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    I'm looking for some help on making blocks that use different, randomized textures upon placement. Currently, I'm using megablocks to create varied textures, but I don't like the way they are implemented to create an easily identifiable repeating pattern. I want to be able to have one block that can take on the texture of 6 variations, instead of a block that starts a connectable pattern.

    Here is a short imgur album showcasing my creation vs the effect I'm trying to achieve. Is there anyway to do this without manually creating each block as a variant of each other and using Chisel? I'd love to reduce clutter and just have a blocks that can take on variants automatically.

    EDIT: I just edited the imgur album to showcase another problem with megablocks. As they're one texture contained on a block register (and only split when placed in a multiblock), the entire texture is presented on the in-hand model, as well as any blocks taking textures from my megablock (such as Carpenter's Blocks).

    It's obvious to me now that megablocks are not the proper implementation to what I want to achieve, but is it possible to have a singular block contain different textures and randomly choose between them? Is this possible in a connected texture block, or am I forced to create 6 different, individual variants of the blocks I want and just use Chisel?

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