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    The first time I ate a watermelon slice, and realized it only healed one heart.
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    Finished with 40 slime. Great map, I accidentally got to Note 2 before note 1 , but I backtracked and found my way. Great map, very fun.
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    Quote from Emichs

    This server was the worst server there is. The Ops don't care and are immature. The owner creates swastikas everywhere with Italy on it. Vegeta8les one of the main ops says racial remarks and doesn't care if the server gets griefed. The server ops are very unprofessional. Server is a waste of time.

    Don't care? Immature? You my friend are the immature one. You speak in all caps, constantly insult other players, disregard the admin position as if it were something you DESERVED.
    And now your spreading lies about our players? Vege tolerates racial jokes, he doesn't make them. Flo, the server owner made ONE swastika as an experiment, and that was before you EVER came on here.

    You don't deserve to be here, and if you post again i'm reporting you for posting slander against us just because you couldn't handle the responsibility of being an admin.

    EDIT- and then you changed it to look like you were being friendly!! this is too good!
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