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    posted a message on Sburb Mod!
    I can help with coming up with a few ideas although cant code at all. I think that this is a wonderful idea in that I am an avid homestuck fan. I do have a few questions though, will you get your own land (i.e land of thought and flow, land of crypts and helium) and if so, how will the world generation work? will there be dream moons and will the dersite royalty be a thing? and I also think that there should be a good multiplayer aspect to it, since we probably all know how the 1 man session turned out. I do however know about how strenuous coding can be and I am not saying that these are things that have to be in the mod but it would make it insanely cool. I know that you have probably already thought of these things and are already thinking about them even before you read this. maybe this should be a modpack that simulates homestuck. that would be cool. thank you for reading my post if you did and I hope you take some of these things into consideration if you haven't already.
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