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    posted a message on The Emeralds 1.7.9 [CLOSED]
    OMG so I was just scrolling down, looking for a server, when I saw "Sandrino" as the last poster. And then I reemembered the name from somewhere haha.
    And I realized we were on the same server like 2 years ago called Age of Imperialism
    the server doesn't exist anymore of course but I just thought it was kind of a coincidence :P and you probably dont remember me sandrino lol
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    posted a message on FUTURECRAFT [24/7] RANKS | - | PVP | - | PVE | - | FACTIONS | - | TOWNY | - | CREATIVE | - | SKYBLOCK | - | SHOP | - |
    Been on this server a couple of days
    I'm very picky with servers but do contribute a decent bit when I find a good one :3

    So far I really like this server, it's got a good community.
    I have a bit of a lag problem sometimes but it's not too bad most of the time

    So join this server people! ^-^
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    posted a message on Zavae 1.2.5 | SMP | [WHITELIST!] [mcMMO] [LWC] [Essentials] [No PVP] [Anti-Grief]
    (Zah - vee)
    22 Slots
    IP: zavae.provisionhost.com
    (if that doesn't work-

    Zavae, the goal when creating this server was to form a server with all of our favorite elements from other servers we've played on, while maintaining a fairly small community that is a lot like a family. So, this is a small server, with only 22 slots. Items will not spawned- no exceptions will be made. Everything on this server is built legit, and it is built to look nice.
    This server was created in February, and has been public since February 26th, 2011. It is hosted in Dallas, Texas and has proven so far to be exceptionally lag free.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Important Plugins
    Essentials - Essentials so you can have commands such as /sethome, /home, /spawn, etc.
    mcMMO - Allows you to level up in excavation, agility, swords, and more.
    LWC - Protection system to prevent items from getting stolen.
    SWatchDog - Grief protection, logging, and rollback.
    AntiCreeper - No more holes everywhere.
    + WorldGuard, WorldEdit, and a few more. The staff are always taking suggestions, so feel free to let one of them know!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    There are some rules, and we ask that you please read these rules before you apply to join the server. THESE KEEP THE SERVER RUNNING VERY NICELY! O:
    Psstt..read them all, so you can answer one of the whitelist questions! There aren't many, and they are not hard to follow. Failure to read or follow the rules will result in a punishment.

    1- No grieving, stealing, spamming, or cheating.
    2- You can only build past the sign that says "You may build past here" because we want to keep the spawn area looking natural and pretty.
    3- Be friendly! We cannot stress this enough. Personally, I've been on enough servers to know that a good community is the BEST part of a server! :D
    4- Do not argue with the mods or admins, and DO NOT ask to be part of the staff. If you're app is accepted, then you can become part of them.
    5- Do not build a road identical to the main roads, and do not build in the way of where the roads would be, or it'll get removed.
    6- TNT and firespread are disabled on this server.
    8- Don't create jungle trees outside of the jungle biome unless you plan on cutting them down or for building purposes, please. xD
    9- PUT THOUGHT INTO YOUR BUILDING. I have OCD and I love symmetrical or unique things. Boxes are awful. Put # at the end of your application.
    10- Respect the map. xD I know it sounds weird, but we want to keep this map as long as possible, and to do that, we have to keep it clean looking. (Like, don't make any dirt towers and abandon them, don't dig holes and leave them, etc.)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Staff members
    - Jujucase
    - Jaiguru

    We will be gaining more staff as the server grows bigger, but for now it is run just fine by us.
    Want to become a moderator?
    We have to know you and trust you. If we don't already know you:
    - Be a member for at least 2 weeks
    - Earn our trust, prove to us why you deserve to be a moderator!
    We will include an application shortly.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I'm the one that pays for this server. I'm still a teenager in school, and my work schedule is not exactly as stable as I would like it to be, so donations are EXTREMELY appreciated! :) <3
    Ideas for donation benefits are appreciated, too.

    Right now the only way to donate is paypal; just send however much you would like to donate to the email address: [email protected] and don't forget:
    * Please include your IGN in the message you send with the donation! *

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Whitelist application

    Any suggestions for the server:
    Age, gender:
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    posted a message on Zavae 1.2.5 | SMP | [WHITELIST!] [mcMMO] [LWC] [Essentials] [No PVP] [Anti-Grief]
    Okay, the reason I've been gone is my computer has been broken. I'm getting it fixed tomorrow, Friday.

    More good news? My classes end next week, and I'm finally FREE for a whole 3 months!

    And I'm spending a great deal of my summer with someone, and I'll be showing him Minecraft on the computer since he loves the PE/360 editions. ^^

    So, needless to say, I'm coming back to Minecraft. <3
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    posted a message on ☆Age of Imperialism ☆ RPG || MCMMO || Economy || Shops || LWC || New ||

    IGN: Jujucase
    Why do you want to join: Becausee my friend (burnteggoz) just showed me this server, we're looking for a new one since our last one has a lot of lag sadly. This one sounds like the server we came from (minus the lag I mean), & I love that. (MCMMO & no creepers, especially..)
    Did you read the entire topic: Yaa. (;
    What do you like to do in Minecraft (build, explore, etc.): Build. (: I was head builder on our last server, haha.
    How long have you been playing: Not very long, a couple months. But, I was pretty much hooked from the start.
    Would you be willing to donate: It depends on whether I work enough that month.

    Thanks for reading. (:
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    posted a message on aceon 24/7 no lag active admins
    Reeeeally good server. Good people, fun time. Check it out!
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