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    Quote from zombiepal

    Sorry if i am "retarded" according too you but i am young, plus you aren't my mother don't tell me what to do in life, I say what i want to say and you can shut the **** up.



    What do you mean youtube links?

    Actually, if you "saying what you want to say" involves telling anyone with any criticism to "shut the **** up" then your violating forum rules, usually I wouldn't bring that up but people like you really get on my nerves.
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    Since the new redstone block, tripwires came out, I've heard a few, okay, a lot of people call them useless, or, another pressure plate, but due to their ability to be placed in mid-air, and a unique property were webbed tripwires still activate the switches they are connected to in a straight line, tripwires have quite a few uses that are either not possible, or far more complicated.

    1. A jump detector, a device that sends out a pulse if the player jumps (this isn't restricted to 2 wide rooms, and can be up to 19x19). This device can also be used as a damage detector in adventure maps or minigames, as every time you get hit and do a little jump, it triggers the mechanism (also applies for mobs)

    2. A coordinate detector, while this could previously be done with spiders/wolves, a tripwire coordinate grid is much more reliable and works on every difficulty (so do wolves I know, but they require that you hit them first) this device opens up much in the way of redstone games/computers and interfacing with them.

    3.a falling detector/occupied minecart detector, this device will trigger if a player falls through it, but more importantly, since minecarts don't trigger them, this serves as a detector for whether the minecart is occupied.

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    posted a message on This map will show u the basics of building with red stone.
    We already have quite a few of these, so making a new one which doesn't look to be very stylized, or bring anything new to the table isn't needed. Slapping an ad.fly link on it is just adding insult to injury.
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    Quote from Pop3464

    Jeb should a kept Cocoa Bean Plants a Secret to see how long it would take people to figure out what the hell it is :P
    But, Its pretty fun trying to find out what the hell is behind the cover!

    about 10 seconds.
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    Somehow I doubt your any younger than I think you are.
    NPC villages are small collections of houses minecraft generates, which are populated by vaguely people looking creatures
    A brony is someone who watches my little pony and is above the intended age for the viewing audience of the show, myself included.

    Also, can someone move this to off topic or something?
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    i like!
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    you want a ring counter, grizdale has a nice design for one Here.
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    Quote from stennther

    like i said, the pistons would need to push your detector rail all the way across, otherwise it wont work. the size of the door is limited by how far a piston can push. 20x20 is too big.
    it isnt necessarily to big, while theres no way i could make this personally, 20x20 is only 10 for each side to push/pull, i know that it will require a huge bit of piston tape, probably a couple of tapes actually.... but its possible.
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    So I didn't really look at this thread past the first page, so I just went ahead and built something that is, in my mind close to a capacitor, but I succumbed to the temptation of using repeaters, basically, this little contraption takes a redstone charge from the input, slowly charges itself up, delaying the circuit, and will then hold the charge for a bit after its input is off, its override switch allows for the output to be toggled even when the device is charged up, again, I have only a loose idea of what a capacitor is, so i expect my device is barely even one, as it only holds its charge temporarily. anyways, here's a screenshot of the innards.
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    i have wives for sale
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