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    Quote from bong_load

    just started a new semi-vanilla server. users will have a few handy essentials options (back.ondeath for example). looking for a small group of intelligent, cooperative, and 420 friendly individuals to get in and start building this community from the ground up. i have plans for future player limit expansions and anti griefing and hacking measures if they appear to be necessary. though i do not want to have to. i'll explain more when i get to the rules.

    i've noticed many servers with less than good admins and such. this will be a much needed break from the crap most servers put out. not to hate on all of em, there are great ones out there. if your looking to build a close helpful and trustworthy community then this is the place.

    - it should go without saying, but leave other people's stuff alone. ( give them room to build, don't enter homes/ farms/ mines without permission, don't break other people blocks, don't steal... )

    - caves are public. feel free to explore and mine them.

    - pvp is cool if both parties consent

    -maturity is expected. not saying you have to be over 18, but no one like an idiot.

    pretty basic, don't be a ****. i don't want to spend my time setting up and configuring plugins instead of playing, because people are dicks.

    so if your interested reply with the specified info below, and i will get you listed and shoot you the ip.

    Ingame username: kaoticb98

    Age: 22

    Why do you think you would be a good fit for our community?: i like to build stoner monuments and am very creative

    What is your favorite thing to do in minecraft?: make large random fun things to explore
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