of it as the boy who cried wolf)

    I'm not saying eveyone who doesn't believe me is an idiot, I'm just saying that anyone who thinks that there is no possible way for this to be real is an idiot. -.-
    But yes, I completely understand why some people don't believe.
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    Quote from Ronar1

    its a chunk error likely.

    Look at the pic, its like the chunk was shifted up at a certain point. It isn't impossible.

    Minecraft stuff happens all the time. Stuff like Herobrine are stupid. But simple stuff like a chunk being generated a few layers high is not impossible.

    Someone with a brain! Yay! <3
    Now SOMEONE PLEASE close this, before we get more idiots claiming that "it isn't possible no matter what and everyone that says that it's a chunk error is wrong".
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    posted a message on Surface Diamond?!?!?!
    Quote from NobodyElse

    Red flag right here. Pics or it didn't happen.

    Diamonds are HARD CODED to spawn below layer 16 only.


    *rolls eyes*
    Ugh. Look on page 3 for a picture. :f

    EDIT: I meant page 2. D:
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    posted a message on Surface Diamond?!?!?!
    If someone wants to close this thread, feel free. It's getting nowhere. lol...
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    posted a message on Surface Diamond?!?!?!
    Quote from DED_HED

    I think I might have the answer.....
    Somemone placed it before they got LOGBLOCK/SWATCHDOG etc...

    You know, it would be nice if you could read the other comments first.
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    posted a message on Surface Diamond?!?!?!
    Please note, these replies are mostly in reverse-order. Older posts are replied to at the bottom. <_> (Mostly.)

    Quote from Wolfpax

    As to the effort you're putting into defending your topic, I've seen people do that on Herobrine threads, so that doesn't make it any easier for me to believe this.

    With your diamond, it may be a valid glitch, just we've seen so many people troll with stuff like this that it's extremely hard for us to believe that you're any different from the other threads trolling us about stuff like this. Your credibility suffers the worst from stuff like that and the ease of moving stuff, along with a couple issues with the thread.

    1. You claim vanilla, then you bring up using a /hawk command, which is not a vanilla command.
    2. You tell us no one has enough pistons, then later correct to no one has pistons at all.
    3. Server logs are a raw text file and easily edited.

    So, valid or not, you should just give up on it. There's no way you're going to be able to convince most of the people that think you're just a very determined troll.

    I actually did /hawk search and it turned up nothing because I forgot that the server was temporarily running as vanilla. <_>
    When I said that nobody was far enough along to have that many pistons, I was thinking that there would be dozens of pistons needed. None of us actually have any pistons.

    Quote from kirbypwnage

    Diamonds must be below level 15 for them to generate, this is fake.

    Seed and coords or it didn't happen.

    For the more than 5th time, It's a terrain generation glitch. People need to read the other comments... *facedesk*
    We've tried recreating it, and so have others with no results.

    Quote from Anhrak

    What co's? Or does the seed directly lead you to it.

    to all disbelievers: recall the post where was said this world was generated in 1.2. In that version, that glitch WAS possible ;) .

    Anyway, waiting for Co's. Seed has already been given.

    I dunno the coords, but you'd be wasting your time. :f
    But thanks for understanding how possible it is. >_<

    Quote from SRStark20


    Just because he presented "Console Logs" doesn't mean he didn't delete anything that would prove that this is complete and utter bull (aka GameMode changes or block spawning).

    I have no way of making you believe, so whatever.

    Have you ever taken into account that your friend in the photo has a troll face?

    LOL. He's not the one that found it though.

    Quote from KTrevlyner

    This actually happened to me and my friend 5 times in our map. It was in an extreme mountain biome, on large biomes. And me and him are basically RELIGEOUS on playing totally legit. Me and him have never ever cheated. Maybe this is just something that happens quite often in 1.3... Hmm


    But it doesn't happen "quite often" in any version. It's an extremely random glitch with terrain generation.

    Quote from Xnut

    I find that very hard to believe. Both the players in the screenshot have full iron armor on. So they have been mining for a while, do you really suggest that after getting enough iron to make a full sett of armor they would not have mined deep enough to find redstone?

    That is one thing, but the one taking the screenshot also have a full sett of iron armor on (I can tell by the 7,5 armor icons). In addition that player have a diamond sword (so that player have been below level 16 and thus deep enough to find redstone).
    The player also have an enchanted bow. To do this you need an enchantment table. To craft that you either need to find lava and have a diamond pickaxe (once again proving that the player have been mining deep), or the player have been raiding a lot of village chest in order to find obsidian blocks. The mining of obsidian with an diamond pickaxe is the most likely alternative.

    So your claim that none of you have been able to obtain the single piece of redstone that is required to craft a normal piston is very hard to believe. It's a lot easier to find redstone than it is to find diamonds.

    And even in the very unlikely case that none of you for some strange reason have not found even a single ore of redstone to craft the piston, the piston is still easily acquired by scavenging it from a jungle temple.

    Bottom line is that even if the logs are un-edited and it is true that no one have spawned in the diamond ore blocks, there are multiple other ways to place the diamond ore blocks there by only using legit features that the game provides.

    I didn't say that they were't able to make them. I just said that they didn't have any.
    and again, none of us had any silk touch picks at the time. But whatever you want to believe.
    Clearly I can't force you to.

    Quote from MrLoco

    I've heard that surface diamond is a sure sign of Herobrine being in the world.

    Since both are totally fake.


    Quote from Spy227X

    Could have been a joke by a mod or something (does MCEdit show up?)
    Wait, read ALL the comments, so this cannot be possible.
    Can i join the server?

    I'm the only one with access to the map folder broski, and I didn't do anything. lol
    You can apply for whitelist on our server here.
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    posted a message on Surface Diamond?!?!?!
    Quote from Xnut

    You would only need one single piston.
    All you would have to do is to find a diamond ore, place a piston below it and activate it with a redstone torch, remove the piston and move it up one block and repeat. After the ore is moved to the surface you can simply fill up the shaft with smooth stone.

    Well, none of us have any pistons. D:
    Quote from niels

    Its impossible for diamonds to spawn above layer 16, its coded that way

    Quote from kdude63

    With the many, many, many intricacies of the world generation code, there could very well be an extremely rare glitch that causes diamond to spawn on the surface.

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    posted a message on Surface Diamond?!?!?!
    Quote from vasouv

    Sure, 'cause this is the Internet and people don't lie! Or present "real" server logs!

    Come on...

    Yeah well it's your choice whether you want to believe me or not. I have no reason whatsoever to lie, and it would be completely and utterly stupid to make this up and back it so firmly.
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    posted a message on Surface Diamond?!?!?!
    Quote from dragontyron

    i am so heavily inclined to say its fake. yes, the only plausible explanation of it being a glitch is believable, at least a little, but i have no clue how it is possible for ore generation to glitch and place only one vein of diamond ore on the surface. i mean, all it does is randomly scatter them around from y-0 to y-16, it doesnt seem possible that the method can possibly glitch out.

    i'd say it is very clever lying on the part of someone you guys have not talked to yet. you could easily believe its true with all your heart, while the person who tricked you is laughing away.

    Well, I guess we'll never truly know. :f
    I doubt the latter is possible though because the only people that have been playing there are me, Austin, and leetfail.
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