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    Welcome to the Lunar SMP server.

    About the server

    The Lunar server is a semi vanilla 1.16.2 Minecraft server. We pride ourselves in the work we do as a community and the events we host every Sunday. The server keeps true to the Minecraft vanilla feel while having few plugins to make the playing quality better.

    Lunar SMP features a shopping district, spawn, active players/active admins, a great owner, mature players, heads, server map, discord, no mobgrief events and plugins. What makes our server the best is that there are NO resets and has NO pay to win.

    You can build anywhere while following the rules and don't worry about your base getting griefed we have rollbacks and anti-grief(this also includes items). We have very limited rules to keep the open to everyone's creativity, however we also would like to insure everyone's happiness and make sure everyone has fun!

    Personally I always have a great time on the server and it helps me escape reality. Everyone is nice and I get the resect and help I need.

    For the people who don’t like to read

    LunarSMP is a 1.16.2 Minecraft server/smp with a great community and events. Few plugins while still having Minecraft's nostalgic fell. No resets, no pay to win, active players and admins, respectful owner, mature server, dynmap, discord, few plugins, inventory and chunk rollback and anti-grief. We have few rules to make it as fun as possible.

    How to join. First of you Must join the discord and fill out the application sheet and submit it in the Whitelist Application Channel. If the admins deem the application good you will get interviewed and if you get approved you will be whitelisted.

    Application sheet:

    In-Game Name:


    Discord Tag: (Ex: name#1234)

    Where did you find out about us?:

    Why are you interested in joining?:

    What is your favorite thing about Minecraft?:

    Do you agree to our server's rules?:

    Some plugin are:

    /sit - you can sit on the ground, /home - teleports you to the latest /set home, /set home - sets your home and your respawn, /spawn - teleports you to spawn, /wv - lets you vote on the weather, /afk - makes you afk(will stop when you move), /tpa - lets you teleport to any given player online(colldown is 10min), /roleback - roles back a chunk or a inventory (only the admins can use), /co i - lets you see who has interacted with the object, /magic bottle - lets you store xp (must craft the item), /one person sleep - only one player needs to sleep to reset the day circle, /msg - lets you privately msg a player, /collor item name - lets you collor a item name in a anvil. We have more.

    The rules are

    1. No Griefing: We allow pranks as long as they are easy to clean up. Do not touch others builds without their permission.
    2. No Stealing: Pretty simple, don't take what isn't yours. We will have a shop system so don't take from shops either.
    3. No Building Close to Spawn: We have plans for spawn (shops), we can't have bases super close to it.
    4. Respect Others: We will not condone racism, bullying, threats, or blackmails of any kind.
    5. No Hacking: This includes x-rays, kill auras, auto swings and more.
    6. No Clients: No unfair advantages (ask staff or owner about what is and isn't allowed)
    7. Try to Avoid Lagging the Server: We understand some of us want huge farms which is totally allowed but try not to lag everything.
    8. Don't Abuse Bugs: Stuff like getting to the roof of the nether and breaking bedrock is fine. But dupeing for example is not allowed.
    9. And common scenes rules are enforced.

    Links and ip’s

    Server ip is Lunarmc.Apexmc.co

    Dynmap is http://lunarmc.apexmc.co:4252/

    Discord is https://discord.gg/ZYzVE4w

    Server owner: Orion

    Server admins: kneecoldd, Tinklestien, GrumblingHydra

    Editor: Minh

    Author: Minh2006

    Information: Orion

    Source: https://discord.gg/ZYzVE4w and Orion

    Date: 2020-10-30

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