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    Hey! I was hoping to apply for Administrator or Moderator. If neither positions are open, that's fine though, I'd mostly just like to help the server. My experience as being staff is sort of weird, as I've been being part of a lot of different staff teams since I was 11. However, none of these servers were very big at all, the biggest getting about 40 players one time, but usually around 20-25 (I was an Admin on it). So despite the fact I've worked on many servers, I don't think it's much of an accomplishment or qualification. I haven't been part of a staff team for a while now, and I'd love to join one again, to expand the server and its community. I don't mind at all if there is no payment offered as that is not why I'm looking to becoming staff. I'd be extremely active as I do school online (not quite home school though). Because I have ~no life~, I'd say I would be active about 7-10 hours a day, or 60-70 a week. I would say I'm good at managing overall as well, in terms of advertising, hiring staff members and reviewing applications, and thinking of new ideas for the server. Thank you!

    - Eight

    Discord: King8ight #2119

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