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    Quote from Thermawrench»

    What is the texture for the block selector? The thing that goes around the block when you look at it at close enough range? Having trouble finding it in my pack.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't use a texture. The game just draws a wireframe cuboid around the block.
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    I've had this idea for a long time, but today I realized that I could easily implement it using models. I present:

    Outline blocks!

    Basically, I made the cube inverted and slightly bigger than 16 pixels. That way, you can only see parts of the block that aren't touching another block, like an outline. (Also, it replaces stained glass, since A. otherwise the faces of the blocks behind it will be culled out, and B. i don't really ever use stained glass.) The main purpose of this is to make the creation of outlined voxel art much easier and nicer looking.

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    Quote from TheMiningWolf»

    Decoration doesn't count. Anything can be used for decoration. Anything can be used for a map, it doesn't count. If we're bringing in mods, many mods have items with no purpose whatsoever.

    Lapis block.

    Endstone, ender crystal.

    I kinda disagree... Minecraft is very much a building game, so aesthetics are pretty important... but I guess they aren't USEFUL, but still important.

    If you really want to get deep, people might feel a little better in a nicer-looking envoriment, and that might make them feel a little more confident...

    Things which might seem useless, but aren't

    Dirt: Can be used to cheaply build walls in a pinch. Say a zombie is chasing you in a cave, and you're not prepared to face it. Build a wall to divide you from the zombie and you're safe! Also good if you're caught outside at night near the beginning of the game.

    Lily pad: Easily place things on top of water: Place a lily, then place a block next to it, and then break the lily. Rinse and repeat...

    Hardened Clay: If you spawn near a mesa biome, you'll have lots of surface-exposed blocks that are quicker to mine than stone, yet just as blast resistant... (is that useful? :/)

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    Quote from archibalde1»

    Ok guys,minecraft wasn't created to have some useless junk,no everything has a purpose,cause if it didn't it would stop existing.Every item has it's own purpose,some items are for combat,some for tools(mining,cutting,shearing,baking etc.)And some are just for decorations,this is your answer.

    Well, yes, but we want to find out what item has the least uses, not necessarily no uses, but the least.

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    Quote from OgnjenCar123»

    In 1.9 is will be added anti-cheat source code who is will completely will change our look in Minecraft multiplayer: //Wrong term... "Source code" is the uncompiled version of the game's code, which the developers change. However, one cannot play a game that is still source code: it need to be compiled into machine code the computer can understand first. What you get when you buy the game is that machine code. And even then, it would probably just be called "anti-cheat methods" or something like that.

    Anti-Cheat source code is will be located in source codes of Minecraft server launcher of any server. When hacker try to do one simple cheat, for example flying, anti-cheat is will inject a source-code to hacker's launcher log who is will kick hacker from server. //How would this "anti-cheat source code" know a players has cheated? Text is will appear at hacker's screen, up is will be text says 'Disconnected' who is simple for server errors. Under is will be text like this: 'You have been kicked from this server by Anti-Cheat source code.'

    Anti-Cheat is will make a big changes in Minecraft multiplayer and plugin world: anti-cheat plugins is will be unpopular because new Anti-Cheat source code is will be stronger, servers is will stop with one of many major rules: 'Do not cheat!', etc... //But then people will think they can cheat... Think of it this way: what if nobody ever told you that you were not supposed to go in a restaurant with bare feet? Then you might go into a restaurant with bare feet one day and then be surprised that you got kicked out! Something like that...

    What do you think with my idea? Post anything what you want here!

    As I already said, how would the "anti-cheat source code" know that a player has cheated? All you're really saying is that anti-cheat plugins should be implemented into the base game. Although good idea, that would not be any better than what we have now, except for convenience, I suppose, because as has been said in this thread before, hackers bypass anti-cheat methods when they cheat, making the current anti-cheat methods useless...

    Very little support. More anti-cheat things should be added to the base game, however, this does not fix the problem you seem to suggest it will fix of hackers bypassing anti-cheat plugins; it just acts as a minor inconvenience.

    And I notice a lot of grammatical errors in you post...

    In "is will", the "is" is not needed, and should be just "will"

    The "who" in "anti-cheat source code who..." would mean that "anti-cheat source code" is a person; it should be "which"

    And... ugh, here is a version of your post with corrected grammar (sorry if this seems rude; I'm just trying to help!)

    Quote from OgnjenCar123»

    In 1.9, anti-cheat methods //"Methods" as in a thing the game can do. It's hard to explain... will be added which will completely change our look on Minecraft multiplayer:

    methods //See above. will be located in the code //Source code cannot be run until it is compiled into machine code. of the Minecraft server
    launcher of any server. When a hacker tries to do one simple cheat, for
    example flying, anti-cheat will inject code //You don't "inject source code" into the hacker's client //The launcher log is just the text the game shows you when the game crashes. The client is the Minecraft game which is connecting to the server. which will kick the hacker from the server. Text will appear on
    the hacker's screen. On top will be text which says 'Disconnected' which is simple
    for server errors. Under that will be text like this: 'You have been
    kicked from this server by Anti-Cheat methods.'

    Anti-Cheat will make a big changes in the Minecraft multiplayer and plugin worlds:
    anti-cheat plugins will become unpopular because the new Anti-Cheat methods will be stronger, servers will stop with one of many major
    rules: 'Do not cheat!', etc...

    What do you think about my idea? Post anything you want here!

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    I think the problem is that wooden planks generally are quite long compared to their width. Here, you have very short planks, which, due to their length, end up looking more like bricks than planks. Maybe you could try fusing some adjacent bricks, so that there's only one plank per row?

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    posted a message on Make dispensers place ANY sort of block instead of dropping them

    Pretty much just what it says in the title. Like how wither skulls are placed from dispensers, all other blocks would be too. That way, no new machines need to be added for placing blocks! (Sorry if this post is kinda bad looking, I'm making it from my phone. I may fix it up later...)

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    Name: aploús ( It's (transliterated) greek for "simple", as in a medicinal herb or a medicine made from an herb )
    Creator: jumbods64 (pronounced Jumbo D S 64)
    Palette used: peytonisgreat:

    WITH ONE (minor) EXEPTION: The title screen background. Why? So it could be the same as the hard-coded darkening of the options background.
    Download: aploús

    from "The Adventure Multiplex" by... ah... drat! I forgot. It's a pretty unique name for a map, though. Shouldn't be too hard to search for...

    from "ToyStory2" by PitchBlackPL

    from myself ( Bonus points (not really) if you can guess what this is a build of! )

    sprite from the game "Mother", built by myself

    from "66 Rooms" by FabFabiFab
    EDIT 1: More screenshots
    EDIT 2: Now fits official format.
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    Just get the PC version if you want mods that badly, sheesh. And if you can't... there's nothing you can do, really. In-game, Minecraft will never advance beyond... er... whatever age it's in right now. At the very least, it won't have actual modern technology like cell' phones... possibly a item-sending device of some sort, but it wouldn't look too much like a cell' phone, that's for sure. And cars? C'mon, we already have Horses in PC, they're bound to come to X-Box and PS3 eventually...
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    posted a message on [OP Updated] If you drink a bottle of water while on fire, you get extinguished. Also, an emergency lava defense.
    Why would applying water to my insides extinguish my outsides? No support... maybe it could be that if you left click with a water bucket, you would pour all the water on yourself and get extinguished? That would make more sense.
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