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    I've got 11 packs (skin, texture etc.) that I bought in the PS4 version of the game, before the bedrock update. I reinstalled the game after a while and logged into the bedrock version, my skins were there, then I logged out, my skins were gone. I logged back in and they're still gone. It all still works if I go back to the old version but if I can never use any of my packs on the new version again I wasted a lot of money.

    I've tried: reinstalling the game, repurchasing the packs (just leads me to the token purchase page), deleting saved data. In the PlayStation Store it says they're all installed/owned, in the Minecraft store it says I don't have any of them. I have all my receipts and proof I do own the packs on the PS4 version, is there something I need to do to retransfer them?

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