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    Let Me See How This is...

    This is... AWESOME Made A World Out Of TNT Missed A Few Blocks But Still Awesome, Then My Sister Blew It UP LoL!!!

    I Don't Know How To Use MCEDIT
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    *********Shorter Links********

    (I'll be updating this topic as new information comes out, always check back for more info! I usually update this topic once I get home from school, so expect updates somewhere from 4-5 PM EST)

    Dinnerbone has finally started tweeting about 1.9 - as I update the topic with new info, we can speculate on whatever Dinnerbone (and Jeb and the rest of Mojang) is doing.

    List of Dinnerbone's tweets:

    1. Link Removed - His first 1.9 tweet

    2. Link Removed - His first idea

    3. Link Removed - Whatever could the C mean?

    4. Link Removed - Dinnerbone is dinnerboning again...

    5. Link Removed - Textures?

    6. Link Removed - TEXTURES?!

    7. Link Removed - WUT?! WITHER? TIMER? WOT?

    8. Link Removed - Particles, hmm?

    9. Link Removed - Productive day with 1.9

    10. Link Removed - Welp, pull up a chair and let's speculate.

    11. Link Removed - I don't even know...

    12. Link Removed - On the back of seven giant sea turtles...


    14. Link Removed - Welp this should be good.

    15. Link Removed - Reset the battle!

    16. Link Removed - Female enderdragons?

    17. Link Removed - Dinnerbone teasing us with Dinnerbone things.

    18. Link Removed - A bug, eh?

    List of Jeb's tweets:

    1. Link Removed - Dirt roads!!!
    2. Link Removed - Dirt roads in MCPE

    3. Link Removed - possibly corn, maybe just an idea

    1.9 changelog from the official wiki: Link Removed
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