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    Xen SMP

    Hello, I am the owner of Xen SMP. This is a small Non-P2W survival server. It was recently reset and is currently in-need of players.


    I am not necessarily in-need of staff at the moment. I will be willing to appoint active and friendly players to staff positions if needed. Right now, simply getting some players on is my main priority.


    I've set up a basic Tebex store to allow people to donate for COSMETIC ONLY perks. Things such as particles or pets are available individually or you can get all the cosmetics bundled up to save a few dollars. These donations go towards maintaining and improving the server.


    Before the server was reset, I was attempting to hold weekly events such as movie nights, among us, etc. I will be planning on doing the same. Once enough people have joined and are willing to participate in events, I'll have a poll for the best time to do events as well as what events we will do.


    The server is currently whitelisted due to it being a small community. If you are interested in being whitelisted, reply with this application:

    In-game Name:
    Why you want to be whitelisted:

    Additional Information

    Server IP: xensmp.net
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    posted a message on (Attack on Titan Server) 👉Looking For: [Developers, Admins, Mods, Helpers, Testers]👈

    My discord is XenVoltz#5879, I am very interested in helping out.

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    IGN (In Game Name): XenVoltz
    First Name (Optional): Victor
    Age: 17
    What position are you applying for?: Moderator
    What would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for maturity?: 8-9
    Do you have any previous experience as a member of your applied position?: Yes I do
    Do you have any plugin knowledge pertaining to your position?: In terms of basic moderation, yes.
    Do you have any coding or experience (not required if applying for something other than Developer)?: I have some experience with JavaScript and basic Discord bot development.
    What can you do to help the server?: I can help moderate on the server, help setup and maintain the Discord/Minecraft server, and I can help out with other tasks. I've been home a lot lately, so I have quiet a bit of free time on my hands.
    Why do you want this position?: Attack on Titan is one of my favorite animes and I think it is a really cool concept for a Minecraft Server.
    Any previous example of builds, projects, etc. (For Builder or Developer)?: I have a testing server with three bots I have created. I can give you the invite via DM.
    Please state any additional information you may think is important: My discord is XenVoltz#5879.

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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    NAME: Victor

    AGE: 17

    IGN: XenVoltz

    DISCORD: XenVoltz#5879

    POSITION OF CHOICE: Administrator/Moderator

    WHY CHOOSE YOU: I can contribute to the server by moderating, assisting in server/discord maintenance, and helping with any other basic tasks. My skills also extend into basic front-end web development (HTML& CSS and JavaScript) and basic discord bot development. In my opinion, I would say that I am a pretty mature and professional person and I have pretty good leadership skills. I've been playing PC Minecraft since around 2012-2013 and I have a good amount of knowledge about the game. For the most part, I am very active on Minecraft.

    PAST EXPERIENCE (IF ANY): I have served as a staff member on many Minecraft servers, but mostly as an admin or mod. More detail can be provided upon request.

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    Sounds interesting!

    My discord is XenVoltz#5879

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    I am still in the planning phase of starting a server and I need some sort of co-owner. My plan is to make it a survival server and then expand into a network after gaining a playerbase,


    - Must be at least 16

    - Must have a microphone & be able to speak

    - Must be mature

    - Must be able to provide some (not all) financial contributions

    - Must be opened to new ideas

    - Must be able to work with a team

    - Must be dedicated

    - Must have basic knowledge of configuring plugins & server commands

    - Must have some sort of experience as a staff member

    Preferred, but not required:

    - Be able to work with a linux server

    - Know how to code (JavaScript, Java, HTML & CSS, PHP)

    - Know how to work with databases

    - Have owned or managed a minecraft server

    Some of the things I already have:

    Discord Server (Not fully setup & subject to a lot of changes) - https://discord.gg/Pv2c7e9
    Domain Name (Could be changed due to a name change) - https://xenuniverse.net

    Minecraft Server (Hosted via PebbleHost) - play.xenuniverse.net

    VPS (Already hosting a basic website and discord bot)

    If you are interested, please contact me via Discord


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    Hello Everyone,

    I am the owner and founder of Xen Universe. The server needs staff before I can continue development. What is mostly needed at this point are builders, developers, and a manager. Other positions are available as well. The server has not been released yet, but you can join the discord and receive updates on the progress of the server. There is no application as of right now, but you can message me on Discord if you are interested. Be prepared for questions pertaining to the position you wish to fulfill.

    If you have any questions that are not answered by this thread, please contact me via Discord @ XenVoltz#5879

    * Please note that all positions are volunteer



    - Must be at least 14 years of age

    - Proof of building skills

    - Capable of working with others

    - Able to attend an interview via voice call

    - Must be at least 14 years of age
    - Knowledgeable of basic server commands
    - Willing to attend at least a text interview
    - Able to be constantly active on discord (Via phone or computer)
    - Good communication skills

    - Must be at least 15 years of age
    - Be able to take videos and/or screenshots
    - Capable of working and communicating with others
    - Have a premium Minecraft account
    - Willing to attend an interview via voice call
    - Previous experience as staff

    - Must be at least 16 years of age
    - Fulfill moderator requirements
    - Previous experience as a moderator or admin

    - Must be at least 16 years of age
    - Must be able to be constantly active
    - Must have experience in same or similar position

    - Must be at least 16 years of age
    - Must know Java
    - Must be able to configure and create plugins
    - Must have have at least one project or portfolio

    Positions Available

    BUILDER (0/∞)
    - As the position name entails. Builders create custom builds for the server. This is not a staff position.

    HELPER (0/5)
    - This position is mainly for creating a connection with new players. Helpers are expected to greet new players and assist them in any way. As a helper, you are expected to be mature, professional, and speak properly.

    MODERATOR (0/2)
    - This position is in-charge of most in-game and Discord moderation. Along with helpers, moderators are expected to communicate with new players and help them out. Moderators will maintain peace on the server by stopping flame wars, spammers, hackers, etc.

    - Administrators do some in-game moderation, but mostly assist the manager(s). They are in-charge of sifting through the applications for the manager to review, denying any applicant that doesn't meet the requirements or is obviously not a good candidate. This position will also be assisting with advertising and possibly server configuration. They pretty much help out with anything the managers need help on.

    MANAGER (0/1)
    - The manager is pretty much second-in-command. Managers will be in-charge of recruiting, interviewing, advertising, and staff related issues. Along with that, they are expected to be extremely active and dedicated to the server.

    DEVELOPER (0/∞)
    - Developers will be overseeing the development of the server and creating, configuring, and maintaining plugins.

    Additional Information

    Discord: https://discord.gg/Pv2c7e9

    Website: https://xenuniverse.net (Under construction)

    Server IP: play.xenuniverse.net (Whitelisted)

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