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    posted a message on Clone Large Structures (CLS) - I found no viable way to do this in minecraft or other programs, so a friend and I made one!

    Clone commands in minecraft only work in 32x32x32 cubes. The code me and my friend made allows you to generate a list of clone commands that will clone the whole of the structure, and additionally we made a tutorial on how to have it all happen with one command. Its not the most efficient, nor the easiest, NOR the most elegant - however I was unable to find working methods out there. All command block command combiners seem to be outdated, mcedit is outdated, and if you want to do this in snapshots or new releases, mods are outdated. As long as clone commands work the same way, this will not be outdated.

    Google Doc on how to do it

    forgive me, I'm not used to these)

    Hope you all enjoy! If anyone makes a better version, let me know just so I can use it too heh, and if you can credit us if there was any inspiration given :)

    **A tldr on how it works,** it seperates out the volume into small cubes that clone commands can clone. This tutorial also shows you the very easy baseline on how to put this into a datapack to function in the world.

    [Made for java edition]

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