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    posted a message on Dumbest Mistake you've made in minecraft?
    In the console

    Full server

    Everyone having a good time

    Wanted to type 'say hey everyone thanks for joining!'

    Instead I typed 'stop hey everyone thanks for joining!'

    Server = off
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    posted a message on [Survival 1.0] Madoshi PvP Minecraft Server - One Rule!
    Note the date+time of this post. 1st PvP Server on 1.0.

    Madoshi PvP 1-Rule Server
    (The first 1.0.0 PvP Server)

    Madoshi PvP Server Spawn Area

    The Madoshi PvP Server has but one rule: Don't hack or cheat. If you can't follow that rule, hit the back button now.

    Now that we've gotten that out of the way, hi! I've put together a simple PvP server on a dedicated (physical) box (up 24/7 except for extreme maintenance). You're invited to join if you like a simple, uncomplex PvP building environment. Choose to be good, or choose to be bad...the point is that you get to choose.

    Our core community consists of ex Asheron's Call players from the Darktide (the REAL Darktide..not the darktide MC server) PvP server. This server was originally stood up for them, and now its open to anyone who wishes to join. If you want to fight, hang around spawn and you'll get your wish. Otherwise you'll find that most people like to mine and build in groups, raid other groups, and spend time dueling at spawn.

    If you aren't used to a PvP server you may find your initial experience a bit rough. That's how we weed out the whiners from the players. :wink.gif:

    This is a fresh version of the original Madoshi Minecraft server, reset for Minecraft's release version! This is a permanent world and will not be reset again.

    If you do end up joining, give us a shout out here! Also, make sure to register at the forums and say hi. :smile.gif:

    Server IP:
    Community: Madoshi PvP Forums

    Server Specs: Tri-core 3.2GHz AMD, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 1TB SATA2 drives. True 100Mbit connection (none of that "unmetered" scammy crap) to a fault-tolerant Tier-1 multi-path internet pipe (Level 3, Cogent, Global Crossing, AT&T, Covad). The ONLY lag we've ever experienced was due to disk-write overhead, which has been drastically reduced by moving the map to RAMdisk. See this link for details.

    Update: 11/21/2011 - Added Bukkit and Essentials. The following commands are available to players:

    - afk
    - back
    - compass
    - depth
    - getpos
    - help
    - home
    - ignore
    - list
    - mail
    - me
    - motd
    - msg
    - portal
    - r
    - rules
    - seen
    - sethome
    - spawn
    - suicide
    - tpa
    - tpaccept
    - tpahere
    - tpdeny

    I don't know the guy in the suit. He photobombed everything.
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    posted a message on How do I delete my server?
    killall -9 java
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