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    posted a message on Is anyone else getting tired of these Pre-Releases?
    Yea well, i don't really like them, first i can't get them to work, now with pre 5 i can, but much more buggy as ive seen with ohter people everywhere ;/ ah well, I just would like it if he would release it as small updates
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    posted a message on testificates? why O why no pigman D:
    Alright, i could not see an other topic like this, and here i ask why did the testificates became the npc's? :sad.gif:

    Notch had implemented a "normal' pigman skin in the game files sometime last year (not the zombie pigman)
    But I believe that was his first idea of a mob to put in the nether.
    Later I thought he was going to make the normal living pigman for the then long awaited friendly npc characters.

    Does anybody have idea's why this is? personally I dont like them because i dont like other human type creatures in my minecraft world :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Herobrine - Poll - Should he be added?
    NO please don't!



    the game will be way too scary for me >:3
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