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Level 10 Custom Map with Texture Pack

Doctor Who: Watch for the TARDIS! Adventure Map

Hotel Conquest Redstone Minigame

Winterglow Manor PVP

Texture Pack Test Map

Texture Artist Union

Ballaphros Rejuvenated Texture Pack - Originally by ditomonkey, continuation by me

Runeix Texture Pack

Bubbles and Blossoms Texture Pack

My Texture/Sprite Artist Resume:

Candy Mod by ThundaKlap - All Sprites by me

Expandicraft by grn_dog_72 - All Sprites by me

The Compressed Blocks Mod - All textures and Sprites

Better Dungeons - Pyramid Boss and Bees

The Breakfast Mod - Multiple GUIs and food items

If you want me to do some textures for you, be it a mod, co-operative texture pack, etc., you will need to give me a comprehensive list of what you want me to texture, tell me the block/item description, what it will do/where it is found/what you might want it to look like. Also, please make sure to specifically say that you want to hire me, as giving me a link to the thread doesn't help at all. I may or may not want to texture for you after the list is given, either because it appears too long, and I feel there is no way you would finish the mod, what you are asking of me is complex, complicated, and/or not explained very well, or other reasons not listed. Please follow this format, or I will refuse.

I DO NOT ASK FOR ANY PAYMENT. Credit is of course required, where it is due.

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