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So you want to know about how I got into Minecraft? I got into it via my one friend, CyborgJSK (Technically that's his brother's account, but w/e), and I soon became an expert, I guess. Generally, I'm a RedStone geek.

Aside from that, I am usually on the Minecraft forums more often then the game itself. But I at least had prior foruming experience. I first started foruming around 2 1/2-3 years ago, at age 12. At that time, I was a complete noob. I mean, I hardly knew what a post was, period. Well, anyway, it took about a year to get good at it and to realise what to do and what not to do, generally.

For those who care, the first forum I was talking about was the Dead Frontier forums. It is either the most laid-back forums, or the moderators there just don't give a darn. Trolling runs rampant, so does hate, and the bronies are even MORE prevelant there recently. Before the bronies stormed the place, there were furries everywhere. Some where in the middle snime fanboys/girls also were prevelant.

Enough about talking about my internetness, I'll start talking about my personal life. My real life name is Aaron, and I'm 14. I have Aspergers Syndrome. And yes, it was officially diagnosed by a doctor. When, I forget, but w/e. For the uneducated, Aspergers basically means I just plain don't have a clue when it comes to social skills, and I tend to look at things from a more analytic perspective, rather than an emotional one. It's not the most severe case, though, so I'm not a complete outcast. Though I have yet to get a girlfriend. The good news is people with Aspergers tend to be smart, which would explain my IQ of 163.

I played my first video game when I was 6. It was Super Mario Bros 3 I think. My dad also said I got the basics of the game pretty quickly, which is quite unique, since I wasn't even 3/4 of a decade old yet.

Generally, I'm a fan of role-playing games, like Oblivion or Dragon Age origins.

School wise, I actually enjoy school somewhat. I LOVE to read, and school gives me something to do during the day. During the summer, most days I just sit there bored. In school, I like reading, science, mathematics, and English (especially grammar). I don't really like History though.

I plan on doing wrestling in school, but I never have done it before in my life. Also, I didn't even get my sports physical yet, because I tend to procrastinate.

Now you know all about me I'll let you know. See ya!
Interests Zombies. Heavy Metal. Christianity. Contradictions. Metallica (old and new). Minecraft. Fun stuff. Cats. Lists. Sarcasm. Redundancy. Redundancy. Repetition. Alliteration. Irony. Grammar. Spelling. Vocabulary. Living in general. Ponies. Tool.

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