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    posted a message on 1.14.4 Mature Vanilla Survival Server (Whitelisted | Discord | Dynmap | Minimal Plugins)

    In-Game Name: I_Am_Dizzy
    Age: 19
    Discord Tag: Orion1324822
    Why are you interested in joining?: I've always been interested in joining a survival server with a good active community. I love playing actively and building around the server. Also I've always been a fan of Hermitcraft server types. Although if the players aren't active and i'm constantly the only player on, I'll probably leave.
    What is your favorite thing about minecraft?: I love building... simple as that.
    Do you agree to our server's rules?: I do, but I hope pranks and taking down "crappy" builds from players who left and stuff (like a 4x4 wood box house) is allowed.

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    posted a message on Players Paradise, the Survival Server, Looking for mature players [1.14] [Vanilla] [Whitelist] [Discord] [DataPacks] [Hermit]

    Your IGN: I_Am_Dizzy

    Your Age: 17

    Your Country: USA/California

    Whats your building style? I prefer building over any other thing in minecraft (redstone, pvp, etc). But when I actually build I do medieval, futuristic, modern, and rustic.

    What do you enjoy about the game? I enjoy playing with other players who care about the game as much as I do. I enjoy striving to be competitive with fellow players but also work as a team to create a beautiful world. I really enjoy servers like hermitcraft where the community comes together and creates things.

    What do you want in a server? I hope the server has no griefers and is monitored for people who x-ray and duplicate items. Not like serious modding or something but just like a weekly monitor to make sure little Timmy doesn't have 10 dubs of diamonds lol. I hope the server is 1.14 and the world doesnt start till EVERYONE is ready to join. For example, i'd hate to join and everyone already has like maxed gear and stuff. I also hope nobody is toxic in the community. Lastly, I hope for an active community and a decent sized community 25-40.

    Your Questions? What plugin for grief prevention are we using? Is it the one with the gold shovel?

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