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    posted a message on Will playing without mods be worth it to me.
    It really varies heavily person to person. The way you describe yourself as already knowing the basics of Minecraft from console, as well as greatly enjoying Starbound and Terraria's large amount of content, you would likely enjoy modding straight away. No sense in replaying what you've already done on console when there's always more to explore!

    The other thing to consider, instead of playing a heavily modded Minecraft, is to play with others on a multiplayer server that's something more than simple vanilla. You get more content than vanilla, certainly, but it's a different type of content than you'd see from mods. Personally, I enjoy this much more than mods (similarly to you, I feel like vanilla doesn't offer enough, although in my case it's from almost 5 and a half years of playing Minecraft).

    But, again, it's all up to the person. You could always just do both! Nobody's stopping you!
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    posted a message on The secret history of Minecraft. (with proof)
    I'm gonna come here also to mention that I distinctly remember when JTE's custom server, that very first one, was being worked on. In fact, I recall being there day 1 or so when first testing it publicly. If I recall, I was one of the first people on it, and was apparently (by some lunacy) able to convince JTE to let me have an op/admin role for a bit to test somethings out (AKA have fun). In my younger and childish ways, I made him angry by continuously spamming golden block pyramids, and he revoked the rank. That was my experience with JTE. (Remember me at all? I'd expect not.)

    The entire experience was significantly different in those days. I remember when the server I played on was up continuously for a few days, all those free players he mentioned would constantly join since it was the top of the list. You'd have to disable the heartbeat somehow or just restart the server to make it even remotely playable again.

    Forums here were significantly more of a community. You knew a bunch of people by name. JTE, remember when Zuriki put up that small server and only sent invites to well known people? To get access, you had to be vouched by someone. You very well might not due to the disagreement between y'all (which Zuriki was always doing... dude had some people relations issues I'd say). I remember getting on that thing and building a submarine. I remember talking to Notch on some random server I went on once. I remember meeting people in game and being like "Hey, I know you from the forums! Seen my name before?", and a not insignificant amount of time, the answer was yes.

    Oh, good times. Thanks for the reminder of those good old days, JTE.

    EDIT: For example... reading through all the responses, I recognize LG_Legacy's name there. Hi!
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    posted a message on Biltmore Estate - Largest House in America! (+download)
    I started making the Biltmore way back in classic days, but never got around to finishing even the exterior. I was simply not good enough then. Fast forward about a year, I see someone else trying to make it. Couldn't let this happen; this was my build! So, I cracked down and started a completely new Biltmore build. The exterior is about 97% finished, and the interior is about 1% done. Chances are I won't be doing anything more to this, so, I figured I'd share what I have.

    If I ever were to get back to it, I think the first thing to do is actually terraforming/landscaping, not the interior.

    Don't judge me too much on the picture quality, aye? My computer ain't good enough to load all the chunks you need for a full view.

    Edit February 4, 2014:I'm kinda sorta back. See this post: http://www.minecraft...0#entry28670451

    Edit July 8, 2012:I'm working on the interior again, except now I'm doing it on a Tekkit server so I can get tiny blocks. Look at the end of this page for more info.

    The Real Thing:

    The Minecraft Build:

    The texture pack is one I created myself awhile ago. Met with utter failure here, but I still like it.
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    posted a message on The KaiserCorp HQ v2 [WIP]
    New News:
    • Worked a ton on the entrance hall today. Added stairs, ceiling, lighting, and TV lounge. Pictures have been added. It lags a TON when toggling lights!
    Old News:
    • As a note: All of the build is heavily wired for lighting. The grounds have a separate circuit, the exterior has a separate circuit, and the most difficult part: Each and every room has a separate circuit. Trying to fit a flip flop and 2 separate circuits into a wall with about 3 blocks of space is something else, especially when you're me and have zero redstone experience, for the most part.
    • Very much a work in progress; not even finished with the facade. I figured I'd get some pictures up now. What's currently done is about half the height, a quarter the length of the full expected build, at least. Located on the McBlocks Creative server (c.mcblocks.net).
    Full Picture album (58 pictures): http://imgur.com/a/qckrf

    Overhead view:

    Side towers:

    Facade view:

    Entry hall ceiling:


    More large house builds by me? Yes please! http://www.minecraft...iltmore-estate/
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    posted a message on What is the pluggin like lockkit
    Quote from Blainyckz

    But instead of placing a sign on chests/furnaces what have you when you try to use it it says "this is locked by a magical spell"

    You are looking for LWC: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lwc/
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    posted a message on Whats your projects?
    I always have to wonder, when people say they're replicating a city, if they know just how big a real city is?

    Anyway, I am currently working on this: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1214315-the-kaisercorp-hq-v2-wip/
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    posted a message on Plugin suggestions
    So, new to Bukkit, aye? Awesome!

    Well, first off, what's the exact name of your permissions plugin? "Permissions" is very old and outdated; I highly recommend PermissionsEx (PEX). Also, instead of Essentials, I'd definitely suggest Commandbook. WorldEdit is a great tool, and it goes very well with WorldGuard. If you're planning to use any sort of economy, I'd recommend iConomy as the original and most supported economy plugin. A lot of people enjoy using Dynmap to see their world in real time in the web browser. Now, it's also pretty standard to have some sort of logging plugin; I'd recommend either LogBlock or HawkEye (or, when Guardian is released, go with that, definitely). If you're looking for a more efficient server, I recommend either Ptweaks or NoLagg; each drastically reduces RAM usage (in my tests), but using them together will rape your CPU.

    Now, these are just some basics very useful to running a server. There are tons of very fun plugins out there to try! Just go through the Plugin Releases board on the bukkit website.

    Good luck to you!

    Edit: A few I forgot. Tele++ for a very, very nice teleporting setup, and xWarp for (in my opinion) the easiest and most feature filled warp setup. If you're planning for multiple worlds, Multiverse is the way to go.
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    posted a message on Server Help - I can't reach my own server, but my friend can?
    I've found that sometimes you can connect via your internal IP, "localhost", or your external IP when one of the other two won't work. Try all three of those.
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    posted a message on [Showcase] Creations of Dadminz *update 16 @ 08.04 *
    Dadminz, these are amazing. I think what stands out best about your builds is the fact that you can make large spaces not feel empty. Many people love to build huge things, as you've done here, but few can surpass the level of huge-but-empty. That is a testament to your skill. Do continue to build; and do continue to give us pictures to feast our eyes upon!

    I do await the time when I can come see these myself. Good work.
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    posted a message on Need a FLY mode SMP server Bukkit
    Quote from ethernity4ever

    Hi, I searched and searched I just cant find a good fly mode for MP bukkit, or the local one that works on MP, wichever I found are kinda bad because you cant be still in the air! I need something like single player commands fly mode but that works in multyplayer Please HELP! :sad.gif:

    Both Zombe's client mod and MyCraft client wrappers work in multiplayer and offer flight.
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