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    Quote from gypsyblackmagic

    This is a game matey. A freshly cut tree burns just as well as one thats been drying in the nether for a year. Your point is irrelephant.

    only to someone living in a tightly nit imaginary world my friend.....

    Enough with the pleasantries! You have exhibited far more incompetence than the theoretical normal persons would tout. Begone with this absurdity as you are getting nowhere with this blasphemous talk of imperfect redstontry, it is high time you pack your bags and be done with the un doing of your own audacity.

    It is bliss and ignorance that veils your eyes, or my own extreme arrogance murking my perception, either way you are coming off as a stark idiot in my honest opinion.
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    posted a message on What is the most important tool?
    Quote from dragozing

    Me and my freinds were talking about wich tool is the most important. We couldent agree. So in our conclusion, we have decided to post a topic on the forums on wich one is better.


    1. write wich type of tool is the best.
    2. type why you think it is the best.
    3. Post it!

    1. your brain.
    2. because without it you can not use any other tools.
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    posted a message on Falling Trees? OH MY GAWD!
    a tree falling over would squish your character into the ground, suffocating them like when stuck in gravel. possibly leaving a Steve shaped hole in the ground haha. No slopes, but you displace blocks over a slanted surface, it would just look much like Minecraft.

    Plus if it's an entity destroying it with any log block would make for cool realism.
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    posted a message on Lawsuit Filed Against Mojang - This Time, For Obscure Patent
    Quote from NeoRetro10K

    If this doesn't get thrown out immediately, I'll be effing amazed.
    1. Mojang owns nothing by the name of Mindcraft.
    2. "a system and method ... for preventing unauthorized access to electronic data stored on an electronic device" - sounds like "password authentication system" to me. Which have been used for as long as computers have existed, which is longer than Uniloc.
    3. The fact that Uniloc has sued 73 companies makes it clear that they are, simply put, parasites without a case.

    Well, I would agree with you, but legal teams usually do not take action on a case unless there is credible evidence to believe that they will garner profits from the case, unless Uniloc's legal firm likes to take constant gambles on their reputation of winning every case, they are banking on something we do not know.
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    posted a message on Loophole to talking about... "him"
    Quote from LindsayBrookee

    i think it's silly they mention him through news and skins (herobrine removed - playxbla) yet if the community mentions him on the forums, OH HELL THAT IS JUST NOT ALLOWED.
    i think just talking about him or sharing your creations of him (your shrine) should be allowed but **** like "OMG GUIZ LOOK HEROBRINE I SAWZ HIM" threads should be removed.

    another rule that is silly, you are not allowed to post meme or photo replies... you get an infraction yet you can have a name calling argument with someone and nothing is done about it... really? lol.

    I agree, also, there are other rules that are pushy, such as a "wrong section" post infraction I received. or one word posts, or like you said meme or picture posting. All of these rules are what is considered being a control freak in common place society.
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    posted a message on Thin trees revived!
    Actually, with all the ideas put aside, the aesthetics of the thin tree are very nice, I think it would give a great variety that people are looking for in their planes and forest biomes.

    The thinness of the tree in a dense forest situation would give an offset great enough to give a wide array of forest uniqueness.

    Imagine this tree growing from a sapling, and later earning it's full fledged identity, Bonemeal to a sappling could cause it to become a Thin tree instead of a full tree.

    bonemeal to a thin tree creates a full tree.

    now on to the problem of the idea here, when you place four sapplings of junglewood together, and you bonemeal, do you get a giant "thin" jungle tree or...

    Mainly I believe Bonemeal is too over powered as is, and therefore should be balanced,
    a giant tree farm can take as little time as eating a cake to farm.
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    posted a message on Thin trees revived!
    I kinda agree with your second post, punching a meter long tree is rather odd, I am used to it, but always thought it a bit off.

    I almost think thin trees should be the middle stage between sappling and full all out tree, the world generator would then throw a mix of trees at every stage of growth, as is in real life.

    The thin tree would take less time to harvest as I believe the large tree should remain punchable.
    The thin tree would drop two sticks and maybe one block of wood, creating the perfect tool function.

    You could take the block of wood, burn it in a furnace and you have charcoal for a torch, or use the wood for plank and get any tool you need.
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    posted a message on Stronger Lighting?
    Quote from Neospector

    You have floor lighting (in the form of torches, which isn't really floor lighting, but I'm going to ignore that. The OP does not have floor lighting. That is why his building looks bad.

    Again, if placed properly, you can have far more than 5 light sources in an area. It all depends on how you place them; if you place them completely visible like you have, it'll look worse than if they're placed in the wall:


    As opposed to this:

    Lighting is fine, people just whine about, yes actually, a little extra effort to plan out your structure.

    No, my floor lighting is recessed glowstone under a block of fencing, powered by a submerged redstone torch.

    The example on the right shows a typical floor light, extended above ground for diagram purposes with the fencing above, it allows access of the light to the floor, and the fencing provides a buffer for the light block, so you don't wander around and see an ungodly amount of light emmiters.. The example on the wall shows you how my recessed lighting is displayed. And finally on the ground, you see my floor light submerged in the ground.

    These lights encompass almost 90% of my village, at almost every corner of a building, or behind a wall to obscure the viewers direct line of sight.

    so no, torches are not my floor light, I did not take a lackadaisical approach to lighting my town, the torches signify a lack of light level in the area and are a "hotfix" or patch so to speak, until I can design an appearance friendly light source.

    I am an electrician, and if I had to come up with a similar lighting system in real life, I'd kill millions; if you told me everything was anything but SNAFU.
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    posted a message on Here we go: 12w22a is out
    Quote from Shaohs

    Wait so is adventure is really the only new thing in this
    Goddammit Jeb

    that is a presumptuously idiotic approach to understanding this Snapshot.

    did you miss the fact that mining ore and smelting ore give XP? or that World Generation received an update to the jungle region? or the fact that Enchanting has been overhauled?

    The better question would be, did you actually read this snapshot info before making this post?
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    posted a message on Are you ready?
    Quote from Glock_G20


    The bottom line is it's coming... are you ready?

    take your doomsday rhetoric somewhere else you end of the world junkie.
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