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    posted a message on Command & Conquer 3!
    Leave me some feed back on what you think so far. Professional/Personal opinions.

    If you think I suck and should quit. Leave a comment!
    If you think kittens are adorable. Leave a comment!

    Anything helps, I am doing this for fun, and because I have turned into an insomniac.
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    posted a message on Command & Conquer 3!
    Playing through this old ass game and possibly the rest of the C&C series.


    Episode 1: Missions 1 & 2 GDI -
    Episode 2: Missions 3 & 4 GDI -
    Episode 3: Missions 5 & 6 GDI - UPLOADING NOW!

    Leave me some feed back if you will, I would greatly appreciate it! Comment on the video and here, I frequently check back.
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    posted a message on Mushroom island
    Just go exploring in creative until you find one. Hit Escape - Open to Lan / Allow Cheats: On / Start LAN World Done. Go explore.
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    posted a message on Crusaders Tower- Second Floor mental block.
    --Hey there peeps, I've hit an artists block about the second floor of the tower I am working on.

    --There is more detail (sorta) in the video. It's a minuet long filled with lot's of running around and vulgar words at the end.

    Tell me what you guys think in the description or here. I'm listening for ideas.

    --There is another topic here on the Yogscast site-

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    posted a message on Did the Skeletons/Zombies get a nerf?
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper

    Fixing their movement speed and allowing them to damage you while you're damaging them would be a great start.

    No, because that would just bring back horrible memories of trying to kill a zombie on a laggy server. Having them hit you and knock you back slightly would be even horrible, and extremely worse on a server that would already be laggy enough as is. That's not a great idea.
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    posted a message on | Arcadia Games | HUB 1.7.4 | Survival | Creative | Vanilla | Anti-Grief | Survival Games | Join + Play! | Forums |
    What is your Minecraft name? Kalidroms

    What is the recipe for a sign? (Serious Answer) One stick, Bottom Middle -- 3 planks across Top and Middle rows. Look to your right and there should be another box with an arrow to guide you to said box. Inside of that box is your design for a "Sign". Click on this image and magically you should have crafted a "Sign". Once you have your "Sign", you may place the "Sign" on the ground by bashing it in dirt; or by some incredible feat, stone, with your bare hands. Once you do this, a printable, magically but limited tablet will obscure your vision until you put words onto the demanding tablet. Once you have put your, "choice words" onto the tablet; it's needs have been satisfied and you may go on your marry-way. That is the recipe for the atrocity of what is called a "Sign". (Yes, it gives me much grief.)

    What do you intend to do in Arcadia Minecraft? I love to build mainly, I can provide recent pictures, even a video if you will. If there is anything I can provide, it's somewhat original content. I work with weird house designs. I call them weird because I cannot think of a better term for these type of houses that I usually build.

    Right now I'm bored with my single player world and most other games, so this will give me more motivation to start something new and finish it.

    Were you referred by anyone? No, just browsing the forum.

    Do you agree to abide by the Rulesand the BuildingGuidelines?(outlined on our website: arcadiagames.net) Read it all and agreed. Yes.
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    posted a message on the Brotherhood | RECRUITING BUILDERS & STAFF
    IGN: Kalidroms
    Age: 21
    Timezone/location: US East Coast

    Skype (N/A if not applicable, or personal): Will give if found acceptable. (Personal)

    Build experience: Down below.

    (Moved this one out into open waters using SPCommands. Liked the look better.)

    I've worked on it a little more since then, can give better angles if need be.

    This isn't much to look at as I am working on something on my off-time. I've worked on and I love fantasy medieval-ish type themes.

    Extra: I used to work for and play on an old server called The Land of Arithonia, my first role playing server ever. Though it's been nearly a year since the server went down, I wanted to try my hand again at a new fresh and one build it up. If this is anything like I think it is, I would be more than glad to help out.
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    posted a message on Im feeling The Minecraft Love
    Already suggested.
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    posted a message on Pyramid escape!
    No.. You don't provide the necessary pictures for us to see before hand, you won't get any downloads. I seriously don't understand how you people haven't figured this out yet.

    No pics, no clicks...
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    posted a message on Replygirl thread
    Leeching bitches. That's all I can say. Leeching Bitches.
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    posted a message on The problem with Golem heads
    Personally they are fine.
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    posted a message on Portal gun mod spotlight
    Gotta fix that link to the videos.
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    posted a message on a work in progress jusngle city
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    posted a message on If Villagers Could Talk... *Improved Voices* (Machinima)
    Apparently this video is unavailable.
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    posted a message on Starter Seed
    Quote from KLink92

    Pics please

    Why do you need pics for a seed you can type in-game without downloading anything... Just make a new world, you're not stuck on a 5 slot limit anymore... =/
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