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Hello, i study Business and Information Technology. I like to make texture packs and mods for Minecraft and plan to eventually make something for the community. I also like to make modpacks privately and see what mods put together can make.

Old Bio:

I am 15 years of age and i love programming. I am an amazing artist and i love to draw Dragons and my fav Pokemon! C++ and Java are the two programming languages i want to know the most! Lua is the 3rd. In the future i wish to make a mod that makes minecraft even harder to play, reason being I'm a competitive player and i love competition! Even if its a game I've only played once, after i know the controls i boost the difficulty straight to hard! I wish to make lots of money from art and programming! I like Dragons! Tell me what you think about me!


I play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitively and play with top 10 players in my region frequently. I have many pets including cats, dogs and parrots. My baby, Harley, who is a 11 year old African Grey was my biggest step in Animal Care and i hope to continue caring for parrots as i love them very much. My dream bird is a Hawk Head, and i also dream to have an aviary with a fruit tree that homes cockatiels that loose their old homes. I want to provide them with fresh organic food and human interaction.

Old Bio:

I love to play League of Legends, Minecraft, Pokemon, and lots of other amazing popular games. But what makes me unique is my talents. im a combination of Artistic and Programming skills. i also have a creative side that alows me to come up with story's that a lot of people like! So basically, I can make my own video game, all by myself! It would take patience, effort, and a lot of thinking! Good thing i have friends that all have different interests to help me sketch my path to what may equal up to a idea that can fit more than one style!

I love game glitches, i like o figure out how they are caused and how to make them appear! Pokemon Red and Blue are some of my top games to glitch! It helps when you can use the memory viewer to access sudden changes!

I love dragons, they are my most fav mystical creature, and i have come up some really fun story's about them! I am very talented at drawing these horrific monsters! >:D

I like to rom hack!..

In Minecraft i like to make adventure maps and i love to host my own private server to have a good time with my friends!

I LOVE my friends! x3

Location Manitoba

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