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    posted a message on What block do you use the most?
    creative: Bedrock.
    Survival: cobble.
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    posted a message on Cheese?
    it's nothing. They want to read all the ideas and then put the best one in for the item :P

    I think it's a Pot Pie, with wheat, potatoes, carrots, and steak, put it in a bowl and wallah!
    also could be considered Shepards Pie!

    (optional bucket OR vial of water to give the pie moisture)
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    posted a message on Fix Redstone
    Quote from gypsyblackmagic

    Your post violates the forum rules. I am dissapointed that you have not taken the time to learn them yet. Please read the rules as imageposts are FORBIDDEN. DO NOT EVER violate forum rules on one of my threads again. I have reported your post as per forum rules.

    Your Original Post is in violation of Minecraft Forum Policy,
    I am very disappointed that you have not taken the time to learn them yet.

    here is where you violated the rules:
    Already Suggested Ideas
    • Making a suggestion without searching IS against the rules and you CAN be given a warning for it.
      • Note: If you see an old thread that is about the same thing as you wanted to make a thread about, you are allowed to post saying that you like it, regardless of how old the thread is.
    • If you see a suggestion that has been made before do not respond to it. Report the suggestion with a link to the thread you think it is similar to.
    • Staff gets the final say on if an idea is unique enough to warrant it's own thread. We also reserve the right to move, lock, hide, or merge any redundant suggestions.
    Redstone has been suggested to be fixed in the manner you have described in this very topic, please use the search function before creating a topic as this can be a infraction able offense.
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    posted a message on Fix Redstone
    Quote from gypsyblackmagic

    This is a game matey. A freshly cut tree burns just as well as one thats been drying in the nether for a year. Your point is irrelephant.

    only to someone living in a tightly nit imaginary world my friend.....

    Enough with the pleasantries! You have exhibited far more incompetence than the theoretical normal persons would tout. Begone with this absurdity as you are getting nowhere with this blasphemous talk of imperfect redstontry, it is high time you pack your bags and be done with the un doing of your own audacity.

    It is bliss and ignorance that veils your eyes, or my own extreme arrogance murking my perception, either way you are coming off as a stark idiot in my honest opinion.
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    posted a message on Fix Redstone
    Quote from gypsyblackmagic

    Enough power to short itself out? Wouldnt this create heat? Heat then causing a fire?

    heat burning a living tree? have you tried burning a freshly cut tree? probably not. I guess people have been drying their wood for no particular reason.

    And really, you want the game changed where 26 million plus accounts will ALL have to EXTENSIVELY edit their worlds JUST so you can understand one aspect of a game is a little more than selfishly asinine. And they seriously will have to destroy their ENTIRE creations and start over from scratch.

    I mean, do you not see the stupidity in this request?
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    posted a message on What is the most important tool?
    well, without that famous Minecraft Hand, you can not acquire a pickaxe, you can not hold a pickaxe, in fact you can not acquire anything at all without your blocky little HAND!
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    posted a message on What is the most important tool?
    Quote from dragozing

    Me and my freinds were talking about wich tool is the most important. We couldent agree. So in our conclusion, we have decided to post a topic on the forums on wich one is better.


    1. write wich type of tool is the best.
    2. type why you think it is the best.
    3. Post it!

    1. your brain.
    2. because without it you can not use any other tools.
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    posted a message on i think jeb is trying to make us play a certain way
    So why not implement a far better XP distribution algorithm. Let's say if 80% of the damage a mob receives was from falling impact damage, -80% xp is removed from the mobs drop table, until it can regenerate and float a new set of numbers? ( of course factoring things like whom lit the TNT that destroyed a Mob.)

    If player B hits a Skeleton for 50% of the skeletons hearts, and player A finishes the skeleton for another 50% hearts, a 50/50 experience split is divided to both players.

    and hows a bout an update to the way mobs are spawning, it seems very sporadic when I was under the impression mobs are to spawn at a certain distance away from you.

    Some Ideas would be;

    Zombies / skeletons pop up out of the ground, creating particles flying everywhere, and only appear when there is a player no less than 30 blocks away, preferably behind a solid block or two of the players field of vision.. just some ideas.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w36a Ready For Testing!
    Quote from King Korihor

    I am not speaking for Jammy, but I am speaking as a mod developer and I realize the time and effort that it takes to put this kind of stuff together. If there is something I've put hundreds of hours worth of work trying to develop (that is a modest estimate for almost any mod worth mentioning and calling a "popular mod"... some mods have taken literally thousands of hours to develop), I at least want to get some sort of acknowledgement if some of that is being copied by somebody else... including by Mojang.

    No, I'm not going to get over this. You and others say I shouldn't talk legal mumbo jumbo, but the fact is that laws do require this kind of acknowledgement too and if this isn't dealt with in an honest and caring manner can erupt into a legal mess that will make everything associated with modding to get ugly.

    Some acknowledgement has happened to mod developers in the past where their content was incorporated into the game. I'm just asking for consistency when it happens again. As for if Jammy was the first person to come up with mounting heads on posts or on the wall of various creatures you have slain, I haven't done a proper survey of previous mods to find out. What I do know is that it is a currently active mod that is used by a great many players, and as far as I can tell the only mod which does something like that besides this new content that was just added.

    lol your legal grounds are a joke, you do not own the copyright to the materials being "stolen" in fact you agreed to the terms that Mojang has provided. your argument that they have to acknowledge the modders creation is fallacious. they did not take the Mods programming and implement it into the game. They simply, from scratch, create code for it themselves. So to claim they have stolen someones idea is not going to work here, as even if they got an idea from a forum that they own, they still had to turn this idea into useable code, using their own creativity to make it happen. It's time to take legal action or its time to get off your soap box, I will be watching the news for your legal case, albiet a swift process.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w36a Ready For Testing!
    Quote from King Korihor

    The problem with a failure to give credit for their work is that it may even be considered a violation of copyright. That would be something for a bunch of lawyers to take up,

    ..........................................It takes a Copy-written Material in order to violate a copyright law, in fact what country/lawyer group would you surmise is going to hold responsibility of upholding a mod? no one, in fact you are completely wrong. The mods have no copyright, therefore Mojang is not infringing upon anyone's rights.

    Unless you mean it the other way around, there are no laws that protect someones thoughts, ideas, creations. UNLESS you file to have those rights, and a judicial system intends to uphold that right.

    I see no mods EVER and i mean EVER getting copywritten. You are working on Mojangs medium in the first place, Mojang should be sueing modders for infringing their rights.
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    posted a message on I'll Make You a Wager
    So. From what I am getting this is a Formal Rage post of people who Rage post?

    I am going to have to quote Article 2 of this very topic;

    I feel the following rule has been broken.

    Expressing little more than negative opinions for something without giving any logical reasons why.

    This topic does little more than express a negative opinion of rage posters, and provides little logical evidence of its ability to do so.

    • Failing to put the post's content into perspective by adding a poll or honestly asking the opinions of others.
    • Typing a single-paragraph wall of text rendered almost unreadable by a stream of typos, misspellings, poor grammar, and caps.
    • Over-use of caps.
    I feel the need to point out the following rules have been broken by Cadika_Orade.
    There is a lack thereof a Poll for perspective to provide equal opportunity of both sides to share their thoughts.
    While the OP is not a "Single-Paragraph" it does constitute a "Wall of Text".

    There is no pre defined context of the rule "Over-Use of caps." where-in there are an abundance of capital letters in the OP statement one can only surmise that you have breached this very rule.

    Please omit fixture to your topic before further relevance on topic can be supported on a more stable platform.
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    posted a message on New use for Emeralds and Blaze Rods
    Quote from Admantus

    But the thing is, emerald is practically useless. Having it being used as tools and armor makes it more useful. And saying that there are already enough ores that can be made into armor or tools is ********. I'll even ask jeb.

    chill out, no one else is using terms like ********.

    I agree with you, but its the way that you do it, that gets people to agree with you. this thread is going to die, can we all agree on that?

    I'd start another one that is a bit more diplomatic, informational, interactive, and gets the crowds attention.
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    posted a message on Why do Villager emotions have to be more PARTICLES?
    Quote from cadika_orade

    Perhaps you would like to make a mod to demonstrate how obviously easy this would be?

    Adding enough details to the models to do what you ask would be almost impossible.
    Animated textures is being explored by MCPatcher, but it is buggy and looks terrible.

    LOL impossible... tell that to the ghast...
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    posted a message on 12w32a Snapshot Ready for Testing
    Finally I can take my Signature down!
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    posted a message on Redesigning Snow Biomes [Snowfall, Arctic Biome, Concept Images]
    Quote from Eraed


    Nice idea you have here, but I had one question that keeps coming to mind...

    its a bit silly, but why do you spell SNOWCRAFt with a lower case "t" in your banner?
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