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    posted a message on looking for someone to play in a server with
    anyone want to play in a four person max server?
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    posted a message on i create skins!!!
    i can easily make any skin requested. just message me a request and ill send you your skin with in a day.
    i will work tirelessly to make a skin acceptable to you.
    message me a request and consider it done.
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    posted a message on new clan- void assassins
    i am starting up this clan to help other people through getting on their server and killing and stealing items that may have been very important to them that were stolen by other miners in their server. easiest way to discretely steal items back without going to the extreme of banning players. This however is not the only job we are able to do. We are very flexible and will accept any sort of job asked of us. We may train up to two miners at a time. if any one individual does exceptionally well, they may rank up and even become a leader in the clan. First two acceptable applications sent in will be the first recruits.

    Fill out this application and message it to me

    Specialty- (mining, redstone circuitry, building, hunting, protecting city at night, varied)
    Time played in a week-
    Time zone-
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    posted a message on LLL
    PM me and ill see about joining
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    posted a message on Warriors of the dark
    Fill out this application to join:

    Job: redstone engineer
    Military job: demolitions expert
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    posted a message on MC Faction Wars (Faction-Cantis) Webpage [1.0.0]
    1)Have you ever been banned from a server?no
    2)How long have you played minecraft?1 month
    3)Do you enjoy building or moderating? or both? both. building a tad bit more
    4)What do you like to do in minecraft? traps, build mechanisms
    5)How do you describe your minecraft hobby? (aka building, mining, raiding, etc) building
    5)What is your in game name?kcismfof
    7)What is your favorite rule of ours?no greifing
    8)About how old are you? (teen, underteen, older than teen?)teen
    9)Are you new to minecraft servers? relatively
    10)How important is strict enforcement of the rules to you? very.
    11)What, in your opinion, stands out about our faction. What makes it special? seems less crowded and mature
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    posted a message on Skit based comedy series: people needed
    Name:kcismfof (kc)
    Country/time zone: U.S.A mountain time
    will you stay for a long time?:yes
    do you have any experience?:yes a lot of playing time
    your role in this:builder don't have pics of videos but i promise you wont second guess
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    posted a message on Technic Multiplayer
    Name/what i should call you:kc
    MC name:kcismfof
    How long you have been playing minecraft:1 month
    Why you want to join:dying to do multiplayer
    Country(in case of issues with lag): U.S.A
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    posted a message on NEED DUAL COMMENTARY PARTNER


    Minecraft IGN:kcismfof

    Microphone Quality(on scale of 0-10, 0 being no mic): 10

    Can you host? no :/
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    posted a message on Terrorvale | 24/7 | Towns | SMP | Bukkit | Whitelist | Iconomy |
    IGN: kcismfof
    Reason: love the concept and have never gone on multiplayer
    Building a town or joining one: joining
    Do you like economy?: very much so
    Number of hours played a week: haha possibly over twenty
    Greatest building:mob spawner trap with greenhouse and tons of cobblestone generators
    Have I read the rules?: yes
    What is the last bullet of the rules?: Steal wheat, break into people houses, and griefing is an autoban. Experienced builders only.
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