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    posted a message on Add some Aggressive Mobs (aquatic)
    In the new biome (1.8) there are big seas with nothing more that squids... this is a little boring, I think is a good idea to add some aggressive mobs to make it more difficult to swim something like:
    1) a Crab that can't swim but bee in water (in the bottom)
    2) and I don't know a shark? "to clichle?" maby an octopus so u can confuse them with a squid until it attack you...

    Maybe you guys can help my with a good ideas for this mobs, but please add something cool in this passive waters of miencraft.

    this are an example:
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    posted a message on ¿Do you like the new NPCs?

    Well I have see a lot of people that hates the new NPCs and some ones that loves them, other are neutral and so on...

    Well I want to be neutral as possible and make a poll to know whats does the majority of people thinks about them, maybe the poll makes the MAJON people to know what to do with them, keep them ,changed them, get them better etc...

    SO please vote with out getting in a big fight of opinions, this is a questionary to have the information about the community in general :biggrin.gif:

    Maybe your massive opinions change to better the NPCs :biggrin.gif: Or keep Them as cool as they are.

    My questions is about esthetics and interactiveness

    PD: if u vote:
    1) Yes (but get them better) how? (please leave a comment how?)
    2) SoSo (the need a big improvement) (please give some ideas, if u have)
    3) No (change them) (something to say?)
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